1 Word to Describe Every Active WWE Raw and SmackDown Superstar

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1 Word to Describe Every Active WWE Raw and SmackDown Superstar

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    Credit: WWE.com

    What if you were given just one word to best describe the WWE Superstars on the Raw and SmackDown rosters?

    This is a thought exercise Bleacher Report has tried with every MLB team, so we thought we should give it a go on the world of professional wrestling, too.

    The goal here is to find the best and quickest way to summarize a performer, their character, their overall career and every other element that makes them who they are.

    Let's take all the currently active Superstars on the main roster and try to boil them down to one word each.

Raw: Men's Roster

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    WWE champion Bobby Lashley: Destroyer

    Since ditching Lana and forming a pact with MVP, Lashley has earned his "All Mighty" nickname. For nearly a year, he's gone undefeated and tapped out everyone along the way to finally reach the top of the mountain.

    Holding the WWE Championship underlines this time as the most dangerous and dominant he's been, and there's no telling who will be able to stop him.


    AJ Styles: Phenomenal

    This is a softball answer as it's a moniker Styles lives up to. He is simply one of the best to lace up a pair of boots.

    He's arguably the top pick anyone would want to be paired with for a good match, and his segments are always entertaining.


    Akira Tozawa: Prey

    He may dress like a ninja, but he's more often the victim and the butt of the joke as one of the caricature comedic jobbers WWE uses regularly.

    To be fair, though, he's also always on the hunt for the 24/7 Championship, hoping to prey on any opportunity to snatch it away.


    Angel Garza: Suave

    From his tearaway pants and seemingly never-ending supply of roses to his constant flirting with every woman on the roster and the playboy bravado he never shuts off, Garza's most definable trait is that he's smooth in and out of the ring.


    Braun Strowman: Monstrous

    As one of the largest Superstars on the roster, The Monster Among Men is unlike any other wrestler.

    He is already enormous, but his presence is made even more gigantic with his promos and the way he's able to toss people around with ease.

    Behind the scenes, Strowman also seems to have a monstrously big heart that often gets overlooked in favor of focusing on someone getting those hands.


    Bray Wyatt: Disturbed

    In both his ghastly visage of The Fiend and his warped, sweater-wearing and more friendly persona, the through-line for Wyatt is that he is deeply disturbed and passes that on to his opponents.

    Everyone who interacts with him changes as they face their demons and inner turmoil projected through him. Wyatt takes on that suffering and dishes it out even more but always tends to lose, meaning the cycle continues to build.


    Cedric Alexander: Untapped

    Alexander is one of the Superstars with enormous potential WWE doesn't seem to want to tap into, for whatever reason.

    He's a rock-solid wrestler with a following that could easily grow, but he may be someone who needs to leave the company to prove himself.


    Damian Priest: Cool

    Even when he loses, Priest tends to remain unruffled. To stay poised and in control while dealing with The Miz and John Morrison is a tough task, yet he does it.

    We've seen him go straight to a hot tub with some ladies and champagne after winning the North American Championship and hanging out in a party bus. We've also seen him kick someone's head off with a smirk on his face.

    Priest is just a cool dude through and through.


    Drew Gulak: Underutilized

    Gulak is one of the best wrestlers on the roster who can be exceedingly convincing as both a serious competitor and a complete goofball.

    Between the PowerPoint presentations, his Cruiserweight Championship reign, training Daniel Bryan and contending for the intercontinental belt and his antics with the 24/7 title, it's criminal WWE doesn't use him every week and in a more prominent capacity.

    Drew McIntyre: Tenacious

    The Chosen One didn't pan out, but The Scottish Warrior fought his way back from his release, worked back up the card and became a two-time WWE champion.

    Even now, after having lost at WrestleMania, he's earned another title shot and could find himself a three-time champion in a few weeks.

    No matter what knocks him down, he keeps getting back up and striving for the top.


    Elias and Jaxson Ryker: Off-key

    While this pairing is fine for now, something isn't quite clicking.

    Elias is quite melodic and Ryker's a decent henchman, but something is missing. With a few tweaks, maybe it can work. Something is just out of tune right now.


    Humberto Carrillo: Fruitless

    When the fruits of one's labors amount to as little as Humberto Carrillo has been able to amass, it's jarring.

    Wrestling on Main Event is worthless as WWE acts like that show doesn't even exist. It's made even worse given how he doesn't always win those matches and is rarely seen on Raw.

