The Real Winners and Losers from 2020 WWE Money in the Bank

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistMay 11, 2020

The Real Winners and Losers from 2020 WWE Money in the Bank

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    Money in the Bank has always been a vital show on the WWE calendar. Talent can rise and fall purely based on whether they have a good showing at this event. Following WrestleMania 36, it was a chance for stars to establish themselves in a new WWE season.

    Many interesting stars emerged from the night while others fell short. The action was fast and memorable in its own way, driven by the work of the performers involved.

    The men's Money in the Bank ladder match went in many different directions. After the appearance of Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis and even Doink the Clown, Otis stumbled into capturing the briefcase as it fell from the hands of AJ Styles.

    On the women's side, Asuka overcame the field to pull down the case. It was a rushed finish that did not help most entrants, but it certainly worked to make Dana Brooke look bad as she was repeatedly embarrassed.

    Lucha House Party tried to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Championships but fell short against New Day alongside the better highlighted teams of The Miz and John Morrison as well as The Forgotten Sons.

    Tamina showed why she may still have a story to tell at this point in her career. She lost to Bayley but only by crucifix pin, setting her up as a potential future challenger after a great performance.

    Sunday night was loaded with winners and losers, but no one knew exactly what to make of the chaos.

Winner: Otis

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    At the end of the men's Money in the Bank ladder match, King Corbin was standing on a ladder with AJ Styles.

    The Lone Wolf had thrown Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black off the side, leaving the two remaining men a clear path. The Phenomenal One wrestled away the briefcase but fumbled it. It fell into the hands of Otis to win.

    This was a shocking move by WWE that comes off as a potential knee-jerk reaction to the positive reaction for The Heavy Machinery star's successful storyline with Mandy Rose. It is possible Otis will lose the case or his guaranteed title match, but the company has decided to go with the big man in some capacity.

    No matter what, his stock has risen massively in the past few months. He went from a comedic tag team performer to a huge part of weekly television on SmackDown. Now, he is in line for a shot at becoming the universal champion.

    It should be fun to see what Otis can do against Braun Strowman. While The Monster Among Men will likely continue his feud with Bray Wyatt for the moment, the two big men could have some fun in a fast-paced battle of strength and power.

Losers: Lucha House Party

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    The New Day put their newly won SmackDown Tag Team Championships on the line against The Miz and John Morrison, The Forgotten Sons and Lucha House Party.

    And after a valiant effort from all teams involved, Gran Metalik fell to the Big Ending from Big E.

    This was an important moment for Metalik and Lince Dorado, but it is likely they will disappear into the background after this. Taking the pinfall takes them out of title contention completely when they needed the spotlight far more than Miz and Morrison.

    Lucha House Party remains the most awkwardly used team in WWE. Including Kalisto, this is a trio of talent that rivals some of the best the company has seen, but they are repeatedly wasted.

    Metalik and Dorado could be having great matches with The New Day, and it's a shame the luchadors will never be considered big enough for that moment.

Winner: Tamina

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    Bayley struggled against the power of Tamina in their SmackDown Women's Championship match.

    The veteran had the titleholder running throughout, showing her power even with the repeated interference of Sasha Banks. However, The Role Model managed to turn a Samoan drop into a crucifix pin for the win.

    Tamina had a good showing here. Beyond a few sloppy spots, which are expected from a woman who has had multiple leg surgeries, this contest worked well with its attention on strong pacing. The veteran put her full focus into making this the biggest performance of her career.

    It was far down on the list of Bayley's best matches, but it was the best of Tamina's career. This run feels like the final hurrah of her career, but she is making the most of it and elevating her middling career.

    She may have lost, but it is still possible she could end this story with a title victory. It is a matter of who paid attention to this performance.

    Tamina has been with WWE too long not to get at least one legacy reign given her recent efforts.

Loser: Dana Brooke

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    Dana Brooke seemed to repeatedly misunderstand the women's Money in the Bank ladder match.

    She found a briefcase in a WWE boardroom and thought she had won, only for Stephanie McMahon to point out she hadn't. She then slipped on a wet floor following the rest of the field and never got back into the match.

    Brooke was the obvious underdog in this contest and could have been far better used throughout the contest. Instead, she was the comic relief at a time when she could have benefited from a more serious spotlight.

    Few wrestlers on the roster have had a more awkward run than Brooke in WWE. She found her groove in spite of the company, which refused to use her. She made a name for herself with incredible athleticism that amounted to nothing in the actual match.

    It was more important in this contest to have random cameos and comedic segments than create any sense of real stakes or emotional impact.

    At the end of the night, the whole match felt rush and awkwardly produced, but no one suffered for that more than Brooke.

Winner: Asuka

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    Nia Jax, Lacey Evans and Asuka were the only ones to make it to the top of WWE Headquarters.

    While Jax dominated one-on-one, The Empress of Tomorrow managed to take her out as well as knocking King Corbin out of the way to becomes Mrs. Money in the Bank.

    Asuka is arguably the best female wrestler in the world. The argument has been made at many points in her WWE career, and she has never done anything to dissuade more people from disagreeing.

    However, her usage on Raw and SmackDown over the years has been awkward. At times, she is treated like a dangerous threat to everyone, but she is also often throw aside for other names, especially Charlotte Flair.

    Given Becky Lynch has defeated Asuka multiple times, it does not make sense for the two to feud again already, but The Empress of Tomorrow can run with the case for a while and lurk in the shadows.

    This is another chance for her to rebrand herself. She can become the biggest star on one of the two brands if the timing is right for her cash-in.