Miracle Is Greatest Sports Movie Ever Made

Sean MorrisonCorrespondent IJune 16, 2008

What does it take for a sports movie to be declared "The Greatest?"

Does it take the raw emotion of "We Are Marshall," "Remember the Titans," or "Coach Carter?"

The hilarity of "The Hoosiers?" or "The Whole Nine Yards?"

Or does it take something altogether different?

While I could spend days writing about why "Miracle" is the greatest sports movie ever made, I'll condense that conversation into a couple of paragraphs.

One: it has the raw emotion.

"Miracle" is an amazing film about a time in America full of insecurities and doubts about the future. In this time, the American Olympic hockey squad rose to the challenge and felled the hockey giant of the time, Russia, in a battle that made every spectator shiver with the chills from more than just the Cold War.

It is an inspirational tale, marked with greatness at every end, from grueling, beautiful practice scenes to the final five seconds of the game against Russia. Due to its vast amount of evocative scenes, great screenplay and overall fantastic story line, I give "Miracle" the nod on this one over any other movie.

Two: it has meaning.

While some would say movies like "The Hoosiers" are great because of their humor, they would also seem to forget the purpose of a movie—not just to make us laugh or cry, but to teach us something.

"Miracle" does that better than just about any other sports movie I know. "Miracle" teaches us the possibility of miracles, not just on ice, but in our own lives. Given the hard work and dedication put into the crowning accomplishment of these young men's lives, it shows that, with similar hard work and dedication, we can accomplish our goals and live out our dreams.

It shows us that life in and of itself is a miracle and that we should be thankful for, and take advantage of, every chance we get.

"Miracle" meant a lot to me, and it, in some small ways, changed my life. But even though the changes were small, their implications were huge. If not for "Miracle," I would not have the appreciation for life that I have now. That speaks volumes for the power of this masterpiece.

Three: there is no three.

Seems natural that there would be, given that things usually come in sets of three, but this isn't a usual movie. So, we'll just leave it at two.

This movie, to me, IS a miracle. It teaches life lessons and reminds us of what is truly important in our lives.

It also asks the all-important question, which can allow you to see what a person believes in, what they stand for, what they even LIVE for.

That question?

"Do you believe in miracles?"

After seeing this movie, my answer is a definite and resounding, "YES!!!"


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