    Carrillo's not bad in the ring and has a good look, but he means nothing to the roster right now.


    Lucha House Party: Immobile

    Despite how Gran Metalik is The King of the Ropes and Lince Dorado is an undervalued luchador in his own right, these two can't seem to get much momentum behind them.


    Jeff Hardy: Enigma

    Hardy's life is a balance of creative expression and struggling with inner demons. No one is able to fully put their finger on what makes him a star, but we all accept it.

    He's been in a lull, but if he were to fight for the world title tomorrow, the fans would go along with it.

    The Charismatic Enigma is a great moniker for someone who's gone on such a complicated journey and has no clear direction what the next step should be.


    John Morrison: Attraction

    The core elements of Morrison are his good looks, his impressive athleticism in the ring and his foolish charm that revolves around putting on a show with his halfwit character.


    Keith Lee: Limitless

    When he returns to action, Lee will be someone you cannot sleep on. He's earned the Limitless moniker for being someone capable of reaching the top of this business and letting nothing get in his way.

    Lee is huge, agile, humble, passionate and has everything you could ask for in a Superstar.


    Kofi Kingston: Vigor

    All members of The New Day exhibit positivity in their own way. One of Kingston's biggest contributions is that he's always filled with a unique zest.

    His promos always have a special flair, so the words never come across as bland and uninteresting.

    He's extraordinary in the ring and always reliable for unconventional athleticism and his own brand of pizzazz.


    Mace: Raw

    Mace is still relatively new, but the raw talent is there.

    Hopefully, he's dropped the mask for good, will revert back to his Dio Maddin name soon enough and begin to fit the mold of someone to keep an eye on.


    The Miz: Pompous

    In the most delightfully perfect way, The Miz is the most arrogant, smug and contemptuous person on the roster.

    When he fails, he twists it in a way that adds to his ego. Everything is someone else's fault, he's full of excuses and he's a total weasel.

    You can't get better than The Miz when he's at peak levels of conceitedness.


    Mustafa Ali: Frustrated

    Practically every tweet, promo, interview and maneuver Mustafa Ali has done in the past two years has exuded frustration.

    He formed and ended Retribution out of this dismay and is always talking about the perpetually irritating lack of momentum in his career.


    Omos: Tall

    The first thing you think of when you see Omos is how tall he is. It's his defining attribute and one of the only things we know about him so far.


    Randy Orton: Sadistic

    The Viper has had a long career of being sick and vile. As The Legend Killer, he's taken his immoral lust for carnage out on his elders, but no one has been safe around The Apex Predator.

    Orton relishes feuds in which he punts people into retirement or burns them alive. It seems like he's never content unless he's tapping into his more wicked urges to appease the voices in his head.


    Ricochet: Elevation

    Reaching new heights is something Ricochet is both a master at due to his high-flying ability in the ring and something he struggles with, as he's never been able to break past that midcard range.


    Riddle: Brolific? Brobust? Brodacious? Brovocative?

    He may not be for everyone, but Riddle generally checks off most of the boxes.

    His in-ring skills are there, he's showing more personality with his "stoner" gimmick and getting more comfortable on the mic. He's the type of Superstar who may catch on to be a major star.


    R-Truth: Hysterical

    Both in the sense of being hilariously funny and extremely excited, R-Truth is a powder keg of humor and manic energy.


    Sheamus: Tough

    The Celtic Warrior has had his moments of being a cheating scoundrel, but he never truly backs down from a fight.

    From the start of his career through to today, he's willing to dish out severe punishment to his foes and take a significant amount of damage in the process.


    Shelton Benjamin: Overlooked

    The story is always the same for Benjamin in that he's one of the most gifted athletes on the roster but sits around with nothing prominent to do.

    While he may not have been the next Rock, he likely could have had at least one world title reign if WWE didn't stop looking past him.

    Now, after The Hurt Business was nixed for whatever reason, he's back to struggling to find a spot on the roster.


    T-Bar: Dormant

    Once he goes back to being Dominik Dijakovic, T-Bar has immeasurable upward mobility.

    He's far too well-rounded to not be successful. Until then, he's lying dormant, waiting for the coals in the fire to heat up.


    Viking Raiders: War

    Their battle chant is what drives them. All of their matches are a war they're trying to win as quickly as possible, and they have the ability to be a two-man army.


