Arizona Cardinals Trade Anquan Boldin To Baltimore Ravens: Good Move?

Mihir Bhagat@mihirbhagatSenior Analyst IIIMarch 6, 2010

The Arizona Cardinals traded Pro Bowl WR Anquan Boldin to the Baltimore Ravens on Friday, March 5.

The Cardinals will receive the Ravens’ third and fourth round draft pick, and the Ravens will get the Cardinals’ fifth.

The trade is finalized: now the question to ask is who got the better end of the deal?

The Ravens gave up mid-round selections for a player who, when healthy, is one of the top wideouts in the league.

In my mind, this is a clear victory for the Ravens. I thought the Cardinals would ask for a first, or at least a second, round draft pick in return. Instead, they traded away mid-round selections for a wideout, who is one of the top in the league.

I don’t think this is necessarily a lop-sided deal, but I wouldn’t be happy if I was a Cardinals fan. Despite having troubles with management, he was still productive for the organization. For the past two seasons, Boldin has caught more than 80 balls for over 1,000 yards.

They drafted him as a second round steal, trained him up, brought him to a Pro Bowl-level, and I just don’t think they’re getting the proper compensation for him.  

Now, in less than a month, the Cardinals are without their superstar QB and one of their other top playmakers. It will be very interesting to see how they bounce back from these losses. With the 49ers rising, their spot atop the NFC West could soon be gone.

On the other hand, the Ravens fill their No. 1 hole: getting a top-tier wide receiver to pair up with up-and-coming star, QB Joe Flacco.

As I said, in Arizona, Boldin was a very productive receiver, even though he was splitting receptions with both Fitzgerald and Breaston. In Baltimore, however, Boldin will be the main focus of the passing game, and will be given the opportunity to thrive.

I think that his style of play will fit in very nicely with the Ravens’ system. He’s physical and aggressive, and although he doesn’t have elite speed, he’s great at fighting for yards after the catch. Moreover, Boldin gives the Ravens a legitimate scoring threat, which will help them keep up with the likes of the Colts, Patriots, and Chargers.

In an added bonus, now the Ravens can use their draft picks to begin to supply their defense with young talent, instead of on a rather weak wide receiver class.

Overall, I think this trade puts the Ravens in a better position to achieve the ultimate success: Winning the Lombardi Trophy. 


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