FCF 2021 Playoff Rosters, Schedule, Live Stream, Format and Odds

Kristopher Knox@@kris_knoxFeatured ColumnistMarch 12, 2021

Josh Gordon
Josh GordonDavid Richard/Associated Press

Fan Controlled Football set out to be a different sort of spring football league. Its focus has been on faster, action-filled games and fan involvement. This has helped Fan Controlled Football (FCF) separate itself from recent spring leagues such as the AAF and the XFL.

Fans control the rosters and the play-calling in the FCF, which, as Pro Football Hall of Famer and FCF CSO Joe Montana recently explained, truly makes for a unique experience.

"I believe that the one-hour games back-to-back with the fans having the opportunity to participate I think was the big catch for me," Montana told Fox News (h/t Dan Canova of Fox Business). "The fans are always talking about, 'They should have done that' or 'they should have done this.' Well, guess what? You can't say that anymore."

The FCF hasn't just gotten by on its novel approach. It has thrived, with sports stars and celebrities alike such as Dalvin Cook, Barbara Dunkelman and Rachel Lindsay joining up as team owners along the way. The FCF also attracted 2013 NFL receiving-yards leader Josh Gordon, who made his playing debut last weekend.

Gordon punctuated his FCF debut with a Hail Mary touchdown reception that gave the Zappers their second win of the season:

Fan Controlled Football @fcflio


The Zappers knocked off the previously unbeaten Beasts to finish the regular season 2-2. This is another way in which the FCF differs from recent spring-football start-ups like the AAF. The FCF is on the verge of completing its inaugural campaign, with the playoffs set to kick off this weekend.

All four of the FCF's teams—the Zappers, Beasts, Wild Aces and Glacier Boyz—will be eligible for the single-elimination postseason tournament. The Beasts took the regular-season championship with a 3-1 record, while no team finished the regular season winless.

While it's too late to get in on the roster-building fun for Year 1 (more on that in a bit), it's not too late to experience the excitement of the FCF's unique brand of football. Here's everything you need to know about the first-ever FCF playoff weekend.


2021 Fan Controlled Football Playoff Weekend Schedule and Money Lines

Where: Infinite Energy Stadium, Duluth, Georgia

When: Saturday, March 13

Beasts vs. Glacier Boyz at 8 p.m. ET

Beasts -125 (bet $125 to win $100)

Glacier Boyz -105

Wild Aces vs. Zappers at 9:30 p.m. ET

Zappers -165

Wild Aces +125

*All Games will be streamed on Twitch and gaming network VENN. Betting info from Bovada and current as of 3/11


Regular-Season Standings

Beasts 3-1

Wild Aces 2-2

Zappers 2-2

Glacier Boyz 1-3


Rules and Format

We've taken a look at the FCF rules and format throughout the regular season, but it's worth revisiting some of the basics for those new to the game. If you're already familiar with how the games work, feel free to jump ahead—though it's worth noting that there will be some postseason changes to the roster format.

The FCF has gone through a four-week regular season. It will be followed by one playoff week and then the FCF championship week. Rosters were redrafted by fans during the week in the regular season, though that is no longer the case.

Rosters are comprised of seven offensive skill players with three-man offensive lines and defenses each counting as single units. Four skill players will be on the field at any given time, along with the offensive lines for seven-on-seven football.

These rosters were redrafted each week with fans getting to add a permanent "franchise player" to their favorite teams each week. However, the Week 4 draft was final, and teams will play the postseason with their current rosters.

While the official FCF website does not have individual defenders or offensive linemen listed among its team rosters, players for the individual squads can be found on the players page.

Play-calling will still be controlled by fans. They can increase their voting power by successfully constructing strong rosters and effective game plans. From the FCF website:

"Call the right play? You get some FanIQ. Draft the top players? Get some more FanIQ. Your FanIQ increases the more you interact with FCF and prove to other fans just how much you know the game. When you hit certain targets of FanIQyou level up! And as you level up, your voting power increases and all your votes count for more. The more you put in, the more you get out. So get to it!"

There's no kicking in the FCF, and point-after attempts consist of a quarterback and a receiver battling one defensive back in a pass-to-score showdown.

The full list of FCF rules can be found here.


Fan Controlled Football Playoff Rosters

Glacier Boyz

Team Owners: Quavo, Richard Sherman and Deestroying

QB: David Pindell, Deondre Francois

WR: Andrew Jamiel, Joseph Boykin, KaVontae Turpin

RB: Calen Campbell, Madre London

OL: Dam Nation

DEF: Heavy Hitters



Team Owners: Bob Menery, Trevor May, Ronnie Singh and Dalvin Cook

QB: Logan Marchi, Johnny Manziel, Braden Smith

WR: Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi, Travis Toivonen, Isaiah King, Josh Gordon

RB: Berkley Edwards, Anthony Jones

OL: Block Party

DEF: Shut Down Squad



Team Owners: Marshawn Lynch, Miro and Renee Montgomery

QB: T.J. Edwards II, Quinton Flowers

WR: Christian Saulsberry, Alphonso Carter, Troy Evans Jr., Joshua Johnson, Jordus Smith

RB: Quinn Porter

OL: Dam Nation

DEF: Heavy Hitters


Wild Aces

Team Owners: Greg Miller, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Settleman, Rachel Lindsay and Austin Ekeler

QB: Ed Crouch, Jackson Erdmann

WR: Douglas McNeil III, Raphael Leonard, Richaud Floyd, James Harden

RB: LaDarius Galloway, Daryl Virgies

OL: Block Party

DEF: Shut Down Squad