Kevin Owens Beats Shane McMahon at WWE SummerSlam 2019; Keeps His Job

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistAugust 12, 2019

Photo credit: WWE.com.

Kevin Owens defeated Shane McMahon at SummerSlam on Sunday, which means The Prizefighter does not have to quit WWE.

Even with Elias in his corner as the special enforcer, Shane-O-Mac still couldn't overcome Owens.

KO teased hitting McMahon with a steel chair, but the referee warned him he would be disqualified. After handing the chair to the official, he kicked the former SmackDown Live commissioner below the belt and delivered a Stunner for the win.


HE'S STAYING PUT! @FightOwensFight gets YEARS worth of frustration out as he gets the better of @ShaneMcMahon at #SummerSlam! https://t.co/eF3b2lids1


That steel chair is tempting... but @FightOwensFight would rather FIGHT, Toronto, FIGHT! 🇨🇦 #SummerSlam https://t.co/94veYJyLqy

Owens and McMahon have been at odds for the past several weeks since KO took a stand against Shane-O-Mac and for those in the locker room who have been slighted due to the immense amount of television time the WWE executive has garnered in recent months.

KO has taken to using the Stunner as his finishing move, and since he is feuding with an authority figure, there have been shades of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin against Vince McMahon, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Many of the classic wrestling boss vs. employee tropes played out during a build toward SummerSlam, and it aided Owens in generating a groundswell of support.

McMahon attempted to ban KO from the building on some occasions, only for the Canadian to find his way in and lay his opponent out with a Stunner. Boy Wonder also tried to stack the odds against Owens several times and laid traps that saw him get attacked by the likes of Drew McIntyre and Elias.

KO grew tired with McMahon's antics to the point that he decided to put everything on the line to ensure he would be given the opportunity to teach him a lesson at SummerSlam.

The chance to chase his chief rival out of WWE was too valuable for McMahon to turn down, so he agreed to the match with the stipulation that KO would be forced to leave the company in the event of a loss.

McMahon also pointed out Owens "quit" the company last year only to return shortly thereafter. KO conceded he didn't take accountability in the past, but he insisted he was a changed person who would live up to his word if need be.

Sunday's match was the second singles meeting between Owens and McMahon, with the previous bout taking place at Hell in a Cell 2017. KO won then with help from Sami Zayn, but the face-heel roles were reversed at SummerSlam.

That change made for a fresh and heated match, and the added stipulation of Owens possibly quitting had the fans invested.

With Owens getting one up on McMahon at SummerSlam, not only is he in WWE to stay, but he may also find himself in the world-title hunt soon given how popular he has become as a babyface.


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