Ranking the Greatest WWE, WCW Video Games of All Time

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistMay 17, 2020

Ranking the Greatest WWE, WCW Video Games of All Time

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    In a time of quarantine because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, wrestling fans are pulling out their old video game consoles and taking a trip down memory lane.

    With the return of N64 cartridges and PlayStation discs, there is a reinvigorated battle about which wrestling games reigned supreme. From WWF No Mercy to WCW/nWo Revenge, the war has raged for years.

    For the sake of this list, non-WWE/WCW games will be excluded, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great. If looking for games outside the two biggest companies, check out Fire Pro Wrestling World and Def Jam: Fight for NY.

    Here are the top five WWE/WCW video games of all time and a few honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

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    WWF WrestleMania 2000/WCW vs. nWo: World Tour

    Both Nintendo 64 classics have other games in their respective series that made the top five, but they still deserve to be mentioned. The wrestling games on the N64 revolutionized the genre, and these are two of the biggest reasons.


    SmackDown vs. Raw 2007

    The best of the Smackdown vs. Raw series, the 2007 edition introduced new features such as an analog control system, interactive hotspots and fighting into the crowd. The enhanced graphics also played a major part in the game's success.

5. WWE 2K14

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    Despite the general perception that wrestling video games aren't as good anymore, it wasn't that long ago that gamers were treated to an instant classic with WWE 2K14.

    As the first game in the WWE 2K series, Yuke's and 2K Sports took what was a lackluster WWE '13 game and turned it into a smooth-playing simulation that felt more like the WWE SmackDown! series than anything done in recent years.

    With an expanded creation suite that offered wrestling fans the chance to fine-tune wrestlers who weren't included on the already deep roster, as well as story modes such as 30 Years of WrestleMania and The Streak, this game has etched its place in history as an all-time great.

4. WWE All Stars

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    A true departure from what wrestling video games fans had come to expect from the SmackDown vs. Raw series, WWE All Stars' release in 2011 gave the genre arcade-style gameplay and over-the-top animation.

    With a vintage look that still showcased elite graphics for the time, WWE All Stars combined elements of fighting and wrestling games to present wrestlers and their moves in a way never seen before.

    Another reason the game became so popular with gamers was the roster, which featured the most popular Superstars of the time and wrestlers from the past, including Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper, Randy Savage, Legion of Doom and more.

3. WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain

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    Released in 2003 on PlayStation 2, WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain helped transport fans to the next step in the evolution of wrestling video games.

    The best of the SmackDown! games from Yuke's, Here Comes The Pain brought a new grappling system that featured body damage displays and submission meters. With a depth of match types and the ability to stack tables and throw weapons, it became an instant classic.

    The gameplay and added in-game features helped make Here Comes The Pain memorable, but it was the roster that put it over the top. In addition to a roster of over 50 Superstars, the game introduced legends into the mix, creating many dream matches and endless hours of fun.

2. WWF No Mercy

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    Gamers may be stunned to see WWF No Mercy for the Nintendo 64 not in the top spot, but No. 2 is exactly where it belongs.

    For the most part, No Mercy was just WCW/nWo Revenge with a WWF roster, but it did make several improvements over its AKI predecessor, including the single-player Championship Mode.

    With a deep roster and a grappling system that made the game easy enough to enjoy, yet challenging enough to force you to play it for hours, No Mercy is one of the best-selling Nintendo 64 games of all time.

1. WCW/nWo Revenge

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    Diehard WWE fans will tell you No Mercy for Nintendo 64 is the best wrestling game of all time, but leave it to fans of Vince McMahon's company to sell you revisionist history.

    WCW/nWo Revenge was one of the best-selling Nintendo 64 games of all time and featured expanded and customized move sets, the first-ever realistic arenas (like Halloween Havoc) and the deepest roster of the time.

    Add in AKI's revolutionary grappling system, improved graphics and the fact that the game came out one year before No Mercy, and WCW/nWo Revenge had the most significant impact on the wrestling video game genre.


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