Drew McIntyre the Right Pick and Hot Takes of 2020 WWE Royal Rumble Results

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 27, 2020

Drew McIntyre the Right Pick and Hot Takes of 2020 WWE Royal Rumble Results

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    Credit: WWE.com

    A new main event star was born at WWE Royal Rumble 2020, as Drew McIntyre booked his ticket to WrestleMania 36.

    That was one of several big takes on a dramatic Sunday night for the company that included big-name returns, high-octane title matches and a first glimpse into what the card for Mania could look like come April.

    The women's Rumble match also threw up plenty of talking points as did the other bouts on the card.

    Here's a look at the hot takes of WWE Royal Rumble 2020.

Fans Will Want to See More of Edge

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    It had been heavily rumored for weeks, but it was still an epic moment to see Edge make his in-ring return after nine years being out of action.

    The instant worry was how a guy who hasn't wrestled for so long would cope, but Edge absolutely rocked it. The guy didn't look like he'd missed a beat.

    And even though he didn't win the match, the fact he came so close and looked incredible while doing so means fans are going to want to see Edge compete over and over again.

    The opportunities are endless for Edge. Although there aren't any obvious foes that jump out for a WrestleMania feud apart from Randy Orton, WWE could make some real magic if it persuades the Rated-R Superstar to stick around.

    It's great to see the former world champion back. Let's hope it wasn't a one-time thing.

Shayna Baszler Is Becky Lynch's Last Viable Opponent

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    Having finally beaten Asuka at Royal Rumble, it's not too difficult to project what, or perhaps who, is next for Becky Lynch.

    Lynch has seen off almost every big name in WWE during her near year-long run with the Raw Women's Championship.

    The only one left for WrestleMania? Shayna Baszler.

    Baszler fell just short in the women's Rumble match, but with Charlotte Flair more likely to go after Bayley, it leaves the door open for Lynch vs. Baszler.

    The two have history, having fought as recently as Survivor Series in November. For Lynch, who has ticked almost every box as champion, it's her one big mountain left to climb.

    It feels like a no-brainer for WrestleMania.

Bianca Belair Is Set for a Breakout Year in 2020

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    Credit: WWE.com

    It may well have been Charlotte Flair who survived the field and won the women's Royal Rumble, but there was a star performer elsewhere.

    NXT's Bianca Belair set a new women's Rumble record with eight eliminations, lasting over half an hour in the process.

    With the likes of Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Bayley dominating the title scene on the main roster in recent years, there's perhaps a need for some fresh stars to emerge and challenge the status quo.

    Shayna Baszler will certainly do that, but Belair's performance also suggested she has the tools to make 2020 a special year of her own.

    It'll be fascinating to see whether she sticks around on NXT or gets to try her hand on Raw or SmackDown in the coming months.

Too Many Big Names Were Shortchanged in the Men's Rumble

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    With the way the first half of the men's Royal Rumble match was booked, a lot of guys were fed to Brock Lesnar without any real purpose.

    Keith Lee's Rumble debut should have been a huge deal. He should have lasted for a prolonged period—and even gone close to winning.

    Kofi Kingston's tale of retribution was cut short. Big E wasn't given adequate time to show what he can do in a match that can so often lead to a huge push. Ricochet's involvement wasn't anywhere near long enough.

    All in all, that left a sour taste in the mouth when it came to the entertainment the men's Rumble match provided. Sure, it was certainly different as Brock dominated the first half of the match, but too many big names weren't given a chance to shine.

    Thankfully, the company rectified itself as the match drew to a close.

Brock's Elimination and the Winner Were Both Booked Perfectly

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    Royal Rumble is all about lighting the touch paper and starting feuds that will run all the way through to WrestleMania.

    Halfway through the men's Rumble, it was easy to feel deflated about where the match was headed. Brock Lesnar was eliminating every single opponent that crossed his path. Fans in attendance at Minute Maid Park in Houston were booing, and it wouldn't have been hard to tune out.

    However, the manner in which Lesnar was eliminated was executed perfectly. Picking the right man to eliminate Lesnar was one of the biggest booking decisions of the night, and having Drew McIntyre do the duty was correct.

    Similarly, having McIntyre go on and win the match after viciously staring down Lesnar was smart. It creates a huge bout for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania and really solidifies McIntyre's face turn.

    There were no shortage of guys who could have been worthy Royal Rumble winners, but this year, WWE definitely got it right.

    Now the company has to make sure McIntyre finishes the job at Mania and wins the title.