5 Potential On-Screen Roles for Eric Bischoff on WWE SmackDown Live

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistAugust 2, 2019

5 Potential On-Screen Roles for Eric Bischoff on WWE SmackDown Live

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    Eric Bischoff.
    Eric Bischoff.Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

    Eric Bischoff's return to WWE came as a surprise to many, but now that he is back and helping to run SmackDown, many have wondered if he will take an on-screen role like Paul Heyman. 

    He is best known for his time in WCW as the leader of The New World Order. He helped the company beat WWE in the ratings for 83 straight weeks before Mick Foley's WWE Championship victory helped sway the fans.

    The Bisch worked for WWE as an authority figure for some time after Vince McMahon purchased WCW, but he hasn't been an employee since 2007.

    He spent some time in TNA, produced some non-wrestling television, wrote a book and hosts a podcast, but being part of the SmackDown team is his return to the big time.

    Let's take a look at some of the possible on-screen roles Bischoff could take with WWE in the near future. 


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    Before Bischoff joined the WCW announce team, his main focus on television was interviewing wrestlers backstage. Nobody is expecting him to take Charly Caruso's spot, but he could use those skills on WWE Network.

    We have seen several interview-based shows on the network with JBL, Renee Young, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin and others serving as host.

    Bischoff could take a similar role and interview former WCW Superstars about their time in the company and what they have been up to since then.

    Fans of the '90s era of wrestling always feel nostalgic about the big names from those days and having someone who was there interview them could give fans a new perspective on what it was like backstage during the Monday Night War.

Authority Figure

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    The most obvious and likeliest role Bischoff would fill if he returns to WWE television is being an authority figure for the blue brand.

    Shane McMahon has been running the show for a long time and based on the reactions he gets every week, fans are ready to see someone else step into the role.

    The company could use his real position as part of the storyline to explain why he is back in the seat of power and give the WWE Universe a fresh general manager at the same time.

    It would be best if he remained neutral and didn't favor heels or babyfaces over the other. We have had far too many villainous authority figures in the past.

    Bischoff could be a breath of fresh air as someone who cares about the product more than people's allegiances.


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    Before Bischoff became the man behind The New World Order, he served alongside Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbysko and Bobby Heenan as a commentator on WCW Nitro.

    Some people might forget, but he was good at putting people over and making sure he didn't take too much attention away from what was happening in the ring.

    He could work alongside any combination of Corey Graves, Renee Young, Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips and Vic Joseph, or perhaps WWE could use a rotating roster of commentators to keep things fresh each week.

    It would be a nice change to have a veteran at the table again, especially since he has so much insight into the history of the product.


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    Heyman is pulling double duty as the Raw creative director and Brock Lensar's advocate, so there is no reason why Bischoff can't do the same thing.

    A lot of young Superstars could benefit from the kind of heat The Bisch can generate with the crowd, but it would also be interesting if he founded a new stable.

    It wouldn't have to be a ripoff of the NWO to work. All he would have to do is find three or four compatible stars to form a new alliance.

    Imagine if he recruited Andrade and Zelina Vega, Buddy Murphy, Rusev and Dolph Ziggler. He could do more for them as a manager than anyone else on the blue brand right now. 

    Or WWE could use the trademark it already owns and create another New World Order. Whatever has the possibility of making the most money in merchandise is probably what the company will do. 

Talk Show Host

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    WWE has given a lot of people talk shows over the years, some with more success than others. We have seen everyone from Roddy Piper and Brutus Beefcake to Edge and Christian to The Miz and Alexa Bliss host their own version of the same format. 

    A great way to use Bischoff would be to give him a show like this where he can interview Superstars and influence storylines without having to be involved with anyone in particular.

    He can get under your skin or make you cheer with a single sentence. It would be awesome to see him use this skill set with the men and women of WWE as his targets.

    This is the kind of role where he could disappear for a few weeks at a time and pop up when needed to push a story forward. It would allow him to focus on his backstage duties while still taking advantage of his popularity. 

    What role would you like to see Bischoff take on WWE television?