Solomon Thomas Talks Free Agency, Hopes for New 49ers Contract, More in B/R AMA

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistFebruary 4, 2021

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Solomon Thomas against the Arizona Cardinals during an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)
Josie Lepe/Associated Press

Despite a lost 2020 season, Solomon Thomas remains in good spirits heading into the offseason.

The San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman suffered a torn ACL in just his second game of the year, a rough break heading into free agency. The No. 3 overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft has still put together a solid resume with 48 games played and six sacks in his four seasons.

Thomas joined Bleacher Report for an AMA session Thursday in which he discussed current and former teammates as well as potentially re-signing with the 49ers and more.


The following is the full transcript from the AMA session.


@Steve_Perrault: Tell us about The Defensive Line and what it means to you? 

It's an organization that myself, my cousin Ray and my mom and dad started in honor of my sister but also in honor of everyone struggling with mental health around the world. We're focusing on young people of color at high school and college ages to really teach them about mental health. We're excited to partner with coaches, teachers, parents and mentors to equip them with the language to be able to talk about mental health. We are going to attack the stigma and that's our goal and our mission.


@maloas23: What was the hardest part transitioning from college to NFL?

The hardest part was being in a new locker room. I was playing a new position and that was a pretty big transition for me.


@BayLegend: Would you want to come back to the 49ers if they offer you a contract?

If the deal is right I would love to. I love what they stand for.


@LegendBoy: Who's the funniest teammate?

Ah man. I've had a lot of funny teammates. I would say the funniest is Sheldon Day. He played for us for two and half years. He makes everything fun. He roasts everyone. It's always fun.


@BigPapi_Jr: What's the daily routine of an NFL player?

Wake up around 5:30. Breakfast at 6. Meetings for couple hours. Walkthrough for couple hours. Quick lift. Get lunch. Go to practice. Extra lift. Watch film. Get some dinner.


@fitchkarma66: Who did you look up to growing up?

I always looked up to my dad. I loved the way he lived life. He was a professional. Very methodical. I wanted to be like my dad. He was my hero.


@imafanofteams: How do you feel about Jimmy Garoppolo?

I love Jimmy. He's a great leader. When he comes into the team huddle, he's very convincing. He's a great QB, leader and teammate.


@zmjuju19: Who is the hardest lineman you ever had to go up against?

I would have to say Trent Williams. Mixed of strength and athleticism. In practice we see him chase safeties like he's a receiver.


@thisnameisbadd: How has rehab been going? Have you and Bosa been doing stuff together?

Rehab's been great. I'm tackling it real hard. There's been some ups and downs but I'm making progress. It's been a lot of great work. I'm in a great place.


@SAQUODS26: Favorite pre-game music?

I'm a big fan of J-Cole, Meek Mill, obviously Drake. Maybe some Boosie.


@vinsanity123: What's Richard Sherman like?

He's a great teammate. He talks to everyone and advises everyone. On the sidelines he's always talking like a coach. His knowledge is crazy. I think it's cool he takes advantage of who Richard Sherman is. He's in business and in tech. He's great.


@SMninja: Do you still talk to former Stanford teammates?

I do! My class in 2014 is pretty close. Most of the guys in the league still talk a lot. McCaffrey, Tucker. We have some great guys. We're a tight-knit community.


@clairesheerman: Chick-fil-A or Popeyes?

I have to go with Popeyes.


@avery13: Best locker room story?

There's different people talking about different things. But nothing too crazy.


@AgentOfAdamGase: What did you think of Christian McCaffrey at Stanford?

His dedication to the game and work beyond the field is unparalleled. His training is ridiculous. He's just a damn good human being. He cares about his loved ones. He's a great person and teammate.


@yayarea3010: Favorite thing about the Bay Area?

I love the pride of the Bay Area. Yay Areaaaa! I love the dances and diversity. I love going to Napa. I love wine. I was blessed to be there.


@salsotelo: Aside from football, what other sports do you enjoy watching?

I love basketball. I got into rugby. I got into AFL. I think it's such a cool sport.


@imafanofteams: What was it like going to the Super Bowl?

It was really a dream come true. Going to Miami. Playing that game, walking on the field. It was an electric atmosphere. This is why you play the game. It made us more hungry. I want that feeling again some day.


@BaySean: Thoughts on new Niners DC DeMeco Ryans?

Coach Meco is awesome. The fact that he loves ball so much. He's getting into the game right after retiring and wants to be a great coach. He's intense. He finds a way to connect with the guys. He's gonna excel.


@Chasenm12: MetLife the worst field you've ever played on?

That field was terrible. NFL needs to do a better job of making sure that field is in better condition. Our health and safety should come first. They need to work on that.


Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite movie ever?

That's tough. I would say Good Will Hunting. It's a really inspiring movie. I love Robin Williams.


Weirdest interaction with a fan?

I get mistaken for Dak Prescott a lot. I go back to Dallas and people ask me to take pictures. I have to say I'm not Dak but I'm still an NFL player. It's funny.


Favorite sneakers?

He Got Game 13s. I love that movie. I love Ray Allen. Watching that movie made me love those Jordans.