What's Next for Paige After Being Removed as WWE SmackDown Live GM?

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistDecember 24, 2018

Credit: WWE.com

With the announcement that general managers will no longer be a thing in WWE, Paige has had to relinquish her position of power on SmackDown Live.

The company has remained vague about what the future has in store for her, stating only that "her role has changed" and she will be sticking around in some fashion.

However, she is unable to compete inside the squared circle on medical grounds, which doesn't leave her with many options for other roles.

However, there are still some possibilities WWE may try, and some may even work out better for her.


Paige Replaces Drake Maverick

Perhaps her role has changed because she's still going to be a general manager but on a different show.

Raw and SmackDown operate differently from the rest of WWE programming, and for the longest time, no attempt was made to explain who booked the matches for Main Event and 205 Live.

Main Event is a lost cause that few care about, but 205 Live has a passionate and dedicated fanbase—and a general manager with conflicting obligations who may need to be replaced.

Drake Maverick came into WWE in January and has been the babyface ruler of the cruiserweight division ever since, even while moonlighting as the heel manager of The Authors of Pain on Raw.

This has resulted in an odd split of his character: Fans are supposed to hate him on Mondays but support him on Wednesdays. It might be simpler to just have Paige take over his spot in charge of 205 Live.

Maverick could then focus on AOP and possibly even wrestling more in his own right. Making him a wrestler in the division could even be Paige's first act in charge.

This role would allow her to keep doing what she was doing well on SmackDown. She would even be working the same nights every week, as 205 Live records on Tuesdays, so the only difference would be that she would be on a brand with less exposure.

If WWE truly liked her in that position, 205 Live would be the only place she could control that wouldn't go against this new directive, as nothing has been said about the cruiserweight division needing the same revamp and attention from The McMahon Family.


Paige Becomes a Normal Manager

When someone has personality, popularity and WWE likes their work but they can't get in the ring, making them the mouthpiece for another wrestler can work out well.

Ted DiBiase made this his bread and butter when he was phasing out of in-ring competition, and a multitude of characters have earned greater success as managers rather than wrestlers, such as Paul Heyman, Jimmy Hart and Jim Cornette.

Paige tried her hand at this when she was first out of action, taking charge of Absolution and trying to help transition Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to the main roster.

Could Paige revert back to this type of role as a manager of other talent?
Could Paige revert back to this type of role as a manager of other talent?Credit: WWE.com

That wasn't the most successful team of all time, but it was something for Paige to do until the general-manager spot opened up. And she could revert back to the role once more.

As far as who she could manage, it's hard to tell who WWE thinks needs some help and who would make for a good pairing.

For instance, Shinsuke Nakamura still struggles with English, but he and Paige may not click. It's a tricky balance and there may not be anyone on the roster she could help.

Sometimes, though, a wrestler's career can ignite once they have a manager, and Paige may well be a great asset to try to pull that off with one or more people on the roster.


Paige the Producer

Since Paige's in-ring days are over, she could become someone who helps upcoming wrestlers and groom them for the future.

She already has experience working on Tough Enough, so one of her tasks behind the scenes could be molding the next generation of Superstars in a role as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center.

Although she can't get physical, she can offer insight and direct practices in other ways beyond the purely physical components.

Even if she doesn't want to be involved in the sculpting of new talent, she may want to join the creative team on the road.

Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan are working as producers backstage while they recover from injury. A similar situation could be created for Paige.

Growing up in a wrestling family and having the sport in her life from an early age has given her an outlook that could be beneficial as a producer. She could act as a liaison between writers and talent, seeing things from both sides.

If Paige jumps into this profession now and takes to it well, she could end up one of the longest-running producers in WWE.


Paige Joins the Pre-Show Panels

When WWE doesn't know what to do with someone, they often try them out in a broadcast capacity, throwing them onto the commentary team or have them do backstage interviews.

Those roles may not suit Paige all that well, but she has been a member of the panel for pay-per-view pre-shows previously.

As a former wrestler, she provides a certain analysis that someone such as Sam Roberts and Peter Rosenberg can't, as well as a female perspective that is severely lacking now Renee Young has left the role.


#WWEEvolution started off with @RealPaigeWWE @ReneeYoungWWE @TheBethPhoenix on the Kickoff panel! https://t.co/JgFdFKP1KL

Plus, being younger than Jerry Lawler and Booker T gives her a voice that can connect with that portion of the audience on a different level.

It's a no-impact position that puts her in front of the camera, even if it's a rather bland position that isn't regular.


Paige's Other Projects

Maybe the time has passed for Paige to be featured prominently on WWE television on a regular basis and instead of trying to find something for her to do on the main shows, she'll be utilized more on ancillary programming.

For instance, she has already had stints on Total Divas, showcasing her lifestyle and struggles, and there may be interest to expand on that and give her a reality show of her own, similar to Total Bellas and Miz and Mrs.

If that isn't something a general broadcaster would pick up, WWE Network might, especially if her upcoming biopic Fighting with My Family is successful.


👀 look at this!! Looks so bad ass! New movie poster @FightingWMyFam 😍😍 https://t.co/BvTjQ6tEjv

Obviously, once that comes out in February, she'll be spending time promoting it. And if fans gravitate toward the story, there could be interest in a Holy Foley!-inspired show about Paige's family.

While she isn't playing herself in the movie, the film's release could reignite the acting bug in her after she previously appeared in other movies.

Paige has a clothing and makeup line and was even involved in a coffee company in 2015, showing she has interests outside of professional wrestling and sports entertainment that she may want to dedicate her time to.

Any time she wants to do something with WWE, she could be given an ambassadorial role.

Paige and the company may have no specific game plan right now for her future, but given how talented she is, she'll find a way to bounce back soon enough.


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