Sergino Dest Talks USA-Netherlands, Acting, Ronaldo vs. Messi, More in B/R AMA

Rory Marsden@@roomarsdenFeatured ColumnistJanuary 6, 2020

ORLANDO, FL - NOVEMBER 15: Sergino Dest #18 of the United States sends a ball downfield during a game between Canada and USMNT at Exploria Stadium on November 15, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by John Dorton/ISI Photos/Getty Images)
John Dorton/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Ajax right-back Sergino Dest sat down for a Bleacher Report AMA on Monday to talk about his decision to represent the United States instead of his native Netherlands at international level.

He also cast his vote in the Lionel Messi-Cristiano Ronaldo debate and revealed his ambition to be a movie star. 

Here is a look at the best parts from Monday's session with the 19-year-old. 


@Jkogan13: What was the main reason you chose to play for the U.S. over the Netherlands? What’s been the best part about being with the U.S. in your short time with the team so far?

Sergino Dest: The U.S. It's a feeling, and I listened to my feeling. The first game we won against Canada. 


@Mikey_emouna: Can we bring the World Cup home?

Dest: I’ll try my best.


@11Av: What USMNT teammate would you like to play with at club level?

Dest: [Christian] Pulisic.


@Joshunbias: Did the prospect of playing in the senior team with U20 teammates such as [Chris] Gloster, [Richie] Ledezma, [Alex] Mendez, [Chris] Richards influence your decision to play for USMNT?

Dest: No.


@Linnski: If you could have been anything besides a footballer, what would you have chosen?

Dest: Actor. I would have liked to save the world in action movies. Shooting bad guys. I'd love to be the main actor in a movie. That’s a dream for me.


@VictorVazquez: [Lionel] Messi or [Cristiano] Ronaldo?

Dest: Messi.


@Ldeez: LeBron [James] or [Michael] Jordan?

Dest: Jordan.


@BballGiant32: Hey, Sergino—big fan of yours; thanks for choosing USMNT. Do you have a favourite musical artist?

Dest: Drake.


@Huh420: What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Dest: Achieve more than before.


@CR7GOAT7: Did you always dream of playing for Ajax?

Dest: Yes. Since I arrived.


@JoseMourinho0: Would you play for Tottenham? Please??

Dest: Maybe in the future.


@Sgeo250: Do you see yourself playing in the Premier League in the future?

Dest: Yeah.


@Sabastiano: Who is/was your favourite English club growing up and why?

Dest: Liverpool.


@Biggie2210: Besides Ajax, which other team do you use most on FIFA?

Dest: PSG, because of Neymar and [Kylian] Mbappe.


@Aguerooooooooo: FIFA or PES?

Dest: FIFA.


@Lwilso6679: What do you think about your FIFA overall rating being 70?

Dest: For now, it’s a little low but should be 73. But it’s going to grow for sure.


@Beachu2: If you could play alongside anybody, who would it be?

Dest: Ronaldinho—the flair and control.


@Joshschaffner: Who is the best player you have played against?

Dest: Don’t know.


@Mikey_emouna: Who is the best player you’ve played with?

Dest: Don’t know.


@Supremesavage66: Favourite NBA team?

Dest: Lakers.


@RobMFriend: Who’ve you got for NBA’s MVP this season?

Dest: LeBron.


@KJ11: What is your Super Bowl prediction this year?

Dest: I don’t follow it.


@The_Future1: Do you see yourself playing as a right-back, left-back or winger for the national team?

Dest: It doesn’t matter for me.


@Jwhite0715: When did you first know you wanted to play at right-back?

Dest: One coach put me at right-back, and it was so easy for me. So at that moment, I stayed playing, and that gives me the best potential.


@Hcosborn5: What was it like going against Pulisic in the Champions League group-stage game?

Dest: It’s nice because he’s a team-mate, but we didn’t talk about that game.


@Biggie2210: Who would you like to see get called into the next USMNT camp with you?

Dest: Chris Richards, Bayern Munich.


@Sidshapiro: Who did you model your playing style after as a kid?

Dest: Ronaldinho, of course.


@FuzzyKnuckles: Who do you get along with most in the USMNT camp? Youth or senior level.

Dest: In the youth team, I hung out with Konrad [de la Fuente].


@Jcaplan11: What is it like training with special players like [Hakim] Ziyech, [Dusan] Tadic, [Quincy] Promes, etc. every day?

Dest: It’s always nice because you learn a lot from them, and you can see how far you are from them and if you can compete with them.


@Hcosborn5: What was the biggest challenge making the jump to the Ajax first team?

Dest: The biggest challenge and difference is focus. It's mentally not easy to be focussed all the time. But we have to.


@NickAllen18: How does it feel to have worked from the time you were little to have made the breakthrough for both the USMNT and Ajax first team?

Dest: It feels amazing. No words.


@Cardiaccat1: Do you feel like it’s necessary to be multilingual to establish a chemistry within the squad?

Dest: I don't know. It might help, but soccer is its own language.


@JoshSargentGOAT: Would Konrad de la Fuente be a starter on a team like the San Jose Earthquakes if he was here in MLS?

Dest: Yeah, I think so.


@Cheech31: Can you see yourself wanting to play in MLS one day?

Dest: Yes. 


@Ilievillota: Are you going to play for NYCFC one day?

Dest: Maybe, New York is my favourite city in the U.S., so maybe one day.


@Jerrycasasola: What was your first big purchase?

Dest: Louis Vuitton bag.


@Sgeo250: What song do you listen to to hype you before a big game?

Dest: I don’t know. 


@Alexgt2030: What are the goals for yourself as a professional footballer?

Dest: Achieve as much out of my potential.


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