Quick Takes on Possible Bella Twins WWE Return, Pac in AEW, McIntyre and More

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistNovember 15, 2020

Quick Takes on Possible Bella Twins WWE Return, Pac in AEW, McIntyre and More

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    The Bellas being back in the WWE fold could be exactly what the women's tag team division needs.
    The Bellas being back in the WWE fold could be exactly what the women's tag team division needs.Credit: WWE.com

    Between The Bella Twins and Pac, WWE and AEW scenes are about to get much more interesting in the months ahead.

    Both Brie and Nikki Bella have expressed interest in a return to WWE in the past, and according to Steve Russell of SEScoops, it seems the process has already begun for them to be brought back into the fold for one more run. The soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famers announced their retirement from the ring in October 2018 but never got the chance to compete for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship.

    Chasing the tag titles they've always dreamed of holding would be an ideal way for them to resurface in a storyline.

    AEW's Pac found himself in a similar spot, as he had the reasoning to return and confront Eddie Kingston for breaking up his Death Triangle stable in his absence as long as he was able to travel. Sure enough, he made his grand comeback on Wednesday night's Dynamite and is poised to be an important part of the program going forward.

    That's in addition to Drew McIntyre potentially winning back the WWE Championship this coming week on Raw, six days ahead of Survivor Series. Coming off his faceoff with Roman Reigns on Friday's SmackDown, McIntyre taking the belt back from Randy Orton might be the best course of action.

    This installment of Quick Takes will delve into why McIntyre should replace Orton in the Survivor Series main event against The Tribal Chief, the pending return of The Bella Twins, Pac's role in AEW and more.

Is One More Run for the Bella Twins Necessary?

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    The last match The Bella Twins had in WWE to date was at the first and only Evolution pay-per-view in October 2018. Nikki Bella headlined the event with Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women's Championship and, despite a valiant effort, fell short of victory.

    It seemed to be the perfect way for the decorated duo to close out their careers, at least until the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship was introduced mere months later. Brie and Nikki later confirmed that they were slated to return after WrestleMania 35 to feud with The IIconics over the tag titles until an injury to Nikki prevented those plans from coming to fruition.

    It was never made clear whether Nikki's in-ring career was officially over or not, but recent talk from the twins about coming back to the company indicate that they could compete again if they wanted. With the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship scene struggling at the moment, it would make sense for them to return and contend for those titles.

    While not absolutely imperative, a Bella Twins comeback would be a nice boost for WWE's women's division. There's no need for either of them to go after the Raw or SmackDown Women's championships, but a run with the tag titles shouldn't be considered out of the question whatsoever.

    As they prepare to presumably to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next WrestleMania weekend, the road to WrestleMania would be an ideal time for them to return and have a definitive final match.

Analyzing the Pros and Cons of Chad Gable Managing Otis

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    Chad Gable ditching the Shorty G moniker and bringing back his original ring name gave fans hope he was able to be used to his full potential after being overlooked for the better part of his WWE run. Then, he mysteriously disappeared from SmackDown until resurfacing in a backstage segment on the show this past Friday night.

    The three-time tag team champion was shown approaching Otis following Otis' decisive victory over Dolph Ziggler. He asked the former Money in the Bank about joining Alpha Academy, which seemed to suggest that he could be a mentor of sorts for him going forward.

    Although the two have history that dates back to well before they joined WWE, it's questionable for WWE to break up one team in Heavy Machinery only to put Otis in another team soon after. The same can be said for Gable, who has had several partners throughout his career and has yet to be given the ball to run with on his own.

    Both guys—specifically Gable—have the potential to go far as singles stars, but the fact of the matter is that WWE has no plans to push them in those roles currently. Pairing them together, while not ideal, is better than them continuing to flounder with zero direction.

    SmackDown could use another team or two, and the duo of Otis and Gable can help with that, especially with the chemistry they're bound to have together. They can also be booked as a serious act given their respective backgrounds in amateur wrestling, but that part remains to be seen.

