Big Update On Brock Lesnar's Health

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIINovember 18, 2009

As many fans know, the MMA world was turned on its head with the news that Brock Lesnar's health could keep him out for an undisclosed time or possibly forever. All fans wanted more information, especially after UFC President Dana White came out and said Lesnar may never fight again.

White also mentioned that Lesnar had an intestinal problem and needed major surgery. Now, as it stands, Lesnar did have surgery yesterday. However, it was a minor not major surgery. Also, it was not for some bacterial infection like many are reporting.

Lesnar has something called diverticulitis. For those of you who are not familiar with this disease, it is one that forms small pouches in the large intestine and the colon, which is no fun whatsoever.

It was set off most likely by mono, considering mono both attacks the spleen and intestines. The disease may have been dormant until he was sick, then suddenly came about.

This happens to a lot in people, so its not uncommon for Lesnar to be fine one day then out of nowhere have something wrong.

The illness has been known to be found among bodybuilders that eat high-protein diets with little fiber. Sure, others can get it too, but the cases in bodybuilders that do as I mentioned have a higher chance.

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Now, diverticulitis doesn't always require surgery. However, I would think White and Lesnar agree that it was necessary for him to go ahead and get it now to possibly stop it from getting worse.

It has been known to go into remission on its own, but the chances of Lesnar fighting with it only in remission and possibly coming back are not good. Lesnar should still keep in mind that it doesn't matter if he gets surgery or not, diverticulitis can come back.

So while the surgery may help for now, the chances of it staying away forever are not high.

The doctors are most likely going to give him a diet plan, which will most likely result in him losing significant weight. Also, just for being sick, he could have lost some weight too. And of course, pills will be taken. Adding fiber is one big thing, and if he is not getting enough they will make him take fiber pills and possibly water pills if things get worse.

It is said that diverticulitis, even after getting things surgically taken care of, can take a lot of time to heal. Some have mentioned that it takes a year or longer to feel 100 percent.

Also, most people are not MMA Fighters. So Lesnar may hurt himself even more in his intestinal and colon area if he continues to fight on a full-time basis. While he is good at what he does, he has a greater chance of doing further and life-altering damage to himself by fighting.

While his fans want him to come back, I would take the safe route and call it a career.

Diverticulitis may be the thing that is hurting him now, but it won't be the only thing if he continues on.

Am I saying I don't want to see Lesnar fight? No. I love watching the guy, but as a human being who cares about one's life more so than his career, I would want Lesnar to stay out of Mixed Martial Arts competition.

I would love for him to still be involved with it in some way, but as a competitor, not so much. He has a better chance at being a pro wrestler than he does at coming back to MMA, simply because in pro wrestling people are not trying to hurt one another, in MMA they are.

Who is going to stop an MMA fighter from going straight for Lesnar's weak spot if he returns? UFC? Fans?

No, every single fighter who knows about Lesnar will go immediately for that area to beat him. It is simple fighting mentality. Sure, it may seem wrong to do something like that, but they are there to win, not care for one's livelihood.

What do you want them to do, not try?

Winning is the whole point, and if a fighter knows a way to win he will take it. Therefore, if Lesnar wants to continue to fight then so be it. But he is risking his life by doing so.

He used to tell others, "Here comes the pain," but now he may be telling that to himself.