Scott Burrell Says Michael Jordan's Bulls Had Security Assigned to 'Each Person'

Blake SchusterCorrespondent IIIMay 6, 2020

HIGHLAND PARK, IL - OCTOBER 21:  A gate with the number 23 controls access to the home of basketball legend Michael Jordan on October 21, 2013 in Highland Park, Illinois. Twenty-three is the number Jordan wore while playing basketball for the Chicago Bulls. The home which had been offered for sale for $29 million and later dropped to $21 million is scheduled to be sold at auction on November 22. The 32,683-squre-foot home features nine bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a 15-car attached garage and an
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As ESPN's The Last Dance continues to capture audiences worldwide, one of the most entertaining optics has come from witnessing Michael Jordan mess around with his security detail at the United Center before and after games.  

It turns out MJ wasn't the only Chicago Bulls player at the time who had guards with him around the clock. 

According to Scott Burrell, who played with Jordan on the 1997-98 team, each member of the roster had their own security officer assigned to them.

Burrell described it to Jerry Bembry at The Undefeated: 

"In Charlotte, we had a guy who was the security for the team. In Chicago, each person had his own security. It was because we had so much star power that it was like being with a rock band when we traveled. For me, as a young player, it was quite an experience."

Those weren't the only perks that came with playing alongside Jordan. Brad Sellers told Bembry that Jordan would get a police escort from his home in north suburban Highland Park to the United Center 25 miles away. 

Since the drive could take anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours depending on traffic, Jordan's teammates would take advantage of the escort to make sure they got to the arena on time as well.

"We would go out of our way to go by the freeway near his house because the troopers would turn on their lights when Michael got on and lead him along the shoulder," Sellers said. "I'd drive my Chevy Blazer right behind his Corvette on the shoulder."

Becoming a member of Jordan's Bulls meant joining a club most players didn't know existed. By the end, it must have been tough to go back to the norm.