Could Michael Vick be Headed Back To the NFC South?

Chris Mcduffy@dsgballdayContributor IMarch 1, 2010

In a recent interview with Atlanta based “DJ Drama” on his weekly program “Affiliates Radio,” Michael Vick was asked: “if you could choose any team in the league to play for, which team would you choose?" 

Vick replied “The Carolina Panthers.”  

Vick was speaking in a relaxed tone and seemed sincere. He said that he liked the Panthers because the team is close to his home town of Newport News, VA and also he would have an opportunity to play former team the Atlanta Falcons twice a year. 

Every since the Eagles were ousted out of the playoffs after losing to the Dallas Cowboys, there have been rumors swirling about where Vick would be traded too. Until now, Vick has remained neutral in regards to the off-season process, stating only that he has a strong desire to be a starter in the NFL once again. 

Vick's desire to play for the Panthers makes sense in a way and could be closer to coming to fruition than a lot of people realize. The Panthers had another disappointing season with current quarterback Jake Delhome. A season that saw Delhome get benched for poor performances on the field.

The Carolina Panthers are in need of a solid quarterback able to manage the game and not to become a liability like Delhomme.

Michael Vick could be the answer for the Panthers. The Panthers have a stellar running game and with Vick, it will only get better (as was with Falcons, leading the league in rushing year after year) And with Steve Smith as a deep threat, the Panthers could thrive once again. 

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One way or another, we will learn more about what the Eagles are planning to do with Michael Vick by the end of this week. On Friday, Michael Vick is due a $1.5 million roster bonus from the Eagles. If the Eagles do not make the decision to trade or release Vick by Friday, then it is safe to say that the Eagles will be keeping him for the 2010 season, or they are making a $1.5 million gamble on Vick's trade value hoping that as the season gets closer, a team will get desperate enough to give up more for a solid quarterback such as Vick. 

But this is a huge risk because as of right now, most analysts would say that Vick's trade value (based on 13 passes from last year) is at best a fourth round draft pick. A fourth round draft pick is said to have a value of about $1.5 million. If Vick isn’t traded until August and the Eagles are still only able to broker a deal for Vick worth a fourth round pick from another team, then they have lost $1.5 million on Vick, but that is all speculation.

The truth is that if the Eagles hold on to Vick through the off-season and are unable to trade him, they would more than likely keep him for another year much to Vick's dislike. 

Stay tuned, there will definitely be an update coming Friday.

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