IMPACT Wrestling Emergence Results: Winners, Grades and Highlights from Day 2

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistAugust 26, 2020

IMPACT Wrestling Emergence Results: Winners, Grades and Highlights from Day 2

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    History was made Tuesday night on AXS TV as reigning and defending Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo defended against Jordynne Grace in a 30-Minute Iron Man match, the main event of Impact Wrestling's Emergence, Night 2.

    It was not the only title match on the broadcast, though, as Impact World champion Eddie Edwards continued to make good on his promise to defend his title every week against a new opponent.

    Who stepped up and challenged the heart and soul of Impact Wrestling? Which woman emerged from the first-ever match of its kind as the champion and face of the Knockouts division?

    Find out now with this recap of the August 25 show.

Impact World Championship Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Rob Van Dam

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Accompanied by Katie Forbes, Rob Van Dam kicked off this night's show by becoming the latest Impact star to challenge Eddie Edwards for the company's world championship.

    Van Dam benefited from the interference of his main squeeze throughout the match and, late, had Edwards in position for the Five-Star Frog Splash.

    Edwards rolled out of the way and blasted his challenger with the Boston Knee Party for the pinfall victory.

    After the match, Eric Young attacked Edwards and announced that next week, the two of them will battle for the title. "On my time!" he repeatedly exclaimed before reminding the viewing audience of his prophetic words from a few weeks back, when he said the fate of the title runs through him.



    Edwards defeated Van Dam






    This lacked the spark you would hope for from a match with stars of this magnitude.

    Van Dam is understandably a step or two slower at this point in his career, but still, this never got out of first gear. And maybe it was never meant to.

    It kept RVD and Forbes on television at a time when they are embroiled in a rivalry with Sami Callihan and continued Edwards' open-challenge series, but it was really about Young attacking to set up next week's match.

    In that regard, it worked and put EY over as a very real threat to emerge from next Tuesday's show with the top prize in Impact Wrestling.

'Wrestle House'...and the Toga Party?

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    A toga party in this week's "Wrestle House" gave way to a disagreement between Johnny Swinger and Crazzy Steve that ended with Tommy Dreamer declaring MATCH TIME(!) in the form of a Blindfold match.

    After a few throwbacks to the Jake Roberts-Rick Martel match of the same kind at WrestleMania VII, Steve rolled up Swinger for the win.

    As a result, Swinger will have to dress like the former circus clown next week.

    Later, Rosemary appeared for her date with XXXL's Larry D. Dreamer implored John E Bravo not to let his dream girl go out with another guy. After Bravo confronted the big man, Dreamer made a match between them.

    After Larry D picked up the win, Bravo revealed to Taya Valkyrie that he has feelings for Rosemary. This sparked a challenge from Valkyrie for a Winner Takes All match on next week's "Wrestle House."



    Crazzy Steve defeated Johnny Swinger

    Larry D defeated Bravo






    Swinger is a hidden gem in today's wrestling world, and it is highly recommended that you seek out his work. He elevated what was otherwise a "Wrestle House" that flirted with the fine line between fun and too funny.

    It stepped over that line, and the result was an edition that did not hit quite as strong as previous episodes have.

    The stuff with Bravo and Rosemary continued that particular storyline and helped this week's episode finish stronger than it started.

Eddie Edwards Calls Out Eric Young

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Edwards returned to the ring and called out Young, demanding they don't wait until next week.

    Young made his way onto the stage and said the Impact World champion is playing checkers while he is playing chess. Young said everything he has done has been by design and that the title opportunity waits until next week.

    Just as he planned.

    A brawl between the two broke out, and referees and security rushed the ringside area to break things up.

    During the melee, Edwards shoved Impact Vice President Scott D'Amore to the ground before the competitors were finally separated.






    Edwards and Young have developed quite the intense rivalry over the last month, and a championship clash between them is as big a match as Impact has to offer right now, making next week's show must-see.

    This was the perfect sampler for that title match and a peek inside the mind of Young, who continues to insist that he is a step or two ahead of Edwards.

    Whether that means the World Class Maniac takes the title from Edwards or the match ends in some sort of screw finish to necessitate a rematch remains to be seen, but fans should expect a badass brawl of a match at the top of next week's card.

Why Did EC3 Steal the TNA World Championship?

