Oakland Raiders: Could Former Raiders Fill Holes In The Coaching Staff?

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IJanuary 2, 2010

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 25:  Quarterback Rich Gannon stands with Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis prior to the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Field on December 25, 2004 in Kansas City, Missouri.  The Chiefs defeated the Raiders 31-30.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Undoubtebly the Raiders have quite a few holes to fill. Whether they be on the roster, the coaching staff or even the front office. There is no denying they are there.

Could these holes be filled by former Raiders? I'm not suggesting giving Art Shell a third chance, hiring Warren Sapp as defensive coordinator and Bill Romanowski as JaMarcus Russells' nutritionist .

I'm suggesting something much better.

The biggest holes on the coaching staff are on Offense: Offensive coordinator, Wide Receivers Coach and maybe QB coach.

So what about Marc Trestman, Tim Brown and Rich Gannon. Three integral parts to the last success the Raiders had.

Marc Trestman is the current head coach of the Champion CFL Montreal Alouettes. And was the offensive coordinator of the 2003 AFC Champion Raiders.

Some would say all doors of him coming to the NFL are closed as he just signed a contract extension with the Alouettes. But his website and blog  acknowledges the fact that NFL teams are interested in him. Would he void his new contract to come back to the NFL? Sure, maybe not the Raiders but what about other teams?

Then there is Rich Gannon. Could he be an offensive coordinator, or replace his former mentor as the Raiders QB coach.

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Earlier this off-season he offered a detailed report on JaMarcus Russell's problems. Then went on to say Russells problems could be fixed with coaching and that he has the ability to become a great NFL QB... He just has to want it.

Then in more recent weeks Gannon has been running his mouth on Sirius Radio. Claiming that he has been reaching out to JaMarcus Russell, to no avail, offering to tutor the young QB free of charge on his own time. Gannon says that he can help Russell, who hasn't even responded to Gannons' offers.

Only a few problems: First the Raiders already have a QB coach named Paul Hacket. Who Rich Gannon praised for being a "premier QB coach" specializing in foot work and fundamentals. Funny aren't those the same problems Gannons' detailed report pointed out?

Second, Gannon and Al Davis have a documented grudge. As Gannon tends to speak negatively about the Raiders organization prior to every Chiefs game prompting the Raiders to try and ban him from the facility two years in a row.

Could Gannon and Davis put their differences aside for the better of the Silver and Black?

Who knows.

But according to one of Rich Gannons' former receivers , outside of his playing abilities, none of Gannons' team-mates ever thought very highly of him.

"Gannon wasn't a very well-like player his whole time with the Raiders. In fact he was downright hated."

But hey he got the job done. He was here to win games not make friends.

According to that same former Raider receiver Rich Gannon hated the Raiders when he came to Oakland, while he was in Oakland, and still does to this day. That pretty much slams the door shut on Gannon ever helping Russell.

Sure some would say the opinion of one of Gannons' former receivers holds little water. Except for the fact that former receiver is Mr. Raider, Tim Brown. One of the best receivers of all time and quite possibly the best ever to don the silver and black.

Tim Brown would be an awesome candidate to work in the front office, or replace Sanjay Lal as the receiver coach, or maybe even as GM.

When asked about working under Al Davis, Brown had this to say:

"It would take me about two seconds to make that decision. At some point, home is home, and even though I reside in Dallas, Dallas is not home for me when it comes to the NFL. The love I get when I'm in Oakland, that's home for me. I realize that, and if the Raiders ever asked me to do anything in the front office, certainly I would jump at the opportunity because I do think, not just my presence in Oakland, but in some of the decision making as far as what's happening with coaches and players that come in, I think I could be very instrumental in helping in that area."

Could some of these guys help the Raiders coaching staff? Absolutely.

But will they? Probably, not but it's still nice to dream.

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