Stefon Diggs on Sean Payton Choppa Style Photo, Kobe Bryant, More from B/R AMA

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 28, 2020

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - JANUARY 05: Stefon Diggs #14 of the Minnesota Vikings reacts against the New Orleans Saints during a game at the Mercedes Benz Superdome on January 05, 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
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Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs joined Bleacher Report on Tuesday to tackle a wide variety of questions, ranging from his Super Bowl LIV pick to the NFL's greatest player of all time and whether he was aware of which teammate Lizzo referenced on "Truth Hurts."

The answer to that last question may disappoint you.

Here are some of the highlights from Tuesday's discussion with the dynamic pass-catcher.


@js SuperBowl pick?

Niners. I played both teams. SF has the best defense in the league. Chief's D is amazing. They got some amazing guys, but I'll pick SF.


@aakash: Did you ever talk to Kobe?

No, never met him. I wish. 


@kkenn18: What was your favorite Kobe moment?

He gave us too much to remember. I'm a Kobe guy. I grew up watching him. I got extremely emotional earlier on air. He was my favorite player. I never had a favorite player in football. My favorite athletes were Ali and Kobe. 

He made me wanna be better and motivated me. He was a killer, always put the dagger in ppl. He wanted the moment, he trained for it. I take that so hard because I put in a lot of work to show up in primetime. That’s why I love Kobe so much.


@mache: What was your favorite cleat that we ever did? Don't think I've ever asked you that before

Since I've been in the league I've had some good cleats. I had the Kobe tribute when he retired which is my favorite right now. The No Cap cleats this year with the lady from the Real Housewives and the cat. I love those. I had some Randy cleats against the Saints like 2 years ago, I feel old now. I had some Big Worm cleats that are definitely in my top. I've had some good ones. I like them all. Shoutout @mache!


@Vernstradamus were you intentionally trolling Sean Payton with Choppa Style after the playoff game

No. not at all. It was kinda a picture, worth a thousand words. But it didn't happen like that. I have a lot of respect for him as a coach. I would never intentionally disrespect any coach. 


@aakash: Who do you feel is the best cornerback in football?

Ohhhhhh best CB in football right now...Stephon Gilmore. Played him the previous year.. I was hurt, but even then he was one of the better ones. 

This year...Darius Slay. He's in my division. He's no slouch. He didn't get respect early on, but he is one of the best.


@cluesman: You ever find out who Lizzo's new man on the Minnesota Vikings was? 

Hahahaha… I never found out. I'll never find out. It's somebody


@calebburnett: How were you able to make the crazy catch against the Saints in 2017?

God's grace.


@duckless: Be honest, are you truly happy in Minnesota?

God has me where I need to be right now. I'm going to be as open as possible and accept whatever god does.


@GoHawksGo: Who do you look up to the most?

I lost my dad at a young age. Kobe was my favorite athlete, him and Ali.


@TheTyLock: Who is the NFLs GOAT?

Tom Brady. I'm sorry. Let's all be honest here. 


@rock__man: Do you think Tom Brady will leave the Patriots?

If the money ain't right lol. He's toward the tail end but he should be well compensated.


@calebbuck: If you could play with any player, current or not, who would it be and why?

Guys that came before me…..I woulda liked to play with, this is hard...Joe Montana...Peyton...Tom. 

Tom on the football side is one of my favorite players. His mindset and approach to the game. If you don't like Tom Brady you a hater!

WR I would say Jerry. Randy in a way too.


@mark97: Who are your top 5 NFL receivers of all time?

Ohhhhh. No. 1 Jerry Rice. He was ahead of his time. I respect that. Running routes that no one was doing. 1B is Randy Moss. He (Jerry) was amazing at what he did, looking at receivers, but Randy Moss was untouchable. Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt? Personally my fave was Percy Harvin. He was a guy that did EVERYTHING. I low-key like Julio over Calvin.


@ray93: Is there anything you think fans should stop doing?

Stop cursing at ppl on Twitter. Everyone rightfully has their own opinion on the internet, but once you put that stuff out there, you can't take it back. People were coming at my neck for the Choppa Style stuff and it was misunderstood and a lot of people had to come back to apologize, but it was already out there.


@Out_royal: How special would it be for you if the Vikings drafted your brother Trevon and you got to go up against him in practice?

I would like that, but I wouldn't like it as much as me going against him. I want to play against him. I would love to play against him.


@PEZ1011: What were you thinking when Kyle Rudolph caught the game-winning pass when you were facing the Saints in OT?

We won. We drove all the way down the field and got the TD.


@Rabih: After tough playoff losses, how do you start the offseason and next season on the right foot?

I take a couple days to decompress. After that I travel, eat some good food. Spend some time with my family. Take my time.


@RemyBuxaplenty: What do you think of Joe Burrow?

Joe Burrow is giving me, from the standpoint of being as excited to watch, he reminds me of Johnny Manziel, but Burrow had a whole arsenal of WRs. He's a winner. Early on you never know, but if I had to put a hat on anything, he's a winner. I like his swag.


@EstebanL: Who is the funniest teammate that you've ever had?

Who's funny? Right now the youngest one is Kris Boyd. He's a character. I used to have another teammate. Stacey Coley out of Miami.


@LonghornSZN: why'd you choose Maryland?

I have 2 younger brothers and we lost our dad at a young age.  I wanted to be close to my younger brothers. I coulda gone to any school, but I stayed Cuz they needed me and I needed them.


@Butters_Stotch: Best flavor of Pringles?

Ohhhh. I'm not eating original. I'm going sour cream.


@jcrod17: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

No. hell no. It's a hot dog. It’s one piece of bread folded over.


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