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Following the latest edition of Madison Rayne's "Locker Room Talk" with The Rascalz, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton and a warning from Sami Callihan to Rob Van Dam, a prerecorded message from EC3 aired.

    A week after absconding with the TNA Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, EC3 recalled his win over Kurt Angle in 2015 for that very title and the fact that it was the last time he was happy. He admitted that as long as that championship existed, it was a reminder of his misery and angst.

    "I have to let go of it. I have to destroy the TNA Wrestling Heavyweight Championship."

    He invited Moose to the destruction of the title.

    "Destroying this the only way I'll ever be free," he said.






    In a short couple of video packages, Impact accomplished a bunch.

    First, it set up a potential showdown between The Rascalz and Austin and Fulton. Then, it furthered the rivalry between Callihan and RVD, the former taking credit for being in Mr. PPV's head during his match earlier in the show with Eddie Edwards.

    Finally, it provided not only the motivation for EC3 stealing the TNA title from Moose but also the justification for targeting the former NFL star in the first place.

    Little things like this are extremely effective and can mean as much to storytelling as a long, drawn-out promo the likes of which we routinely see Monday and Friday nights in McMahonland.

Willie Mack vs. Brian Myers

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The product of a backstage pull-apart last week, Willie Mack battled Brian Myers in the night's next match.

    Myers overcame the power advantage of his opponent early, cutting him off on multiple occasions and grounding him. A big Sky High by Mack created separation and provided him the opportunity to fight his way back into the match.

    A big leg drop and standing moonsault from Mack was not enough to put Myers away, and the former WWE tag team champion stole the win with a roll-up while holding the tights.



    Myers defeated Mack






    This was just a good, hard-fought wrestling match.

    There was nothing particularly dazzling, just two guys who wanted to win battling for the right to have their arm raised in victory.

    Myers calling himself the "Most Professional Wrestler" and then cheating to pick up the win was a great touch and puts over his status as a heel willing to do whatever he must in order to achieve the win.

    The finish also suggests the rivalry is only beginning. Judging by the strength of this match, that is a good thing for all involved.

30-Minute Ironman Match for the Knockouts Championship

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The rivalry between Jordynne Grace and Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo culminated Tuesday night in the historic first-ever Knockouts 30-Minute Ironman match. The woman with the most falls over the course of a half-hour would leave this week's show with the coveted title.

    The first half of the match saw Grace outwrestle The Virtuosa early, only for Purrazzo to seize control by targeting the previously injured left arm of her opponent. Neither woman could score the elusive fall over her opponent, though.

    With under 10 minutes to go, Purrazzo continued to target the arm of her opponent, undoubtedly looking for her trademark Fujiwara armbar. The resilient Grace, though, fought off her opponent. She stunned the champion with a palm strike and delivered a superplex.

    Consecutive sentons nearly earned Grace the first fall of the match, but Purrazzo kicked out at two.

    Grace wrapped her body around the champion, applying a sleeper and trapping her in a leg scissors. The referee checked the arm and awarded Grace the first fall of the match. Grace leads 1-0.

    Purrazzo dropped the challenger with a knee and applied a submission of her own, but Grace made the ropes to force the break. The enraged and frustrated champion stomped away at Grace. Purrazzo fought out of a Grace Drive and pulled the referee in front of the charging challenger.

    Grace nearly went up 2-0 with the Grace Driver, but the referee could not count. Purrazzo blasted Grace with the title for the pinfall. Purrazzo ties Grace 1-1.

    A sense of urgency set in as the match neared its conclusion. Purrazzo delivered a German suplex and applied the armbar, forcing a tapout with five seconds left to win the match. Purrazzo wins 2-1.



    Purrazzo defeated Grace to retain






    This was another excellent match between these two.

    Purrazzo was the consummate match technician, manipulating the arm and hand joints of her opponent in an attempt to set up her armbar finisher, while Grace fought fire with fire and scored a submission of her own.

    Then, like any egotistical heel who thinks they are God's gift to wrestling only to find out their opponent is every bit as good (if not better), Purrazzo resorted to underhanded tactics to ensure her title reign continued.

    Grace has a very real argument for being champion, Purrazzo can continue to brag about being the best and a third match between the two can steal whatever show it appears on.

    A great main event worth the hype that preceded it.