FCF 2022: Full Schedule, Season Preview, Teams and Notable Players on Rosters

Kristopher Knox@@kris_knoxFeatured ColumnistApril 14, 2022

FCF 2022: Full Schedule, Season Preview, Teams and Notable Players on Rosters

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    Brandon Magnus/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images

    Fan Controlled Football (FCF) is back for season v2.0, and it looks to be bigger and even more exciting than the last.

    For those unfamiliar with FCF, it's an indoor football league with a twist. Roster-building is similar to fantasy football, as fans help pick the players. Fans also vote on the plays called via the FCF App, dictating the action and, well, controlling the football.

    The inaugural season's games were streamed on Twitch, but FCF is introducing new streaming partners in 2022. Games will be available for streaming on DAZN, NBCLX, Peacock, Twitch and the FCF App.

    Oh, and the league is expanding from four teams to eight, too! This means more football, more stars, more ways to watch and more ways to get involved in the action. Below, we'll preview the upcoming season and dive into some of the biggest names in the FCF this year.

Season V2.0

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    Brandon Magnus/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images

    Season v2.0 (version 2.0) is set to kick off on Saturday, and there are a few notable changes for the update. For one, the Glacier Boyz, Beasts, Zappers and Wild Aces (now the Shoulda Been Stars) will be joined by four new squads to form an eight-team league.

    It's seven-on-seven football played on a 50-yard indoor field with no kicking or special teams. Games are also fast-paced affairs—scheduled to last one hour—with no replays and a running clock.

    Season v2.0 also introduces Ballerz, where fans can purchase NFT avatars and earn real-life (IRL) perks while supporting their favorite squads.

    From the FCF official website:

    "Ballerz are your key to the world of Fan Controlled Sports, where the physical and digital world collide to create the most epic pro football league ever created. If you own a Baller, you are part of an exclusive community that literally gets to manage a real-life football team in Fan Controlled Football. Everything from drafting the players (Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon played last season) to calling all of the plays in real time! And on top of that, Ballerz are packed with IRL and gaming utility like you wouldn't believe!"

    FCF games will be available on multiple platforms this season. Whether at home or on the go, fans should have full access to every FCF contest in 2022.

    Odds for the 2022 championship aren't available yet, but fans should be able to find them in the near future. Bovada, for example, had odds for the championship winner last year.

2022 Schedule

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    Brandon Magnus/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images

    Games in season v2.0 will be played on Saturdays, beginning April 16. Gamedays will typically involve two windows, with afternoon and evening games.


    The Week 1 schedule is as follows:

    Session 1 - 1 p.m. ET

    Glacier Boyz vs. Beasts

    Knights of Degen vs. Bored Ape FC

    Session 2 - 7 p.m. ET

    Shoulda Been Stars vs. Zappers

    8oki vs. Kingpins


    The full season schedule, which can also be found at DAZN, is as follows:

    Week 1 - Saturday, April 16

    Week 2 - Saturday, April 23

    Week 3 - Saturday, April 30

    Week 4 - Saturday, May 7

    Week 5 - Saturday, May 14

    Week 6 - Saturday, May 21

    Week 7 - Saturday, May 28

    Playoffs - Saturday, June 4

    Championship - Saturday, June 11

Teams and Notable Players

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    Tony Avelar/Associated Press

    FCF is a celebrity affair, and while fans control the action and build the rosters, some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment helm the franchises. Here are your eight FCF teams for 2022 and their celebrity team owners, according to the FCF official website.

    Glacier Boys

    Quavo Hunco, Adin Ross, Richard Sherman and Deestroying


    Marshawn Lynch, Renee Montgomery and Miro

    Shoulda Been Stars

    Rachel Lindsay, Austin Ekeler, Altered State Machines and Druski


    Bob Menery, Ronnie Singh, Trevor May and Dalvin Cook


    NFT Kingpins

    Bored Ape FC

    Bored Ape NFT

    Knights of Degen

    Knights of Degen




    Notable Players

    Last year, FCF featured a couple of former notable NFL players in Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon. Menziel is back for season v2.0, and he'll be joined by NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens.

    "I'm looking forward to throwing with Johnny or whomever the quarterback may be," Owens said, per ESPN's Tim McManus. "If it's Johnny Football, it doesn't matter if it's Pee-Wee Herman, as long as they throw the ball where it needs to be and ... put it in my catch radius, I'm going to do my best to make some stuff happen with it."

    While Owens is 48 years old, which is old by traditional football standards, it's not unreasonable to believe that he can still perform at a high level. After all, Tom Brady will turn 45 in August, and he's still one of the top quarterbacks in the National Football League.

    It's definitely going to be fun seeing Owens back in action.

    "Playing on the same team as Johnny Manziel and Terrell Owens this weekend…. man this is CRAZY!" tight end Chris Robb Jr. tweeted.

    Other notable players include running back Quinn Porter—who appeared in 12 games with the then-St. Louis Rams back in 2011—and former Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois.

    FCF held player combines between December and February, so this year's rosters should feature a wide variety of talent and perhaps a few hidden gems and future stars. Fans can watch them all in action this Saturday.