10 Most Memorable Moments in WWE Money in the Bank PPV History

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10 Most Memorable Moments in WWE Money in the Bank PPV History

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    Seth Rollins celebrating at Money in the Bank 2014.
    Seth Rollins celebrating at Money in the Bank 2014.Credit: WWE.com

    The ninth annual WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view airs June 17, and while this is technically a B-level event, it is usually one of the more exciting nights of the year. 

    Last year's show was a SmackDown Live-exclusive PPV, but the co-branding initiative in place since WrestleMania 34 will reunite the red and blue brands to compete for a briefcase containing a contract for a guaranteed title shot at the time and place of the winner's choosing.

    Since both brands will be competing in the same matches, only one man and one woman will win the coveted briefcases. This means they will only be able to challenge the champion on their show.

    Baron Corbin failed to capitalize on his win last year, but Carmella successfully cashed in on Charlotte to win the SmackDown Women's Championship.

    This event has featured some incredible moments over the years. This article will look at the 10 most memorable.

James Ellsworth Is on the Wrong Side of History

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    Last year's MITB PPV was especially important because it featured the first women's Money in the Bank match, marking another historic moment in the evolution of the division.

    Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Tamina and Natalya were all up to the challenge, but Carmella had an unfair advantage in the form of James Ellsworth.

    Not only did he knock Lynch from the ladder, but he also took down the case for Carmella instead of having her do it on her own. The decision was reversed, but she still ended up with the briefcase after a second match took place on SmackDown.

    The Princess of Staten Island held on to her title shot for almost a year before cashing it in on Charlotte, and she still needed help from The IIconics to get the job done.

    A lot of fans were upset at WWE for booking the first match to end with Ellsworth's interference, but that shouldn't be a problem this year. That may not have been ideal, but it was certainly memorable.

The Shield on the Pre-Show

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    The pre-show is typically reserved for the least important matches on any given PPV card, and that is why it was so surprising to see The Shield and The Usos fight for the tag titles during the 2013 MITB Kickoff.

    Both teams were known for producing show-stealing performances, so it confused people they were there when a match like Curtis Axel vs. The Miz was given priority on the main card.

    Being on the pre-show might sound like a demotion, but that has never stopped Jimmy and Jey Uso from outshining everyone else at any given PPV.

    This bout lasted just under 15 minutes and was one of the few times Roman Reigns fought his cousins before they formed an alliance following The Shield's breakup in 2014.

    Putting two teams like this on the pre-show deserved inclusion as one of the most memorable moments because it ended up being one of the best contests of the night.

Seth Rollins Defeats His Former Brother

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    Every member of The Shield has a few standout moments at MITB, and for Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, 2015 was the year they headlined the event.

    The Architect had dismantled The Hounds of Justice and become a member of The Authority, so Ambrose wasn't looking for a friendly competition.

    The former best friends and teammates put on quite the show that night in Columbus, Ohio, in a ladder match neither competitor will ever forget.

    For more than 30 minutes, Ambrose and Rollins put their bodies through the wringer. Anyone who doubted their main event potential before this night was forced to rethink their opinion.

    After losing the match, Ambrose delivered a speech about how life isn't fair and taking what is rightfully yours. It was reminiscent of Dusty Rhodes' "hard times" promo and showed a new side of a Superstar who isn't always known for his eloquence.

John Cena Adds Another Accolade to His Resume

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    John Cena has won two ladder matches at MITB PPVs. He defeated seven other men in 2014 to win the unified WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but it was his Money in the Bank victory from 2012 people remember best.

    Both bouts were highly entertaining, but winning the briefcase added something to Cena's already packed resume he hadn't accomplished at that point in his career.

    The reason his run with the case was memorable is that he became the first person to fail at cashing in his guaranteed title opportunity.

    Instead of going after a champion who had been beaten down, Cena tried to be the upstanding hero by choosing a date ahead of time. CM Punk retained the belt at Raw 1000 thanks to interference from Big Show.

Dean Ambrose Can't Wait to Cash In His Briefcase

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    No matter what they do as individuals, Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins will forever be linked because of their history as The Shield.

    Money in the Bank 2016 was a big night for all three men. It started with The Lunatic Fringe winning the coveted briefcase.

    The main event saw Rollins defeat Reigns for the WWE title, but his moment of glory was short-lived, as his former friend couldn't even wait two hours before cashing in.

