Green (LEED) Stadiums

Collin CooperCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2009

There are a lot of environmental buzz words going on right now...sustainability, Green and Climate Change, etc. Sure you hear these words all the time (mostly by politicians) but did you know that there are stadiums that have taken being environmentally responsible to a whole other level?

Some of these stadiums have even been rated as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) certified. Quite an accomplishment when you think about what goes on at a stadium; Parking, lights, concessions, construction materials... etc.

The stadiums listed have either accomplished there LEED certification or are on pace to meet the criteria.

*Seeking LEED certification

Some of the aspects that make a stadium LEED certified are waterless urinals, grey water collection systems, recycling programs (construction materials + game day waste). To date 139 arenas have applied for LEED certification in the US from the Pro facilities to college campuses.

Even some of the more mature facilities have retrofitted green additions to their existing structures (reflective roofing materials). The Philadelphia Eagles (Voted 2009 Greenest NFL team) have long been ahead of the when it comes to the environment. Purchase a beer at Lincoln Financial Stadium and in 50 days that corn based plastic cup will biodegrade harmlessly back into the earth.

If you are worried that all this hippie hocus pocus is going to ruin your day at the park, fret not... The CHG has personally toured two LEED parks and felt that it only added to the game-day experience. It's all part of a growing trend for the major sports in our country to lead by example when it comes to being environmentally responsible.

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