The Demon Is Back, Heyman's Reigns and Lesnar Dilemma, More SmackDown Fallout

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 11, 2021

The Demon Is Back, Heyman's Reigns and Lesnar Dilemma, More SmackDown Fallout

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    This week's SmackDown took place at the historic Madison Square Garden, which means WWE management booked as many big moments as possible for the New York crowd. 

    The show started off hot with Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, Jimmy and Jey Uso being interrupted by Brock Lesnar. The Beast wanted an answer to his challenge for a title shot.

    While he may have to wait, Bianca Belair did not. The EST officially got her rematch against Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women's Championship when they signed a contract for Extreme Rules.

    Edge and Seth Rollins added another chapter to the story they have been telling with an epic rematch, and The Usos battled Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins in the main event for the SmackDown tag titles.

    Let's look at the biggest moments from Friday's show. 

The Beast and the Tribal Chief Are Destined to Fight

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    WWE wasted no time bringing out the big guns this week. The show started with The Bloodline in the ring before Lesnar made his presence known. 

    Heyman tried to talk The Beast into chasing another championship, but Lesnar wanted to know why he didn't tell Reigns he would be at SummerSlam. The Tribal Chief stared a hole through his advisor as he claimed he didn't know.

    Reigns took his belt back from Heyman and left with The Usos. Heyman took the mic and gave Lesnar his usual introduction. The Beast said it felt like old times before he told Heyman to accept his challenge for Reigns' title before the champ fires him.

    Lesnar tried to hit him with the F-5, but Reigns and The Usos came out to make the save. The Beast ended up fending off all three men to stand tall at the end of the segment.

    It looks like Heyman is caught between a rock and a hard place as he finds himself trying to find a way to keep both of his biggest clients from going to war. Clearly, it's not working. 

    While it looked like Lesnar was going to drop Heyman like a bad habit, there is still going to be doubt about his allegiances from both sides.

    Reigns now has a small reason not to trust the man he has allowed to speak for him. No matter what Heyman says, Lesnar planted that seed of doubt in The Tribal Chief's head. Maybe they will stick Heyman in a shark cage above the ring for the eventual match? We can dream. 

The EST and Man Make It Official

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    Belair came out to sign her contract for Extreme Rules to challenge Lynch for the SmackDown Women's Championship. She gave a long speech about why she lost at SummerSlam before The Man made her way to the ring. 

    Lynch took her time getting to the ring and came out wearing a huge red fur coat and the most annoying pair of giant sunglasses ever made. They were almost comedically big. 

    She said Belair was starstruck when she arrived at SummerSlam and played up her new heel persona as a cocky champion who thinks she is better than everybody else. She ripped into the crowd for booing her when she had to leave her daughter at home to be there. 

    Lynch finally signed on the dotted line and tried to throw the contract in Belair's face. The EST just caught it and smiled. 

    While it may not have started out as planned, Lynch's heel turn appears to be taking hold. The crowd is booing her, and she is playing up her ego beautifully. At Extreme Rules, Belair will be the clear fan favorite. 

    This was a solid segment, especially considering it was a contract signing that didn't end with one of them being put through a table. 

Edge and Seth Rollins Run It Back

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    After meeting in one of the most praised matches at SummerSlam, Edge and Rollins came together for a rematch to settle their feud once and for all.

    It didn't take them long to start trying to hurt each other by going after various injuries both men have suffered over the years. As expected, Rollins targeted his opponent's neck, but he also spent a lot of time working over Edge's knee. 

    The crowd was hot for this bout from the moment Edge made his entrance. The New York crowd is always lively, and a big rematch like this kept that energy high. 

    This was just as competitive as their SummerSlam encounter and may have even had a better pace. They used several finishers, including some that belong to other people like Triple H and Beth Phoenix, before Rollins put The Rated-R Superstar away with a Stomp. 

    Edge may have won the battle at the PPV, but Rollins won the war. He almost looked regretful as medics ran down to take Edge away on a stretcher. For now, it looks like this feud is over.

    Rollins is going to move on and if his pre-SummerSlam attitude is the same, he is going to want a shot at the Universal Championship. Could we see a triple threat at Extreme Rules? 

The Usos Escape with Their Titles and the Demon Returns

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    The final match of the night featured The Usos putting the SmackDown Tag Team Championships on the line against The Street Profits.

    These are two of the most exciting teams on the roster, so they obviously started with a breakneck pace and never slowed down for a second. 

    The Tribal Chief eventually made his way to ringside to watch his cousins in action. Heyman was still by his side, but he looked scared of Reigns and how he might respond to Lesnar's challenge. 

    When it looked like The Usos were about to lose, Reigns intervened and choked out Ford in a guillotine. He appeared to accept Lesnar's challenge, but before he could say too much, Finn Balor came out dressed as The Demon. 

    It looks like Reigns has multiple people chasing the universal title. He has been dominant for over a year, but it looks like his time as champion is coming to an end soon. If it's not Lesnar, it will be The Demon who dethrones him. 


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