CC Sabathia: Indians Say Good-Bye & Brewers Say Hello. Barry Bonds to Red Sox?

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IJuly 6, 2008

Washington DC

July 6th, 2008

The rumors broke on Saturday, the day after the Nations' Birthday, that the Indians were actually considering a trade of their strike em out ace, CC Sabathia.  The Brewers tried to quash the rumor, to detract from competition.

On a day that Cleveland picked up Jeff Weaver, ex-Yankee and West Coast flop-ESPN broke that CC Sabathia text messaged one of their reporters confirming the news, saying "I am good, but it is weird leaving these guys (Tribe)"

I was scratchin my own head as to why the Tribe would want Weaver, whose brother Jared is as nasty as any this year with a ton of movement on the ball which is required for any success in the bigs.  

Hoping that CC would be in pinstripes, or anyone but Tampa or Boston it is seemingly a win for those in AL, for now.  And bam, during tonights' Yankee win over Boston, who split the series...the news broke that the Brewers gave up Matt LaPorta, outfielder / first basemen plus prospects, for the nastiness that is CC. 

It's in line with the Twins' trading Johan Santana to the Mets, of not letting the teams' ace stay in the same division.  Note to Brett Favre, you may just end up in Miami with Bill Parcells.  Of course it makes sense, that a team chooses to let a better offer go way side, instead of having to lose to their phenom in the same league.  It is bad for business, just ask Red Sox fans how they feel about Wade Boggs, or Clemens.

CC is the standing Cy Young winner in the AL, and had 30 strike outs in 3 games with 110 in the last 14 games.  It makes sense, I guess, considering the Brewers are suffering in the pitching department, especially in the closers role. 

So as the Indian faithful with tears say good-bye  to their lovable giant of a guy, the Brewers excitedly say hello to the best pitcher, a real life "Gentle Ben" who has the nastiest paw swiping pitch of any lefty, league-wide.

Barring anything out of the ordinary, CC Sabathia will be back on the market in the Fall as a Free Agent.  So the Tribe, the Red Sox, the Rays and the Yankees will all be vying for his favor, and pushing the dough his way in about 3 months time. 

Don't worry Cleveland, you still rock and have another shot in the off season.  The Tribe just hasn't been all in this year, so why not benefit from this trade, I guess? 

Though the Brewers may be the loser in this deal.  They gave up LaPorta and 3 other prospects for a half a year with CC, and it's a year that they have to prove to be in it, which they have now done.  It is Shocking too.  "Milwaukee's Best" hasn't been seen since 1982 in the post season. So, pass me another Best Ice and role on Crew! Nice to see the Brewers' ownership wants in on post season play, and better for their fans, thus their future. 

IN other rumor mill progessions, Matt Holliday may become a Yankee by the trade deadline at the end of the month.  I heard it on 880 am, NY. Yankee fans should hope not, another youth is not the answer to their probloems.  Though Roy Halladay, aka Doc, would be more the solution and a better fit in NY.

So Toronto, wanna trade?

In related news, ESPN reports that Barry Bonds worked out for the Boston Red Sox, who are without Ortiz.  Some Boston fans are not happy about it either claiming moral high ground, which is just silly when considering some of the politicians to come out of that city. They're not the most moral, so have no room for any high ground.  By signing Bonds the Red Sox could assure themselves a spot on the most coveted "mantle" in all baseball history.

Not the longest home run ever hit, that one is The Micks with the top 5 longest homers.  But they could attain the most by any one player ever hit.  Regardless of how many vitamins, or how big Bonds got, no one can take how many parkers he hit awat from him or us, ever.

Bonds is a part of our baseball history, and there is no "white-out" to erase him from the annals of sports all-time greats.  We, the fans, will tell the story as we wish to our kids, not fake, pretentious, disengenious, self-serving, parasitic phonies that are todays' mass media big money sports-boobs, who suckled on the teet of "those that can" all too much, only to end up biting the ones who fed their familes, and paid their mortgages.  Too far for me to go?    

Bonds may be back, so what about Clemens now too?  Or will criminals and George Mitchell totally ruin baseball, and steal our strike out race too?  Clemens deserves to retire with dignity, he has earned it, and worked extremely hard for it.  Fans have been watching this ace for 24 years, almost as long as the founders of this webite are old, and we want to say good-bye. 

In reality, America demands a presumption of innocence until proof otherwise.  All evidence and witnesses thus far pushed forward have turned out to be in Clemens favor, including Blair, Kelley, McCready (denied affair to Bagwell and yes, Pettitte too-who could have shown to dismiss Hardin, but didn't.  DNA? Chain of custody, simple. The chain is relevant so that nut-jobs, or cops that plant evidence can not taint the process.  It just so happens that McNamee might be both, with his super high arrest numbers when an under-cover dick for the NYPD.

One can't assume he cheated either, especially as Congress stated their research showed "no enhanced performance," and Mitchell stated that PEDs "only gave a psychological edge, like when confident before a big speech" which if true, then ole Mitchell should be taking some as well. But if the litmus test is no cheaters, then I would like to go through the Hall and point some out.

Either way, McNamee destroyed the reports credibility by changing it completely in his deposition (an American Classic if there ever was one), which is what liars do, they morph when caught.  Yet Mitchell and Selig still stubbornly stand by it regardless.  Great that he compares politics to a game though, like he made of Ireland.

If the excuse is because of the distraction of an ongoing investigation, well tell me how Miguel Tejada is doing this year for the Astros.  The Yankees need help with pitching, realized the need last year, Clemens had a 4.5, and his splits in the first two innings might call for him in the set up role.  He is less than a 1 ERA in the first 2.  So, unless the Yankees are going to let Mitchell manage their team too, then they would do well to snatch a Rocket, man.


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