How WWE Can Revive 24/7 Championship Gimmick 1 Year After Debut

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistMay 27, 2020

How WWE Can Revive 24/7 Championship Gimmick 1 Year After Debut

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    WWE potentially has something special on its hands with the 24/7 Championship gimmick. 


    At times, the interesting title that so fits today's modern world and was introduced by Mick Foley merely feels like an afterthought. NASCAR drivers have won it in promotional events, Santa Claus won it and now famed NFL player Rob Gronkowski has his paws on it. 

    But like anything else under the WWE umbrella, there is always a way to take something off the backburner, shove it into the spotlight and have fans invested. 

    Here are a few ways WWE can get the 24/7 Championship back on track. 

Keep It Creative Outside WWE

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    If WWE insists on making the 24/7 title change hands away from actual programming, it needs to do so smartly. 

    Key word there being smartly as, say, sports commentator Rob Stone winning the title wasn't so exciting. 

    Keeping the title to higher-profile people in the wider sports world would make sense. Rob Gronkowski is a good start. And while the NFL probably won't play ball on working in a title change during proceedings there, his losing it to a WWE Superstar in a locker room or on a field could work. 

    Otherwise, outside-WWE moments shouldn't be crafted solely for social media shares. Yes, the above video did 1.8 million views, but in the grand scheme, it's hard to imagine it is earning WWE any new viewers anyway. Getting the already-established audience invested in the belt again might make more sense. 

Learn Lessons from the Past Few Months

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    The last few months are a good example as to why nothing is really ever dead in the water in WWE. 

    WWE, tasked with staging audience-less shows, has put on some unforgettable moments at a few different stops. This includes even at WrestleMania 36, where pre-taped matches featuring Undertaker, John Cena and others will go down as classics. 

    Now it's time to apply those lessons. 

    The 24/7 title is just built for these sorts of pre-taped matches. High production values on fights where the belt is at stake will draw longtime fans no matter what. This doesn't have to include part-time performers and legends—but why not?

    Regardless of the participants, WWE has a new angle with production values it didn't in the past. Pre-taped matches should now be a staple of programming, and some of the quality we've seen lately feels like it would marry oh-so-well with the 24/7 title. 

Use It to Boost Stars

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    The gaudy list of names to win the 24/7 title so far feels like a ho-hum list of undercard shenanigans. 

    Make no mistake: R-Truth has been downright superb in his role for what should really probably be called the R-Truth belt. 

    But it could be so much more. 

    The likes of EC3, Drake Maverick and Mojo Rawley didn't need the belt. Why not throw it on a serious threat like Erick Rowan when he was doing that silly mysterious cage gimmick? Or give it to an Aleister Black considering he's always looking for a fight? Heck, let one half of a tag team win it and really create some drama between the partners. A deep women's roster couldn't hurt to have the belt changing hands and propping up some deserving names like Ruby Riott, either. 

    While it's worth worrying about whether doing this would dilute the championship pool as it is, WWE has an embarrassingly deep roster. Letting some lesser-known names gain more exposure to casual and potential fans by going after the 24/7 belt at any time and anywhere would help all involved and likely the title, too. 

Keep It Competitive in WWE

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    Based on name-dropping Superstars like Aleister Black and Ruby Riott, it's easy to see where this is going. 

    Superstars have to treat the 24/7 title seriously for fans to take it seriously. Right now it feels more like the small-package/roll-up title than an actual championship. 

    That doesn't 100 percent mean throw it up for grabs in sanctioned matches, but having a powerhouse Superstar win it just because they can and then putting it on the line in weekly challenges couldn't hurt.

    Imagine a brutal match for the title and, after the winner emerges, more Superstars come out and try to steal it from the exhausted star—there could be a cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase vibe there. 

    But WWE has to want the 24/7 belt to be more than a promotional tool and something that moves the needle on social media. The potential is there if it's treated like a normal title, as no other championship offers as much versatility and creativity to captivate audiences. 


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