Who Else Besides Goldberg? Matt Riddle Feuds We Want to See on WWE Main Roster

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistMay 30, 2020

Who Else Besides Goldberg? Matt Riddle Feuds We Want to See on WWE Main Roster

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    WWE was only going to be able to contain a star like Matt Riddle on NXT for so long. 

    All signs point to Riddle making his debut on SmackDown soon, especially after the May 29 broadcast featured an announcement from Kurt Angle and a video package confirming things for a later date. 

    Naturally, it's time to start thinking about feuds we'd like to see Riddle involved in now and down the road. Some are obvious, and some could make for a fun time while WWE potentially introduces Riddle to a much bigger viewership. 

    While WWE might feed a few lesser-known stars to Riddle at first to build him up, these are the main-roster feuds we want to see once he's established and ready to start dancing with the biggest names of all. 

Dolph Ziggler

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    Once Riddle is free of his first few fights and established as a threat, it's time to call up the big gun—Dolph Ziggler. 

    Ziggler is the guy WWE calls on to make his opponents look like a million bucks. He's the best seller in the business by a mile and would easily make Riddle look like the most lethal threat to enter the ring in a long time. 

    And sure, the two could get technical on the mat, too. But this is more about making sure Riddle has a reputation for an almost Aleister Black-level of lethality when it comes to striking, if not taking punishment. 

    As an added bonus, Ziggler can light the mic on fire. This feud could cover a broad range of spectrums, with some comedy mixed into what would surely become a bitter rivalry. 

Daniel Bryan

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    Speaking of fun, technical wrestlers who can also throw out some wicked strikes: How about Daniel Bryan? 

    Bryan might be one of the most versatile figures in WWE history. He can get on the mat and put on a five-star show. He can chop and kick up an opponent while bloodying their chest. He can pull off unforgettable comebacks against imposing monsters like Brock Lesnar. And he can be one of the most beloved underdogs ever or make an audience hate him on a dime. 

    That sure sounds like a good time against someone like Riddle. Maybe it's a fun-and-games feud. Or maybe it's Bryan taking issue with his arrival and getting into the villain routine again, furthering fan support behind Riddle. 

    Either way, it's bound to be money. Working with Bryan is just big for anyone's career, and Riddle wouldn't be an exception. 

AJ Styles

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    Styles is back to run the blue brand, and it's only right—especially if he's sticking to a heel role—he'd take offense to a new big name starting to run wild all over his roster. 

    By far the best wrestler on the planet, Styles is the sort of talent who would squeak out A+ matches from Riddle on a nightly basis. 

    And clearly this is a requirement: This one would also be way too much fun on the mic. Depending on the character Styles is playing, he'd be hilarious by taking offense to Riddle's mere existence. 

    Funny moments or not as a pre-match build on a likely major pay-per-view, there wouldn't be much amusing about how violent this match could get. It probably wouldn't be a passing-of-the-torch thing by any means, but if there isn't a title involved, there could be shortly after for Riddle. 


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    This is the big one. 

    And it isn't just a one-off encounter for a regular broadcast. It really isn't worth anything but a WrestleMania spot. 

    WWE, if not the guys involved, has already done a really good job of blurring the lines on this one. Riddle has repeatedly criticized Goldberg's recent matches on social media. Goldberg isn't a Riddle fan. And the two actually had an awkward, maybe-real backstage encounter that WWE was more than happy to show fans. 

    Some of the best feuds in wrestling history have worked in real-life beef. And if that's really the case here, there's no reason not to get the rising star and legend in the ring together. The promos would be passionate and build the match well, even if the match itself probably airs on the short-and-sweet side. 

    Granted, Goldberg's last few trips into the ring haven't been the most memorable. But Riddle's got match-carrying potential of his own, and it doesn't have to be complicated—the two don't like each other and will get violent. 

    While it probably wouldn't be passing-of-the-torch material, either, it's a perfect one-off for a part-timer like Goldberg and a massive launching pad for Riddle.