B/R Readers Weigh In: Tennessee and the SEC vs. USC and Lane Kiffin

Jon Sarver@https://twitter.com/sarvercgCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2010

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Honestly, I thought all this Lane Kiffin debate was almost over. 

That is until I read the L.A. Times on Sunday  and found a funny little article about all the Tennessee and SEC hate being directed towards Lane Kiffin and USC.

Additionally, so many of you have denied this "mess" is as much about USC as it is Lane Kiffin, that your humble correspondent decided to help you set the record straight by allowing you to speak for yourself. 

As I read the Internet article it occurred to me, I've got better material than the L.A. Times, so I decided to let all of the SEC experts (and you maybe) in the South (primarily) say it themselves.

These quotes have been taken from your energetic, shall we say, responses over the last month. Happy reading and may the facts speak for themselves.  I did not do much editing of the content because the emotion is real.

Feel free to go to Jon Sarver/Bleacher Report and check the facts on the comments.

Jan. 13

Tennessee Football Is Like a Fine Steak...

"Leaving SEC football to go to Pac-10 football is like leaving a fine steakhouse to go to a vending machine. The SEC doesn't have to waste any time with USC anyway, since USC is afraid to play SEC teams."

"USC's scam is that they can run the table in a season, win the Rose Bowl, and call themselves national champions. Without playing one team from the SEC, the strongest conference. Why would they ever give that scam up? It's awesome."


B/R Pac-10 Reader Clears the Record

"USC was 4-0 against the SEC during the '00s. The Pac-10 had a winning record head-to-head against the SEC during the decade. Alabama and Florida combined to go 0-2 against the Pac-10 during the '00s, with UCLA not USC punking (sic) 'Bama twice."

Sometimes the truth hurts...

More reasons the SEC Hates USC:
USC is 17-10-1 against the SEC.
USC is UNDEFEATED (4-0) vs. the BIG BAD SEC this past century,
and it hasn't even been close:
USC 167 points to only 48 by SEC teams
(Including 23-0 over Auburn in Auburn's own house).
Average score this century: USC 42, SEC team 12

(B/R Reader)

Author's Note: These, folks, are the facts! You may start the spin now!

Lane Kiffin Is Like a Cancerous Tumor!?!? Now We all Feel Better!

"We're glad Kiffin is gone. It's like getting rid of a tumor. Enjoy your NCAA sanctions, USC."

(B/R Reader/SEC Fan)

Author's Note: Surgery is hard on everyone!

Enlightened Vol Fan...

"I admit it 100 percent, USC is a better job than Tennessee. I'll repeat it a hundred times. I'd do it, too. I get it 100 percent. I'm dead serious."

(B/R Reader/ Tennessee Fan)

Author's Note: Read the whole quote on my blog. How many of you really feel like this? Admit it!

Is USC Scared To Play the SEC?

"And for the bum that said that USC is scared to play SEC schools, USC is 4-0 vs. the SEC teams this past decade. So get some knowledge before you run your mouth.

USC motto to the rest of the "big dogs" of the CFB world was always that they will play any team anywhere at any time. All the SEC do is load their OCS with cupcakes and constantly beat their chest about being the best."

I always thought that you claim to be the best then play the best. Not hide behind your conference like cowards. When USC destroyed Auburn and Arkansas, the SEC backed off."

(B/R Pac-10 Fan..there are a few out there)

Now..back to the hate for Kiffin and USC!

USC You Just Got Punked (sic)!

"USC—you just got punked (sic)! Kiffin had become a joke in the South, a little humor to take the edge off of the tension of rivalries. Here are the main five reasons Lane left:
1. Alabama/Saban
2. Florida/Meyer
3. LSU
4. Georgia
5. Auburn

(B/R SEC Fan)

Laid-Back Southern California Perspective

"Dumb Southern hicks just don't get it. He didn't leave because of your stupid three-team conference. USC IS ONE OF THE TOP 3 BEST JOBS IN CFB, and it was an opening for a HC (Head Coach). Like Sarver said in the piece, "don't blame LK for taking the job because if Carroll doesn't go pro LK is still there, period."

(B/R Pac-10 Loyalist)

Author's Note: I don't think SEC fans are hicks at all. I love your passion. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is beginning to think you might be.

Jan. 14

Kiffin Has Accomplished Nothing

"The difference between those coaches on your list and Kiffin is that those coaches have actually accomplished something. They left schools for a better job and deservedly so with the exception of Petrino (his exit from Falcons is inexcusable) and even he behind left paid men. I do not like Kiffin and think Tennessee was retarded for hiring him and cannot phantom (sic) what USC is smoking to steal him away."

I'm sure there are some Vols fans that feel jilted, but as for the rest of the SEC fans, good riddance to bad rubbish. Kiffin never shut his mouth long enough to become a good coach."

(B/R SEC Fan)

Author's Note:  Until two weeks ago you loved the guy. What changed?

God, SEC Football, & Family

"And say what you will about the SEC, but there is much more pressure coaching there than any other conference. Four different teams have won national titles in the BCS era. Can you name another conference that had four different teams even play in the BCS title game? I'll answer that for you. No (the Big 12 has had three).

(B/R SEC homer!)

