Apex Legends at X Games 2019: Team SoloMid Wins; Prize Money

Theo SalaunContributor IIIAugust 4, 2019

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA - AUGUST 02:  A general view of the stage used for competition during the EXP Invitational-Apex Legends at X Games 2019 Minneapolis at U.S. Bank Stadium on August 02, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Video games are officially extreme. Less than a year after its sudden release, Electronic Arts' free-to-play battle royale shooter, Apex Legends, debuted at the EXP Invitational in Minneapolis for the 2019 X Games.

With a $150,000 prize pool and 20 teams, the tournament spanned 12 matches over two days and used a new scoring format for the burgeoning esport. Less than a week after teenagers made a combined $30 million playing Fortnite during the Fortnite World Cup, Team SoloMid's TSM_Reps, TSM_Albralelie and TSM_ImperialHal pulled in a smooth $30,000 by winning the inaugural EXP Invitational in the lesser-known battle royale.


Celebrations coming from @TSM_ImperialHal @TSM_Albralelie @TSM_Reps as they take home FIRST PLACE and $30,000 in the @XGames EXP Invitational https://t.co/axAynKG11i

The scoring format granted teams points for placement and eliminations. Getting first place in a match would notch a team 12 points, second place earned nine points, and so on and so forth. Each elimination gotten by a player equaled one additional point for their team.

After standing atop the standings at the end Friday, TSM continued an impressive run Saturday and finished atop the standings.

Day 1 saw TSM on top with 62 points (one win, 30 kills and an average placement of fifth), Tempo Storm in second place (58 points) and Reciprocity in third place (55 points). Throughout the day, the meta felt fairly consistent as teams typically ran a lineup of Wraith, Pathfinder and Wattson. Most players also prioritized the Alternator as their first gun, capitalizing on its Disruptor Rounds hop-up to tear down shields.

The first day included some major pop-offs by Tempo Storm's Solveful and a nutty "Kobe!" grenade by Rogue's HusKerrs, but TSM was the most consistent team throughout.

X Games @XGames

Final day of the EXP @PlayApex Invitational taking place today at #XGames Minneapolis! πŸ•“: 4pm ET / 1pm PT πŸ’» : https://t.co/XusXhhkoD3 https://t.co/MeahnJSnVK

Day 2 was back and forth throughout and came down to the final match. After Match 11, TSM and Reciprocity were tied atop the standings with the Sentinels only four points behind. By the end of Match 12, TSM had kept its place on top, Reciprocity slipped into second and the Sentinels remained at third.

Emily Rand @leagueofemily

Your @XGames medalists for the @PlayApex Invitational: Gold: @TSM Silver: @TeamReciprocity Bronze: @Sentinels https://t.co/IyqWT4kkd9

TSM deserves huge props for keeping its performance up and outdueling the competition. The field's diverse array of players was replete with professional players from other first-person shooters and already-established Apex Legends figures. Former Overwatch League pros Silkthread and GrimReality were unable to move the needle for Gen.G, while Dizzy, considered the best Apex Legends player in the world, couldn't get it done for NRG.

Special shout-outs need to be paid to Snip3down and Reciprocity, though. The former Halo pro was one of just two players using a controller during the EXP Invitational and the only player to be invited individually without a team. He picked up two teammates from Finland, brought them to America for their first time ever, rocked the controller and earned second-place honors and a light $24,000.