Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at WWE Money in the Bank 2020

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 6, 2020

Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at WWE Money in the Bank 2020

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    WWE Money in the Bank 2020 takes place on Sunday, but unlike WrestleMania, part of this event will happen at WWE Headquarters.

    While some states are beginning to open back up, it could still be weeks or months until WWE is able to operate with fans in attendance.

    Monday's Raw reached a new record low for ratings, so Vince McMahon is probably trying to think of anything he can use to interest the WWE Universe.

    One thing the company likes to fall back on is a simple heel or babyface turn. It gets people talking and often makes a Superstar more relevant in the process.

    Let's look at the most likely turns we could see take place at Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view. 

Sasha Banks

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    Bayley is set to defend the SmackDown women's title against Tamina at the PPV. Surprisingly, Sasha Banks does not have a spot on the card.

    The Boss would have been a favorite to win the MITB match, but since that match will take place in Connecticut, it's possible WWE is keeping her in Florida for a different reason.

    WWE and Banks have teased turning on Bayley a few times in 2020 but so far, the best friends have remained loyal to each other.

    It wouldn't be surprising at all to see Banks stab her friend in the back for the sake of her own career or simple revenge for some perceived slight against her.

    Whatever the reason would be, Banks would be able to pull it off because she has done it before. The Boss is one of the best heels in her division when she wants to be. If WWE feels like Bayley vs. Banks is its best option going forward, we could see The Boss make a surprise appearance on Sunday. 


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    With AOP out of the picture, at least for the time being, Murphy is left as Seth Rollins' own loyal follower. He has taken several beatings on behalf of his savior and he may have reached his limit on Raw.

    Charly Caruso asked Murphy why he has stayed loyal to Rollins on Raw. The Juggernaut gave an answer about them needing each other.

    However, Murphy once again ate a Claymore Kick courtesy of the WWE champion while his so-called Monday Night Messiah watched from the stage.

    A follower can only take so much abuse before they begin to feel like a pawn in somebody else's game. Murphy turning on Rollins to help McIntyre retain the title would allow him and Rollins to have a singles feud that would be guaranteed to produce some great matches. 


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    Carmella and Dana Brooke have been working as tag team partners recently, but both women will have to put that aside when they go head to head during the MITB match. 

    Being willing to fight your partner is one thing, but there is a difference between and honorable fight and a dirty tactic. Mella has been known to employ the latter on several occasions.

    If the Princess of Staten Island feels like winning is more important than friendship, it would make sense for her to sabotage Brooke in some way to hurt her chances of winning.

    While this could happen, it would be a shame if WWE took another team out of the women's tag division so soon after they got together. 

Drew Gulak

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    Ever since Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak became allies, we have all been waiting for one of them to turn on the other. We all know it will happen eventually. It always does with situations like this.

    Bryan is competing in the Money in the Bank match while Gulak was unable to secure a spot for himself. This is enough of a reason for WWE to write a jealousy storyline for them.

    Gulak may feel like he has gotten the short of the stick in this friendship because he keeps taking losses while Bryan has eared title shots. Gulak even helped him get his recent Intercontinental Championship bout against Sami Zayn.

    Gulak costing Bryan the briefcase would set them up to reignite the feud they had before WrestleMania and fight each other through SummerSlam.

    These are two of the most technically proficient wrestlers on the roster. WWE would be foolish not to put them back in the ring as opponents at some point.