Nike or Adidas: The Best Football Boots?

Andrew McNairSenior Writer IJune 28, 2008

Do football boots make you a better player?

I'm not sure but I will tell you one thing, a bad pair can effect your game!

There are more brands than ever before and they're all claiming their boots have what's best for you.

Control, power or speed, you'll struggle to find a boot that doesn't offer it "all" but we all know "if you're useless without them, you'll be useless with them!"

The likes of Adidas Predators and Nike Mercurial have the brand image and the big names promoting their boots, but that doesn't make them great. I've owned boots from both series at different times and been suitably impressed.

I personally think Adidas are the leaders in football boot technology but you may think otherwise?

Recently, Nike have had some bad press with more than a few metatarsal (bones on the top of the foot) breaks. I've honestly thought twice about buying Nike boots as a result.

My personal favourites are the long running Adidas series of the Copa Mundial.

The boots have just had their 25th anniversary and that's amazing in a sport who's equipment has developed more in the last 10 - 15 years than in the era they stopped using steal toe caps!

Copa's, as they are affectionately known, were perfect for me on the hard South African pitches over the past ten years and here in the UK they work best on artificial pitches and astro-turf! 

As we all know though, this game is best played on grass, and for that you'll need six studs or the brands equivalent.

Being an objective individual, it would be unethical to tell you which six stud boots are best, as I haven't worn them for over 10 years! So I'll do what any good journalist would do and ask you!

What are the best boots on grass? The Nike Mercurial series or Adidas  Predators? Maybe you've had a great pair of Umbro or Puma?

I need your opinion!


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