NASCAR Spotter TJ Majors: Luckiest Guy in the Garage?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2009

When you have worked for Dale Earnhardt, Jr., you think you've reached the top.

Until the boss gives you your next assignment:

Spot for Danica Patrick.

And in between working for the two of them, you've worked for Brad Keselowski, who went head-to-head with the likes of Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards.

You even beat them a few times.

Not too shabby if you ask me.

So who is the lucky guy who has worked for them?

His name is TJ Majors, spotter for Dale Jr.'s No. 88 AMP Energy/National Guard Chevrolet in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Kelly Bires' (formerly Brad Keselowski) No. 88 Hellman's Chevrolet in the Nationwide Series, and now Danica Patrick's No. 7 GoDaddy.Com Chevrolet in the ARCA Series.

Those are some pretty big names.

So who is TJ Majors?

Besides being @Tjmajors on Twitter, he was just a guy playing video games on a computer against a rival named “Junior” several years ago.

At the time TJ—short for Travis James—was living in New York, dreaming of the day he could get behind the wheel of a stock car.

Instead, “Junior” was impressed with his online racing skills and hired him as a prospective driver.

As the story goes, “Junior” turned out to be none other than Dale Earnhardt Jr., who even invited TJ to live on his compound in Moorseville, NC.

Majors drove the No. 17 Late Model Chevrolet for JRM for a short period of time, but in the end, his main duty was to be a spotter for Junior at DEI and Hendrick Motorsports as well as drivers at JRM.

Every week, he sits on top of the spotter's stand, looking through his binoculars and making deals with the guys next to him.

Remember the spring 2009 Talladega race?

There was Majors, standing next to Greg Newman (Ryan Newman's spotter), trying to make a deal for the No. 39 and No. 88 to lock up and go to the checkered flag together.

The deal was working fine until Majors' Nationwide driver, Junior's protege, and fellow compound-mate Brad Keselowski locked up with the No. 99 of Carl Edwards to beat his boss to the checkered flag.

No matter which one of them took the checkered flag, you know the three of them were going to celebrate that night.

A rousing game of online racing I'm sure!

Keselowski moved on to Penske Racing at the end of the 2009 season and will drive the No. 12 Penske Dodge in the NSCS and the No. 22 Discount Tire Dodge in the NNS in 2010.

Kelly Bires was hired to replace Keselowski.

TJ Majors, however, is staying right where he is.

The guy who once sat behind a computer screen playing racing games, dreaming of a life in NASCAR, now calls the shots for some of the most popular drivers in the world.

He might not have driven a car and sometimes his job is pretty stressful.

But overall, I'd say he's pretty lucky.

Photo courtesy of www.tjmajors.com.