Undertaker Praises Reigns; Big E, Lars Sullivan Rumors; Lana's Emotional Videos

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistNovember 23, 2020

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Undertaker Calls Reigns "Future of the Samoan Dynasty"

In an appearance on the Broken Skull Sessions, The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin played a game of name association. Austin listed a number of past and current greats, ranging from John Cena to Triple H to Yokozuna, with Taker giving his short take (heh) on their accomplishments in the business.

When it came to Roman Reigns, Taker took a second, paused and called him the "future of the Samoan dynasty."

Whether knowing or unknowing, The Undertaker's comment played into the ongoing storyline with Reigns, who has been anointed as the "head of the table" by his family.

The Samoan dynasty includes some of the most iconic wrestlers in WWE history, including Reigns' cousin, The Rock, and several other family members. 

Reigns' recent heel turn has been a breath of fresh air for the character and the first time in a long time he's actually seemed like the rightful heir to that throne—and all of WWE, for that matter.


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Big E, Lars Sullivan Pulled From Survivor Series to Protect Them

While Big E and Lars Sullivan were originally part of the Survivor Series battle royal, neither participated in the preshow event that The Miz won.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling News Observer, that decision came because WWE was trying to protect both men. Meltzer said WWE wants to push Big E and Sullivan to the top of the SmackDown card, and having them as part of a preshow battle royal would not have helped the cause.

WWE also wanted to save Big E for his entrance with The New Day, which saw the men come out in Gears of War-inspired gear. The New Day members are playable characters in the new Gears of War game.

Sullivan is seen as "SmackDown's version of Braun Strowman," according to Meltzer.


Lana Discusses Depression; Talks Survivor Series Win

Lana was the surprising lone survivor of the women's Survivor Series match, paying off a long-running joke about her weaknesses in the ring.

Of course, Lana's "victory" came after she essentially stood on the apron the entire match and benefited from Nia Jax and Bianca Belair being counted out. Lana discussed her state of elation after the match:

She also recently discussed the difficulties she's faced in 2020, admitting the departure of Miro (formerly known as Rusev) from WWE has led to difficult times in her personal life:

"It's been really hard. Not having 300 days on the road, being at home, then all of a sudden no fans. Then, of course, like being with the person from the very beginning, like traveling with that person, being literally 24/7, being with that person and then that person is not there, it's really hard. I don't even know how sometimes I keep on pushing through," Lana said.

Miro is currently part of AEW's roster, which films in Florida like WWE, but Jacksonville and Orlando are roughly two hours apart. Rusev and Lana met while working in WWE and were later married.