Top 5 ONE Championship Knockouts of 2019

Haris KruskicContributor IDecember 19, 2019

ONE Championship

Between flying knees in title matches, spinning back kicks and good old-fashioned right hooks, there were a lot of candidates to choose from for the best ONE Championship knockouts of 2019. To be exact, there were 93 (yes, we counted).

However, we narrowed our list down to five. Taking into consideration physical impact, creativity and in some cases the importance of the match, here are our top five ONE knockouts from the year.


5. Geje Eustaquio spinning back kick vs. Toni Tauru (Nov. 8)

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Got him with a spinning back kick 😨 https://t.co/zFZKax714I

It was an up-and-down year for Geje Eustaquio. After losing his ONE flyweight championship to Adriano Moraes in January before getting knocked out by Yuya Wakamatsu in the first round last August, he needed something to lift his spirits and keep him in contention for the title.

The Filipino did so with a stunning spinning back-kick knockout in front of his home crowd that caught Toni Tauru in the ribs, exacting some revenge after losing to the Finn three years ago. 


4. Jeremy Miado flying knee vs. Li Tao Miao (Nov. 16)

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Flying knee out of NOWHERE 😵 https://t.co/uHfsBXsy6B

Heading into the match, Li Tao Miao was 3-0 at ONE and a heavy favorite against Jeremy Miado in front of his home crowd in China. What was supposed to be another momentum-building win for him turned out to be a hype train-derailing knockout loss in the first round as Miado managed to land a flying knee out of absolutely nowhere. 

Miado's knockout deserves credit for its spontaneity against all odds, as well as the perfect technique.   


3. Janet Todd head kick vs. Ekaterina Vandaryeva (Oct. 12)

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Sound on 🔈😳 https://t.co/o4oPEiHJee

American Janet Todd featured on the first ONE card nationally televised in the United States last October, in which she faced former kickboxing world champion Ekaterina Vandaryeva. Before their match, all three of Todd's previous ONE bouts had gone the distance.

That streak ended in emphatic fashion when the 34-year-old hit her Belarusian foe with a perfect head kick. Todd disguised it well, following two jabs up with the eventual knockout blow that Vandaryeva never saw coming. The sound of Todd's leg finding her opponent's jaw echoed through the arena and only added to one of the best finishes of 2019.


2. Cosmo Alexandre punch vs. Sage Northcutt (May 17)

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🤯🤯🤯 https://t.co/z7cwtzckth

There was a lot of hype around Sage Northcutt's ONE Championship debut after going 6-2 with the UFC. Fans tuned in to see if it would pan out the way many expected it to against a relatively unfamiliar Cosmo Alexandre, who despite being a former kickboxing world champion was still unknown to most mixed martial arts fans.

If people didn't know of Alexandre before, they certainly knew of him once he knocked Northcutt out 29 seconds into their match. The Brazilian closed in on the former UFC standout from the opening bell, then a vicious punch found the completely unprotected face of Northcutt, who had his hands down.

Since his loss, the 23-year-old still hasn't been medically cleared after undergoing surgery to mend 38 facial fractures from Alexandre's punch. 


1. Martin Nguyen flying knee vs. Narantungalag Jadambaa (Aug. 2)

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FLYING KNEE KO IN THE MAIN EVENT 😨 Martin Nguyen retains the ONE featherweight title 👑 https://t.co/an1GiJW48w

A walk-off flying knee to defend the championship? That's just what we've come to expect from Martin Nguyen, arguably the most exciting competitor on the ONE roster. 

With all but one of his 13 wins coming by stoppage, it's clear the 30-year-old has a knack for the audacious. He took it to a new level in his featherweight title defense against Narantungalag Jadambaa though, delivering a low leg kick that noticeably hurt the former champion and, smelling blood in the water, finished the match with a perfectly timed flying knee.

With the stakes at their highest, Nguyen kept his title with style.