    Xavier Woods: Play

    UpUpDownDown's creator doesn't just have games as one of his biggest passions, he's also someone who clearly has fun being a WWE Superstar.

    Woods is a testament to the phrase "If you love your job, you never work a day in your life." He's having a ball with all of it, which is amazing to watch as a fan.

Raw: Women's Roster

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Raw women's champion Rhea Ripley: Prodigy

    At only 24, Rhea Ripley has long already proved herself to be a franchise player and someone to bank on for the future.

    One year almost to the day of her initial signing with WWE, she went from rookie to inaugural NXT UK women's champion. The next year, she led her teams to Survivor Series and WarGames victories and won the NXT Women's Championship.

    Now, she's the top woman on Raw and is only getting better as time goes on. She has every tool at her disposal and will likely go down as one of the best ever.


    Alexa Bliss: Twisted

    A year ago, the go-to word would have been her nickname of Goddess. These days, she's a tortured soul who has been broken down by The Fiend and changed into an evil reflection of her former self.

    Lately, she's taken her Twisted Bliss finisher's name and turned it into a way to describe her current character as she further descends into darkness.


    Asuka: Warrior

    The Empress of Tomorrow went undefeated in NXT, only giving up the women's title when she moved to the main roster.

    Despite the language barrier, a disappointing end to her streak and WWE continually sidelining her, she's fought to accomplish every possible goal attainable, winning the Raw and SmackDown women's titles, the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship, the women's Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank.

    She treats every fight like a battle, heads into it with her warpaint on and gives it her all.


    Charlotte Flair: Queen

    This nickname sums up both the positive and negative aspects of Flair. She's undeniably one of the best female wrestlers ever, but she's also been put on a pedestal.

    Sometimes, that's great for her character, as fans want to see her knocked down a peg; other times, it feels as though maintaining the perception she's above everyone else takes priority over everything else.


    Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose: Knockout

    Brooke and Rose are great examples of WWE's former slogan of "strong, sexy and powerful" for the women's division. Their looks stand out in a way that they're just as likely to be on the cover of Maxim as they are to be on Muscle & Fitness.

    But the workout warriors are also capable of knocking out their opponents. Few superstars are as physically imposing to their competition as this duo. 


    Lacey Evans: Belle

    She's a southern belle who calls back an older, more pinup-style aesthetic. But when the bell sounds, she's ready to fight.


    Lana: Flexible

    Not only is she flexible in the ring, as exhibited by her entrance and dancing background, but she's also proved herself malleable in her character work.

    Lana has been a cold and shrewd heel manager in a suit, a fun-loving bubbly babyface, a lovable failure, a fighter who keeps getting back up when knocked down, a shrieking enchantress and more.


    Naomi: Glow

    It's a softball, but it works. Naomi's catchphrase is "Feel the Glow" which she tries to show off in any way she can, whether it's through her ring gear and entrance, her flashy in-ring style or her kindness and radiant personality.


    Nia Jax: Misfortune

    This may be harsh, but it works on several levels, good and bad.

    Her opponents have the misfortune of facing her in the ring because she's a tough obstacle to overcome and she has been known to injure others.

    She's had many teammates to prove she works well with others, but every one of them inevitably ends their partnership.

    It's also a misfortune that someone with her size, background and many other positives is not able to get the rest of her skills on the same level to become the top-tier talent she could be.


    Nikki Cross: Spitfire

    The one consistent aspect of Cross from her time with WWE is that she's a fierce ball of energy that is just waiting to burst.


    Shayna Baszler: Calculated

    The Queen of Spades has some angry outbursts now and again, but she's always thinking about how to win.

    Her strikes are crisp and deliberate, and she dissects opponents with an attack plan. If she's in charge, you're going down.

SmackDown: Men's Roster

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Universal champion Roman Reigns: Undisputed

    For years, WWE was determined Roman Reigns would be the guy, even crowning him with that nickname at one point. Many fans didn't accept it, though, and outright refused to play along with that narrative.

    Now, with The Tribal Chief character's success and his win over Edge and Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 37, his demands to be recognized and respected come with undeniable weight. You simply have to acknowledge him.


    Aleister Black: Astray

    In NXT, Aleister Black looked like a guaranteed main event talent. His title reign felt like the secondary draw at the time, though, rather than the biggest focal point.

    On the main roster, he had the potential to make a bigger splash but fizzled out quickly. Even his heel turn led nowhere.

