Iron Man, WarGames and 5 Match Stipulations WWE Doesn't Use Enough

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Iron Man, WarGames and 5 Match Stipulations WWE Doesn't Use Enough

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    WWE brought back the WarGames match in NXT last year.
    WWE brought back the WarGames match in NXT last year.Credit:

    A standard pro wrestling match can be exciting on its own, but WWE often finds a way to up the ante by adding a special stipulation.

    Some are used more than others, and a few have become popular enough for WWE to base entire pay-per-views around them.

    One of the most common stipulations is the Steel Cage, but Ladder, TLC, Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber and Extreme Rules matches are gaining ground.

    Some stipulations like Casket, Inferno and Buried Alive are only used for certain Superstars like Kane and The Undertaker. Then you have the match-types WWE only uses under certain circumstances. 

    Many of these stipulations could be utilized more often to help get specific Superstars over and add some variety to the usual lineup, but there are some match-types WWE rarely ever uses that could also help.

    Here are some of the rarer types of bouts WWE should utilize more often. 

Iron Man Match

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    Iron Man matches are 30- or 60-minute bouts where Superstars attempt to get the most pinfalls and submissions before the time limit runs out.

    The first televised and most famous of these contests took place at WrestleMania 12, when Bret Hart defended the WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels.

    The most recent Iron Man match saw The Bar defeat The Hardy Boyz at Great Balls of Fire 2017. In the 21 years between those two bouts, WWE only used the stipulation a total of 12 times.

    Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan recently made headlines with two separate 60-plus minute performances in a Gauntlet and the Greatest Royal Rumble, respectively. 

    They, along with several other talented Superstars, would benefit greatly from being put in an Iron Man match. It helped Bayley and Sasha Banks stand out in NXT, and it could help do the same for many more.

    Some fans may not want to sit through an entire hour of one match, so using the 30-minute format would be the best way to go most of the time.

I Quit Match

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    The I Quit match is used more often than the Iron Man stipulation, but not by much. It's a shame because it can be one of the better contests to settle a personal feud.

    This is different than a Submission match because the person who quits has to say so into a microphone, and it doesn't necessarily have to be because they are locked in a painful hold.

    A great example of this was when Chavo Guerrero made Rey Mysterio say "I quit" after delivering several chair shots to his injured knee.

    This isn't the kind of match WWE can book every month, but a few times a year would help elevate certain storylines more than a standard wrestling bout ever could. 

Empty Arena Match

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    The Empty Arena match is one of the only stipulations WWE has only used once in its history without ever using it again.

    The Rock and Mankind have the distinction of working this bout during the Super Bowl 33 halftime show all the way back in 1999.

    It was a unique experience to watch two of the greatest Superstars of their day fight without any fans watching from the stands.

    Because of the strange format, WWE was able to film the match ahead of time and edit it to look as good as possible, whereas a regular match only gets one chance to succeed in front of a live crowd. 

    This is not the kind of gimmick that should be employed too often, but someone like Braun Strowman would thrive in this kind of match. 

Strap Match

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    Back in the day when the southern United States ruled the pro wrestling world, strap matches were much more commonplace than they are today.

    The last time WWE used this stipulation was for a feud between Mark Henry and Sheamus in 2013, so it has been five years since we last saw two Superstars tied together with a strip of leather.

    One of the more famous strap matches in WWE history took place 14 years ago at the Great American Bash 2014, when JBL took on Eddie Guerrero.

    Their feud over the WWE Championship produced some great performances, but this one stands out because it was completely different from their other encounters.

    This is the sort of stipulation a Superstar could build a career around. The Hardys have their ladders, the Dudleys have their tables, and someone can be known as the strap match king if WWE ever decides to bring it back.


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    One of the few stipulations WCW innovated completely on its own was the WarGames match. The company even built a yearly event around it because it was so popular.

    WWE finally brought the double cage back at NXT TakeOver: WarGames after fans had been asking for it for years, but it made a slight change to the format by using a trio of three-man teams instead of two four-man groups.

    The dual ring setup allows for everyone to have enough room to hit all their big moves without landing on top of each other, but it also creates opportunities for new and unique spots. 

    The only problem with using this match more often is needing an arena with enough room to accommodate two rings and the cage surrounding them. 

    With the Four Horseman being synonymous with the stipulation, perhaps WWE could find a way to have Charlotte Flair and the Four Horsewomen use the cage as their new signature contest. It would certainly be fun to see them eventually fight the Four Horsewomen of MMA in a match like this. 

    Which stipulations do you think WWE should use more often?

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