How AEW Benefits from the Long-Awaited Return of Pac

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    Exactly eight months removed from his last appearance on AEW Dynamite, Pac finally returned on Wednesday night and immediately set his sights on Eddie Kingston, who has been pushing for the split of The Lucha Brothers in recent weeks.

    Before the current circumstances caused Pac to sit at home unable to travel, he was in the midst of building up an exciting new stable consisting of himself, Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero M called The Death Triangle. They were on the verge of taking the show by storm when they were forced to abruptly break up.

    Death Triangle should pick right up where they left off, but that's only if Pac can undo the damage done by Kingston and get the brothers back on the same page. Either way, the return of a former NXT and WWE Cruiserweight champion to AEW can't be seen as anything but a positive for the program.

    Following a disappointing All Out pay-per-view back in September, AEW has done an excellent job of creating compelling storylines and making new stars out of Kingston, Ricky Starks and others. Due to his time spent in WWE, Pac is a notable name who isn't likely to get lost in the shuffle and should continue to bring new eyes to the product.

    Earlier this year, Pac was having terrific performances against the likes of Orange Cassidy, Kenny Omega and Adam Page. The matches he can now have with Jon Moxley, Kingston, Cody Rhodes and others are worth looking forward to as well.

    AEW's roster is incredibly stacked at the moment, and Pac's comeback is bound to make the show even more must-see than it already is.

Capitalizing on Leon Ruff's Surprise NXT North American Championship Victory

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    One of the biggest upsets in NXT history went down this week when newcomer Leon Ruff shockingly defeated Johnny Gargano to capture the NXT North American Championship.

    Ruff has been all over WWE programming this year in an enhancement role. He's lost to the likes of Aleister Black, Tommaso Ciampa, Karrion Kross and Sheamus and has always looked great in defeat.

    His huge title win made for an amazing moment Wednesday night, but it won't be remembered as anything more than that unless NXT fully capitalizes on it. Gargano's weeklong title run won't harm him as long as there's a plan in place for him as well, but if he were to quickly regain the gold, then Ruff's upset victory would have been for nothing.

    Instead, Ruff must hold on to the title at least for a few months. By barely beating his upcoming challengers, he can slowly build credibility in the eyes of the audience and be what Mikey Whipwreck once was to ECW back in the day.

    As enjoyable as NXT's weekly product is from week to week, the brand could use a few fresh faces in the mix with Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, Velveteen Dream and Undisputed Era having been there for so long.

    Ruff came across like comedic relief while celebrating his title win with Damian Priest on Wednesday night, but making a joke out of the title would absolutely be the wrong direction to go in.

Why Drew McIntyre Must Defeat Randy Orton to Win Back the WWE Title on Raw

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    It's rare that the WWE Championship is defended on Raw nowadays, which helps make those title matches when they do happen that much more special. When the gold is up for grabs this coming Monday night, Drew McIntyre should beat Randy Orton to become a two-time champ.

    Granted, Orton won the title only a few short weeks ago at Hell in a Cell, but it was the wrong call for him to capture the championship in the first place. There aren't many compelling babyfaces Orton can defend against right now, and McIntyre regaining the title would fix that problem.

    Furthermore, whoever the WWE champion is come Survivor Series is set to battle universal champion Roman Reigns in the main event. Reigns has faced and beaten both men before, but the dynamic would be much stronger with Reigns and McIntyre than it would be with Reigns and Orton.

    That was pretty apparent on Friday's SmackDown when McIntyre appeared on the show and teased a showdown with Reigns. They have history from last year's WrestleMania as well as from when McIntyre eliminated Reigns to win the Royal Rumble back in January, so there's still unfinished business there.

    The most likely scenario will see The Fiend crash the contest and plant the seeds for a Triple Threat title clash at TLC, thus keeping the title on Orton for a little while longer. However, Reigns vs. McIntyre is a better bout on paper and a championship changing hands in the main event of Raw would give the show a sense of excitement it's lacked in 2020.


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