Barcelona's Ivan Rakitic Talks Messi, Neymar, FIFA Rating and More in B/R AMA

Gianni Verschueren@ReverschPassFeatured ColumnistFebruary 13, 2020

Ivan Rakitic
Ivan RakiticB/R

Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic spoke to Bleacher Report in an exclusive AMA, explaining what it is like playing with Lionel Messi and how he would love Neymar to return to the team.

He also discussed Croatia's run to the 2018 FIFA World Cup final, dealing with transfer rumours and the possibility of playing with Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo.

Here are some of the best parts of Thursday's AMA.


@AndrewMayer777: How does it feel to play with Messi? Do you think he is the GOAT? 

Ivan Rakitic: Yes just amazing to play with him and I think it's really special and if he is the GOAT, I think in every moment there was special players, for sure he was the best player in the last 15 year and in my opinion he is the best of all time and I think for me to play with him on the left side for the last six years was amazing.


@KevRalios11: Would you want Neymar to return to Barca? 

Rakitic: First of all I would like to have Neymar in my team for sure, he needs to decide what's best for him as he's my big friend and I want to see him happy and for sure when he is happy he is one of the best players in the world.


@lwilso6679: Do you agree with your FIFA rating?

Rakitic: Just found out, that's good!


@josuediaz_: Would you ever want to play with Ronaldo?

Rakitic: Of course I would like he is also one of the biggest players in history, you really enjoy watching him and you see now what he's doing at Juventus and for me is one of the best players in history.


@Momisaroman: How has the 2018 World Cup changed your life? What things were better or worse?

Rakitic: It changed a lot, to have an experience where we were there until the last day, to lose it was really hard. To feel the love from the whole world was really special for us and I will never forget it for sure.


@MustafaJafri: Who is the best player you've played with? And who's the best you've played against? How do they compare?

Rakitic: For me is easy, Messi vs Messi haha.


@StriplingWarrior: What is the best part about playing with Messi?

Rakitic: Everything just to enjoy being around him, to play against him to defend him is so hard, it's like he's playing another sport.


@CR7GOAT7: Who is the most under-rated player in the world?

Rakitic: There are a lot, Jose Mourinho told it was me haha and he was right (joking) there are a lot of players in this way and I think there are a lot. For me though [Miralem] Pjanic.


@Draw: Who was most influential on your career? Would you trade your UCL title for the World Cup if you could?

Rakitic: In every station there are special people, I would change it for sure as there are plenty of opportunities to win a Champions League but it is difficult for a World Cup.


@se13dtg Funniest player you've played with? 

Rakitic: Dani Alves.


@SCARYTERRY01: Favorite soccer player of all time? 

Rakitic: Robert Prosinicki.


@WhatALegend: Who is your favourite rapper? 

Rakitic: Eminem, I was in Miami last summer and Nikki Jam was really surprised how good he was!


@inixon: How was that defeat to Liverpool? 

Rakitic: Really hard, it was a heartbreaking moment, we have to have a lot of respect to Liverpool but yeah it's also what football is all about and you have to fight to the last minute, that's what football is about.


@pepguardiola: Favourite stadium that's not Camp Nou? 

Rakitic: Sevilla stadium.


@JayToledo: Can you please stop scoring golazos vs. Madrid? Thank you. You're a crack. You deserve more playing time

Rakitic: Haha no I can't, I'm sorry!


@cerofksgiven: How do you feel with all your transfer rumours? Btw, all admiration and respect. You have contributed so much to Barca

Rakitic: It's also a part of football, you have to understand and be ready in January, you have to be happy and I have to think of my family and I have to play and if I play for Barcelona then I'm happy.


@Jac_BD: What are your thoughts on the Barca kit? 

Rakitic: This year I love it because it's really similar to Croatia.


@Rakita_MI: What do you usually eat for breakfast? Any pre-game rituals?

Rakitic: I'm a big Coffee drinker, sometimes I go without breakfast but toast and really easy.


@geeeee320: Toughest goalkeeper you've faced? 

Rakitic: Maybe I play with the two best goalkeepers in the world with [Manuel] Neuer and [Marc-Andre] Ter Stegen but it's really amazing to have these guys on your team.


@allenico: Best defender you've faced? 

Rakitic: [Gerard] Pique, playing with him you can see he's the best in the last ten years.


@sdlt00: Best goal you've seen Messi score? 

Rakitic: Getafe, cup final against Bilbao, there is a lot! To pick one of them is really hard!


@Twill03_09:  If you had to choose, would you prefer the Euros or the Champions League this year?

Rakitic: I prefer the Euros because I've already won the Champions League and would love to win the Euros with Croatia.


@messiazad: What is your favourite goal of all time?

Rakitic: My first professional goal for Basel in Switzerland a left footed volley!


@allenico: Do you think Croatia can continue to succeed when the golden generation (you, Luka [Modric], [Ivan] Perisic) step down? 

Rakitic: We hope so, there are a lot of young really good guys and hopefully the guys can do it better than the generation


@Fj21: How does [Quique] Setien's style compare to [Ernesto] Valverde's?   

Rakitic: It's impossible and if you take 20 different coaches, it's impossible to compare one to another.


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