    He's been missing for months now, though. His wife, Zelina Vega, is no longer with the company, and it seems he can either return or be released any day now.


    Apollo Crews: Realized

    After so many years of being someone with a great look and a lot of potential but lacking on the mic, the pieces have come together for Apollo Crews.

    This new Nigerian royalty heel gimmick is the best work he's done and gives the impression he's earned his spot on the roster as a two-time midcard champion, rather than still being in the process of reaching that goal.


    Big E: Joy

    Even more than his power, Big E's most defining attribute is his positivity. Oddly, he can be the most cynical of The New Day at times, but he still approaches it with a joyous nature.

    He's the life of the party in many ways and someone who puts smiles on faces, whether he's cutting a fun promo, passing along his infectious magnetism or having a great performance in the ring.


    Cesaro: Herculean

    The Swiss Cyborg is gifted in many ways, with the most standout of the bunch being his strength.

    He may be the overall strongest member of the roster, but he's also always fighting a Herculean battle against the ceiling above him that prevents him from being in the main event.

    Hopefully, that is in the process of being shattered. If anyone's strong enough to do it, it's Cesaro.


    Chad Gable: Wasted

    WWE officials can't seem to find it in their hearts to actually use Chad Gable for what he's worth. Instead, he goes to waste as enhancement talent.

    Like many others, he may never be a 10-time world champion, but he certainly won't be if WWE is never willing to give him a chance to reach that plateau. The more times he gets pushed back down the totem pole, the more likely he's going to leave for greener pastures.


    Daniel Bryan: Spirited

    You can always tell Daniel Bryan is as passionate as they come. He cuts promos from the heart, wrestles with everything he's got and has fought back from retirement to keep doing what he loves.

    His Yes! Movement remains one of the last organic cases of someone getting over with the fans. That is because he tapped into something within the soul of the WWE Universe that few can ever speak to.


    Dolph Ziggler: Stagnant

    How many times have we heard The Showoff tell us he's the best but nobody gives him the credit he deserves? It seems the only time he isn't cutting that promo is when he's cackling alongside Robert Roode with nothing to say at all.

    Ziggler is legitimately fantastic and someone who never has had the recognition he deserves, but the act has grown stale and things won't change any time soon until he changes his tune.


    Dominik Mysterio: Young

    Simply put, Dominik is a rookie talent and it shows. That's not to say he's awful, though. Far from it, in fact.

    His continued hard work will help him make great strides in the years to come, but for now, the 24-year-old is just too young to view in any other light.


    Jey Uso: Irritable

    Every episode of SmackDown, Jey Uso gets riled up. His fiery side is triggered by the simplest things, much to the contrast of his cool, calm and collected cousin, Reigns.

    Uso's anger is his downfall quite often, too. If he could harness that better, his win-loss record would improve. He has the talent; he just lacks the focus.


    Kevin Owens: Searching

    With the way his career has gone over the past few years, it seems Owens is still searching for the next phase of his character. He seems lost, not quite knowing how to get this babyface version to fully click but not wanting to go back to rehashing the past in failure.

    He is supremely talented and both worthy and capable of far better than we've seen in recent times. He'll figure it out, but until then, he's still looking for the missing pieces of the puzzle.


    King Corbin: Underrated

    Few people seem to realize how great of a heel King Corbin truly is.

    The End of Days is one of the most protected finishers; he has tons of accomplishments to his name; he's tall, quick, powerful; and he can cut a promo that makes you want to see him get wrecked by any babyface willing to come out and shut him up.

    People need to start recognizing Corbin for being one of the best villains in the past few years.


    Otis: Misguided

    WWE continues to put Otis in spots with no direction, assuming it will all sort itself out rather than having a game plan in mind and working toward it.

    His storyline romance with Mandy Rose, the Money in the Bank briefcase, Heavy Machinery's split and now his current heel turn and partnership with Gable as Alpha Academy have all been problematic.

    Arguably, none of this has been his fault. He can't force WWE to book him in better ways. He just has to suffer the consequences of spinning his wheels.


    Murphy: Disregarded

    If Murphy's tweet about seeing Andrade soon is any indication, he may be fed up with his start-and-stop career and lack of upward mobility in WWE.

    He's more than proved himself in the ring, but the company refuses to do anything substantial with him. Likely, he's mentally checked out and is waiting for his contract to expire so he can go elsewhere.


