Coach Mike Leach Is Also a Lawyer; Texas Tech Will Pay Big for Firing

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IDecember 30, 2009

Like most people, I didn't know what to make over the hubbub going on with Texas Tech.

Did Mike Leach do something wrong? Was the player just another silver spoon crybaby? I didn't know.

In case you need catching up, Adam James, a little used tight end for the Red Raiders, got his parents to file a charge with Texas Tech over his alleged "mistreatment." His father used his weight as an ESPN analyst to bully a suspension for this "mistreatment."

But I came to three very good conclusions very quickly when I started researching the facts and merits of this firing.

1. Mike Leach is not just a good coach, but a darn good lawyer too.

2. Adam James is a lazy troublemaker according to every fellow teammate I could find a quote on.

3. Texas Tech just drifted up that famous creek without a paddle by firing Leach.

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To support my conclusions, I offer the following:

1. Mike Leach graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law and is smart enough to have written an article for the upcoming Texas Tech Law Review Vol. 42, a feat any lawyer would envy. He graduated in the top third of this very prestigious law school.

2. To read what other players say about their fellow Red Raider, you only have to go here.

3. Given what the doctor has already said, what the other coaches have said, and what the players have said about James, should the facts themselves mean nothing, Texas Tech will lose not only the case in court, but in the court of public opinion as well.

Do they really think that a coach—who is also a very smart lawyer—would not have covered his bases in every way possible? He is probably smarter than the lawyer the university hired to advise them. At least at this point, it seems so.

This is little more than a famous father being upset that his little baby boy isn't getting more playing time or isn't allowed to go to SMU (where the famous father has even more clout) without sitting out a year first and pointing fingers crying, "Wolf."

The school comes off looking like either Three Stooges University for firing a coach for no real reason (or more likely, a wrong one), or Ebenezer Scrooge University for trying to fire him before his bonuses kicked in.

Either way, Texas Tech comes off looking like a fool.

Texas Tech was a Big 12 afterthought before Leach took over, and will be again without him. I can't think of a way they could have handled this matter much worse. Is this the only four-year university in America that doesn't teach public relations?

After this upcoming lawsuit, maybe Coach Leach can simply buy the university and fire the boobs that orchestrated this event.

Now that would make the offseason a lot more interesting.

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