IMPACT Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades and Highlights from October 27

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistOctober 28, 2020

IMPACT Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades and Highlights from October 27

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The unholy wedding between Rosemary and John E Bravo provided the October 27 episode of Impact Wrestling a classic whodunnit to close out the night, an ode to Clue if you will.

    The unpredictable conclusion of the nuptials, months in the making, capped off a rapid-fire show that set up future programs and started with an unannounced world title match.

    What went down on Tuesday's broadcast and what repercussions will it have on the company's creative well into the foreseeable future?

    Find out now with this recap of the AXS TV broadcast.

An Impromptu Impact World Championship Match Kicks Off The Show

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    A wild, chaotic start to Tuesday's Impact Wrestling saw Eric Young attack new world champion Rich Swann backstage. A brawl between the two spilled into the arena, where they traded control of the fight.

    Young sent Swann face-first into the steel steps while Madison Rayne and Josh Mathews questioned whether losing had awakened an even nastier side of The World Class Maniac.

    Swann turned the tide in his favor with a superkick, but Young crotched him on the top rope.

    Referees, security and Impact Executive Vice President Scott D'Amore broke up the proceedings. Young demanded his rematch, and despite hesitation by the authority figure, Swann ordered the rematch to begin right now!

    The bell rang, and Swann teed off on the former champion. He dodged a top-rope headbutt and uncorked a series of kicks. A somersault splash followed for two. Young answered with a powerbomb for his own near-fall.

    Swann delivered a handspring cutter, and the Phoenix Splash followed for the successful title defense.



    Swann defeated Young






    What a high-energy, high-stakes way to kick off the first episode of the new Impact Wrestling year.

    Swann was the gutsy champion who put up his title under less-than-stellar circumstances and still managed to pull off the successful title defense.

    The heel got his comeuppance, his plan foiled, and now he will be forced to scratch and claw (and, perhaps, descend further into the unpredictable) as he seeks to regain his gold.

    A great start to the broadcast.

Hardcore Halloween Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Myers

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The feud between Tommy Dreamer and "The Most Professional Wrestler" Brian Myers culminated Tuesday in a Hardcore Halloween match.

    Dreamer blasted Myers with a walker across the back, and the heel responded with a trash can to the face for a near-fall.

    Back in the ring, Myers controlled the battle, driving the Innovator of Violence face-first into a kendo stick. Myers added insult to injury, spitting apples into his opponent's face. He retrieved a steel chair from under the ring and blasted Dreamer in the midsection with it.

    Myers worked a headlock, looking to sap the life out of his veteran opponent. Dreamer fought out, unloaded a few hard jabs to the face and dropped him with a neckbreaker for two. He followed with a street sign across the back before emptying thumbtacks and candy corn all over the mat.

    The fight headed to the top rope, where Myers rocked Dreamer and set him up for a superplex. Dreamer blocked and sent Myers back-first into the mess of sweets and savagery. Dreamer pulled a table from under the ring and set it up in the corner.

    Myers rocked him with a clothesline that drove Dreamer into the thumbtacks. From out of a trash can, Swoggle emerged and went low with a pair of barbecue tongs. Dreamer delivered a Dreamer Driver through the table for the win.



    Dreamer defeated Myers






    He may be in the twilight of his in-ring career, but Dreamer is still a master of these fun, inconsequential hardcore matches that allow him to express his hardcore creativity.

    Myers was great as the antagonist, and Swoggle appearing was a nice follow-up to Bound for Glory, where the heel eliminated his best friend.

    Dreamer going over was the right call, while Myers loses nothing in defeat because it took so many different things to cost him the match.

The Rascalz vs. XXXL

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The Rascalz's Wentz and Dez looked to rebound from their loss to The Deaners on Saturday at Bound for Glory, attacking XXXL's Acey Romero and Larry D from the opening bell. The super heavyweights recovered and seized control of the bout, working over Wentz.

    They continued their punishing onslaught until Wentz caught Romero with a big knee and tagged Dez into the match. The smallest competitor in the bout unloaded with a lightning-quick offensive until action broke down and all four executed trademark spots.

    With Dez down, Larry D scaled the ropes, only for Wentz to catch him up top. Dez joined for a teased superplex, but Romero stopped it and wiped out Wentz. A uranage to Dez and splash from Larry D earned XXXL a monumental victory in its journey to the tag titles.



    XXXL defeated The Rascalz






    For two polar-opposite teams, they certainly have strong in-ring chemistry. We saw it back at Victory Road when they kicked off the night's proceedings and again here.

    Larry D and Romero may not look like the most adept in-ring performers at first glance, but they have impressed when forced to keep up with the smaller, faster teams in the division. They looked like a much more well-oiled team than even six months ago and could prove to be a quality heel act in a loaded tag team division.

    After the match, Romero and Larry D interrupted a promo by the Motor City Machine Guns and then attacked the former tag team champions. The beating left Alex Shelley lying and a new rivalry seemingly underway.

Su Yung Answers Deonna Purrazzo's Legal Threats

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    After incurring legal threats from attorney RD Evans, Impact EVP Scott D'Amore made his way to the ring to address the controversy surrounding Su Yung, Deonna Purrazzo and the Knockouts Championship.