Author's Note: If we had a playoff like every other sport in the world, this would be different!

A Fan Bends Over for Mediocrity...

"LOL, do you really think the universities care what the fans think or want? There'll be a playoff when ESPN decides they want a playoff. Fans can revolt all they want, but the fact is there will be more than 100K people in Ann Arbor, Knoxville, Happy Valley, Columbus, and Tuscaloosa on game days.

More people, myself included, will attend college football games next season than those who attend NFL games and that will never change."

(B/R Mediocrity Chief)

Author's Note: More people will attend because I think there are more college teams than pro teams but I could be wrong. They will care if we join together to Dump the BCS!

This One Sounds Reasonable?

"Jon, Here is the difference.....I would not be thrilled to see Les Miles, Urban Meyer, Mark Richt......any of the good coaches (not to mention CNS) or any you mentioned, leave the SEC to go to another conference. Not that I put conference first, it is second. However, you will not find many SEC fans that aren't thrilled Lane is gone. He is not a good coach. His resume consists of two signature loses (sic) to Alabama and Florida and he is embarrassing.  And Ed O.......good luck with that, SC will need it because he is a snake. Sorry, I don't usually call people names on this site but....."

(B/R Worked Up SEC Guy!)

Author's Note:  Scratch that!

Lane Kiffin Is a Douche and It's Tennessee's Fault

"The only thing I'm mad at Kiffin for is he left 1-2 years before what I'd consider to be a reasonable amount of time. But that pales in comparison to REAL thing I'm mad about, and it's not Kiffin.

The anger you're seeing is because we're angry at ourselves. Why?
1. It just points out that we're not a top-10 destination any more.
2. It reminded us we're a mid-tier SEC team and have been for quite a while.
3. We were too stupid to put anything significant in his contract regarding a buyout just in case he did want to leave for the NFL or USC.
4. We sold our soul to a snake in exchange for the BS he was selling us because he told us what we wanted to hear. And he took us for all we were worth.
5. We knowingly hired a group of shady mercenaries, which was fine while they worked for us. But when they turned those tricks on us we saw what we'd done."

(B/R Tennessee Pragmatist)

Author's Note: Dr. Ruth material and it gives us some logical insight.

Come on Jon, The SEC Doesn't Hate USC...This Is All About Kiffin

"That being said after Reggie's civil suit. It is fitting that a coach that was there when it happened receives the NCAA findings. That added to the McKnight findings and penalties. Reggie plays for the Saints, and McKnight was a high school star for the area, so we get plenty of info on the subject in the papers.

The wheels have been coming off the USC bus for a while now. How many times did you lose to underdogs? How many were blowouts? You deserve a coach that had gotten UT in trouble with the NCAA with six minor violations, a match made in hmmm well let's not say where it was made in. Remember in the city of Troy, Pete was the Guard at the Gate that let the horse in."

(B/R Reader)

Author's Note: Kiffin gave the South a reason to signal Civil War II. The West is too self-absorbed to care. Also, what kind of parenting do these guys come from??  One came from the South and the other is playing in the Super Bowl for the Saints.  Embarrassing!

Is This What They Mean by Southern Gentlemen?

"Why argue with the USC homer, in a few years he will be crying a different tune. What a fitting situation for Lame to be back at SC to answer to the NCAA for troubles he was part of. Carroll knew when to bolt cause why else would he leave the Gods of football. Well, maybe he had already (expletive deleted) all the co-eds at USC."

(B/R reader who's surfaced in Tide land)

Author's Note: Please do not allow this man in your home. He's dangerous!

We Save the Best (Meanest) for Last!

"Wow. This is why I don't enjoy visiting this Web site anymore. They let idiots like you post this crap. You really have no idea what the general uproar and anger in Knoxville was about. Tennessee fans had every right to get upset. Kiffin and company torched the program by leaving, and then had the audacity to claim they left it in better state than it was when they arrived.

The fact that Tennessee is a storied program like USC is a moot point. Tennessee is just as, or more, prestigious than USC. Fans admittedly were further angered in hindsight that Kiffin abandoned the better program to coach in a weaker conference. Yes, I said WEAKER CONFERENCE."

(B/R Titanic, er, Tennessee fan)

Author's Note: I hope you feel better now!

Can't Leave Without This Zinger...

"Your points are stupid. You make reference to USC's dominance....over what? Until recently USC's biggest foe was itself! Oregon has closed the gap but ultimately until the Pac-10 consistently beats out a SEC team for the national championship....USC is another over-hyped program that has seen its better days and clings to its history. Tennessee fans hate Kiffin for the false promises and the total disrespect shown to us in the way he treated the situation and the interference with our current early enrollees. So take the USC lovin' BS and file it under "nonsense" in the cabinet."

(B/R SEC Fan Who Doesn't Look at Stats)

Author's Note: Now that we have that off our chests we can go back to boring postseason recruiting articles.

For more insight on these arguments and others, please read  "The SEC and Tennessee Versus Lane Kiffin: Who Won?" and "The Top Ten Reasons the SEC Hates USC" for more insight on the author's position on the continuing teeth-gnashing of our beloved Southern brethren.

Are you sick of these arguments? Then Dump the BCS and Demand a College Football Playoff now!


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