Peter Kenyon: The Most Despicable Man In Football..

...Senior Writer IJune 4, 2008

He is the Chelsea chief executive who sat in the director’s box at Old Trafford in May 2004 and heard the supporters of Manchester United and his then new club take turns to hurl abuse against him.

Not many men can unite the fans of United and Chelsea, but this chief executive did: “Kenyon, you’re a bastard,” was the chant.

United fan's hostility was understandable and natural—he had deserted their club. We, Chelsea fans, resented his treatment of Claudio Ranieri, the clubs manager at the time and a fans favourite.

He left United in September 2003, one of the first in a long line of people lured by Abramovich. Did he jump ship knowing the great Manchester United was already sinking in the water?

Probably not, but he was accused of putting Chelsea onto a United target, Arjen Robben! And his once excellent relationship with Ferguson was one of the first things to go down the drain.

Moving on form that, we have the Ashley Cole incident. Kenyon and Jose "just happened to walk into a restaurant for a meeting with Pini Zahavi and saw Cole seated with their appointment."

If we go by Ashley Cole's explanation in his autobiography, it was still avoidable. These are supposed to be top professionals. Ashley Cole being an Arsenal player and Jose and Kenyon being top officials at rivals Chelsea, they must have known it would be a bad idea to sit at the same table.

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All three people involved in that scandal, to this day, deny any wrong-doing.

Then we have the more recent incident—The Champions League Final.

If ever one moment summed up the contrast between the heritage and history of Manchester United and my Chelsea, it came on Wednesday night. United’s presentation party was led by the distinguished and respected Bobby Charlton, a staunchly one-club man who modestly declined to place a winner’s medal around his neck.

Chelsea’s was preceded by Peter Kenyon, a chief executive!!

This was the most self-centred act I've ever witnessed in football. Sir Bobby Charlton, England's all-time leading goalscorer, declined his medal with dignity, in the knowledge that he hadn't played a part in the match.

Peter Kenyon, merely the face of Chelsea's corporate machine, couldn't wipe the smirk off his face as he collected his "losers" medal.

Absolutely shameful.

The point about backroom staff is they stay in the backroom. Even managers lie low in victory, declaring "this is a night for players and fans."

Jose Mourinho famously said after we had clinched our first league title in 50 years, in 2005, "This is a day for the players. They worked hard for this and they deserved this. They are the men." He then put his gold medal in his pocket, gave Lampard a quick hug and walked off down the tunnel.

As a Chelsea fan I'm embarrassingly jealous of United's style/class on and off the pitch—we used to have it (and still do, to a certain extent)—together with a great sense of humour—needed to cope with screwing things up every season against the "smaller" teams.

It just isn't the same anymore.

My point is, Peter Kenyon should stick to what he does best. Managing the "business" side of our club. He should stop involving himself in footballing matters, because quite frankly, he makes himself (and in the process, the club) the enemy of EVERYBODY.

New Chelsea signing Jose Bosingwa is believed to have been purchased by this man. With Grant's dismissal only a few days later, it couldn't have been Grant's signing.

Due to much speculation, it was then reported that Kenyon was the mastermind behind the purchase and "again" nicked a long-term United target from right under their noses.

The man is not only hated by all United fans and every other football fan in the country. He is hated enormously by most Chelsea fans and it goes without saying, the man has turned into the "Public Enemy No.1."