    Rollins was weakened from his war with The Big Dog, so Ambrose made quick work of him to win the WWE Championship. His victory meant every member of The Shield had reached the top of the mountain in professional wrestling, which is not something many stables can claim.

    If that wasn't special enough, they managed to all be the WWE champion on the same night. What other group can make that claim? Nobody. That's who.

Dolph Ziggler Becomes a Main Event Player

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    Two briefcases were up for grabs in 2012. Cena won the case containing the WWE Championship opportunity, and Dolph Ziggler won the case with the World Heavyweight Championship contract. 

    The Showoff had been working as a heel during this period, but he had built up a large following by consistently putting on great matches with a wide variety of opponents.

    Even his alliance with Vickie Guerrero couldn't stop the WWE Universe from expressing its happiness at seeing someone achieve their goal after working so hard.

    Ziggler would end up successfully defending his contract on two separate occasions before finally cashing in on Alberto Del Rio to win the world title 276 days later on an episode of Raw.

    The reaction when he won MITB was huge, but the crowd blew the roof off the building the night he won his first top championship in WWE.

Seth Rollins Proves His Worth

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    Rollins' history at Money in the Bank is filled with moments of triumph and heartbreak, and one of the most significant came when he won the titular briefcase in 2014.

    He defeated five competent performers to claim victory, but he didn't do it alone. Kane not only took out Ambrose for him, but he also held the ladder while Rollins climbed up to reach the briefcase.

    This began Rollins' ascension in WWE from the midcard into the main event scene. His win was memorable, but his cash in was even better.

    Rollins not only became the first person to redeem his title shot at WrestleMania, but he did it while Brock Lesnar and Reigns' title match was still happening.

    The Kingslayer delivered a stomp to Reigns and made the cover to dethrone Lesnar as the champion and take his place on top of the proverbial mountain.

The Miz Earns His Spot

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    The Miz has been going through something of a career renaissance for the past couple of years, but two of his biggest accomplishments happened in 2010.

    This was the first time WWE built an entire event around the Money in the Bank match after it had been a staple at WrestleMania since 2005.

    The PPV featured two ladder matches. Kane won the shot at the world title in the opening match of the night, and The Miz won the WWE title shot in the main event.

    He went over Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Edge, Mark Henry, Ted DiBiase, Evan Bourne and John Morrison to grab the case and claim victory.

    Just like with Ziggler, the crowd couldn't help but be excited for him when he finally cashed in the briefcase on Orton to win his first WWE Championship on an episode of Raw.

Daniel Bryan Grabs the Brass Ring

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    Before he was a husband, father, multi-time WWE champion and history-making Superstar, Daniel Bryan was an indy darling fighting to be taken seriously in the largest pro wrestling promotion on the planet.

    He had some rough patches during his first couple of years with the company, but all of that changed the night he won the Money in the Bank briefcase in 2011.

    Cody Rhodes, Sheamus and Wade Barrett all seemed like safer bets going into the pay-per-view, but having Bryan win ended up being the best decision management could have made.

    Despite some questionable early booking, WWE has always known what kind of asset the Leader of the Yes Movement can be. Still, seeing him in the hunt for the WWE title was something many of his longtime fans never expected to witness.

    Even though he knew he would be winning the briefcase going into the match, you could tell the tears he cried after pulling down the case were as real as it gets.

CM Punk Leaves with the WWE Championship

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    Most of the items on this list involve the Money in the Bank ladder match, but the most memorable moment in the history of the PPV had nothing to do with pulling down a briefcase.

    CM Punk is one of the most polarizing wrestlers to ever set foot in the ring, but everyone seemed to be on the Straight Edge Superstar's bandwagon in 2011.

    One of the biggest storylines of the year came to a head at the MITB PPV, when CM Punk challenged Cena for the WWE Championship in his hometown of Chicago.

    After fighting through two Attitude Adjustments, interference from Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis, an STF from Cena and a failed cash in by Alberto Del Rio, Punk left the Allstate Arena with the WWE title on what was, in this storyline, his final night with the company.

    This was the first WWE match since 1997 to earn a five-star rating from renowned journalist Dave Meltzer and one of the most iconic moments in WWE Championship history. 

    Whether you like Punk or not, you have to respect everything he accomplished in the business despite being the exact opposite of the WWE archetype.

    What do you think is the most memorable moment in Money in the Bank PPV history?


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