    He reiterated his position that Yung is the rightful champion, to which Evans, Purrazzo and Kimber Lee balked as they made their way to the ring. Evans continued to threaten legal action and even hinted that Kylie Rae's absence may have been due to the actions of Yung.

    D'Amore told Purrazzo they could get everything tied up in court and spend years fighting it, or The Virtuosa can step up, be a wrestler and regain the title in the contractually obligated rematch.

    Purrazzo accepted the terms just in time for Yung to appear and wipe out everyone, concluding with a Mandible Claw to the former champion. She stood tall to close out the segment.






    Purrazzo's character is the type to threaten legal action, using the courts to get back something she rightfully lost rather than putting in the work to regain it, so that element of the segment worked.

    Su Yung's arrival allowed fans to get a glimpse of the new champion and put her over as an unstoppable force. That she misted D'Amore in the face also highlights the fact that she is equally as dangerous to the heels as she is the babyfaces.

    An effective segment that hyped the eventual rematch, this continued the recent strong work from the women's division.

Swann's Parade of Challengers and The North infuriates The Good Brothers

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Backstage, The Rascalz and Willie Mack congratulated Rich Swann on his successful Impact World Championship defense when Moose interrupted. He called Swann a No. 2 because he, the TNA champion, is the top dog in Impact.

    Moose talked trash to Mack, hinting at a future showdown between them.

    Elsewhere, Swann encountered Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock as the parade of potential challengers continued.

    Later, The North was backstage telling stories to the security team when The Good Brothers interrupted. A brawl between the two teams broke out, broken up by the same audience Ethan Page and Josh Alexander had been pontificating to.

    Finally, Jimmy Jacobs accidentally walked in on a "party" for X-Division champion Rohit Raju, the only person besides the titleholder in the room. Jacobs reminded Raju that TJP had the match won Saturday night until the champion stole the win. Raju kicked him out, opting for a party of one.





    In a series of vignettes, Impact foreshadowed the challengers to Swann's title, planted the seeds for The North vs. The Good Brothers and continued to present Raju as the champion everyone hates.

    It was an incredibly effective use of television time, neither of the pretaped bits overstaying their welcome. Impact is so good at this that it is almost astonishing that other, higher-profile companies do not replicate it to the same success.

Jordynne Grace and Alisha Edwards vs. Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The result of a backstage confrontation, Jordynne Grace reluctantly teamed with Alisha Edwards to battle the loudmouth duo of Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan as Impact Wrestling continued to put over the return of the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

    Grace sent Steelz to the floor and set up for the dive, but Edwards stopped her, rolling her opponent back into the ring instead.

    Hogan tagged in and demanded to fight Edwards. The fiery underdog babyface unloaded on Hogan with a flurry of hard rights, followed by a few forearms that rocked the heel. Grace and Edwards capitalized on a distracted referee to deliver a double-team splash.

    The official missed Edwards' tag to Grace, though, allowing Hogan to blast Alisha with a superkick and seize control for her team. Edwards recovered and delivered the Flatliner but could not score a three-count. A big spinebuster by Steelz followed, but Edwards fought back with a bulldog and tagged Grace into the match.

    Thicc Mama Pump exploded into the match and overpowered the competition. A late-match miscommunication by the babyface team, though, allowed Steelz to score a roll-up on Edwards for the win.



    Steelz and Hogan defeated Grace and Edwards






    This was a surprisingly solid match for something thrown together as a result of a backstage encounter.

    The story of Grace and Edwards' lack of chemistry as a team was well done and factored into the finish. It was nice to see a thrown-together team not illogically defeat the established team, thus robbing it of its credibility.

    Steelz and Hogan are so young and full of potential that it was nice to see them score a big win ahead of the tag title tournament. Hopefully, they are a team in strong consideration to win the gold at Hard to Kill.

The Wedding Between John E Bravo and Rosemary

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    In a segment built for months, John E Bravo joined Rosemary in the ring for a grand wedding, officiated by Father James Mitchell.

    The Sinister Minister asked if anyone has just cause why they should not be married. No one stepped up. "Well, you dodged that trope," he said in a nod to the all-too-overused angle.

    Bravo recited his vows, and Rosemary hers, as Mitchell appeared in awe that the proceedings had not yet been interrupted.

    Just as Mitchell permitted Bravo to kiss his demon bride, the arena went dark and a bang was heard. When the lights came back on, Bravo laid unconscious in the ring, blood on his chest.

    Tommy Dreamer knelt down and heartbrokenly asked, "Who shot Bravo?" before unleashing a guttural "noooooooooo!"






    Anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention to this story had to expect over-the-top fun and nonsense. They got it here. From the costumed wedding guests to the reemergence of James Mitchell from another dimension, right down to the classic TV whodunnit, this was delightfully absurd and everything you could have hoped for.

    There will be some who question whether the "Who shot Bravo?" story is in bad taste, but there was no gun, there was no evidence that he actually was shot and it was vague enough to give the impression that it could have been literally anything that caused the outcome.

    In a storyline this outlandish, it falls in line and gives fans a reason to tune in next week to see exactly what happened.

    Impact is a company with a variety of stories, angles, wrestlers and characters. It is that variety that makes it such an enjoyable show to watch. This fell right in line with it and never felt like it was being sold to us as a super-serious angle, right down to Dreamer's outlandish scream of denial.