    Rey Mysterio: Heart

    Several words have defined Rey Mysterio: size, flight, mask, underdog and legend.

    At the core of all of it, though, is his heart. Whether fighting alongside his son, being a genuine babyface or giving it his all in the ring, Mysterio's heart is his driving force.


    Sami Zayn: Conspiracy

    Zayn's latest gimmick is full-force. Every act he does revolves around his conspiracy storyline, and he's given himself entirely to the character.

    This also works on a meta level. It's arguable there are factors behind the scenes that have held him back from achieving greater success. At least, that's what those of us wearing tin-foil hats believe.


    Seth Rollins: Consistent

    Rollins is one of the most reliable talents who never really dips in quality. Unfortunately, he's also stuck in a pattern with the same rather flat character for over 18 months, meaning he has few valleys or peaks these days.

    He's never bad, but it's been a while since he's been involved in something substantial beyond his normal level of consistently good.


    Shinsuke Nakamura: Lukewarm

    When he signed to NXT, Nakamura was a hot ticket. He reached the top there and went to the main roster, won the men's Royal Rumble and could have been a big player, but WWE chose to pull the rug out from under him.

    Since then, he's struggled to regain that spark. Now, he's lukewarm, going through the motions and no longer someone the crowd would be feverish over.


    The Street Profits: Swagger

    Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford no longer hold tag team gold, but they've yet to lose their charisma.

    Every time they're on screen, they ooze personality. The Street Profits are one of the most consistently entertaining acts WWE has today, whether they're wrestling or just chatting it up to the camera.

SmackDown: Women's Roster

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    Credit: WWE.com

    SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair: EST

    Does EST count as a word? It does when talking about The EST of WWE, who uses it less as a suffix and more as a symbol of how incredibly talented and well-rounded she is.

    Belair calls herself the fastest, strongest, toughest and everything -est because she's ultimately the best, as she proved at WrestleMania 37 by winning the SmackDown women's title title in a historic main event.


    Bayley: Dedicated

    As a child, Bayley wrote essays about how she was going to dedicate herself toward becoming a pro wrestler. She pulled it off and has become a future Hall of Famer.

    From her time as an uber-babyface to her current obnoxious heel character, she is clearly wholly dedicated to her craft, making sure she gives it all with each performance.

    You always get Bayley's best, no matter if she's in the ring or being a pest at WrestleMania.


    Carmella: Boisterous

    The definition of boisterous as "marked by or expressive of exuberance and high spirits" and "noisily turbulent" describe Carmella to a T.

    She's always been loud, quick to call herself "money" and boast about her wine, as well as flaunt her good looks in very expressive fashion.


    Liv Morgan: Spunky

    Whether she's disrupting a wedding, bouncing toward the ring with a blue tongue, yelling at the top of her lungs on UpUpDownDown or having a deep discussion on a documentary about how motivated she is to improving, Morgan continually proves she has a surplus of pep.


    Natalya: Foundation

    Not only is this a play on The Hart Foundation, but it's also indicative of how much of an anchor Natalya can be.

    She's been around for over a dozen years and helped transition from the Divas era through the Women's Evolution as a reliable hand.

    Natalya can always be thrust back into the title hunt no matter how awful her latest comedic character run has been, and she's one of the more maternal overseers of the division.


    Ruby Riott: Alternative

    Her look alone is very anti-Diva. In another time, WWE never would have hired Riott as she didn't fit the mold, but that's what helps her stand out now.

    Unfortunately, it seems she's always the alternative to the one getting the push, though. Every road toward success she goes down ends up in a detour that sends her in a different direction.


    Sasha Banks: Commodity

    The Boss is bankable in every possible way, making her an invaluable resource and fitting to the Banks name.

    She is one of the best in the ring, has a dynamite look and a marketable gimmick as either a heel or a face. The 29-year-old has become a diamond for fans and is still young enough to have many amazing years ahead of her.


    Tamina: Baffling

    Tamina has been in WWE over a decade. She's been through an era when nearly everyone won the championship but has never properly sniffed gold for herself.

    Despite being the daughter of Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka and one of the most physically threatening women in WWE history, she is never treated like a worthwhile member of the roster for more than a few weeks at a time.

    That is even more baffling, because out of nowhere, WWE positions her as a big deal only to revert back to sidelining her, so fans never have a clue what is going on with her career.


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