Rush Limbaugh, American Citizen, Has Every Right To Buy An NFL Team

Seattle SportsnetCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2009

UNITED STATES - JANUARY 21:  Rush Limbaugh during the fourth round of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic held at The Classic Club in Palm Desert, California on Saturday, January 21, 2006  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

If Rush Limbaugh wants to buy a football team, then he should be allowed to buy a football team. Why the hell not, right?

The guy has the funds to do so, he’s not a criminal, and it is within his right as an American citizen to be able to make a legal purchase of property that is, in turn, legally and willingly sold to him.

This whole “Ban Rush” fest is getting ridiculously out of hand. It seems like every single person on the planet wants to keep him from spending his money as he wishes. I don’t even like the guy. But I respect his right to exchange currency for goods and services within the confines of our nation.

Limbaugh is a controversial figure, there’s no getting around that. He has made a living ripping other individuals, essentially turning himself into a target for scrutiny in the process.

He has said some things that cannot ever be atoned for, that have tarnished the image he seemingly cares little about, and that have led to this whirlwind of speculation over his potential ownership of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams.

But why must we, as fellow citizens, hang a “We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service” sign in this man’s face? He hasn’t even walked in the door yet, and we’re already telling him to get out. That doesn’t seem fair or equitable in the least.

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Why, when it comes to a man as intolerant as Rush Limbaugh, must we be equally as intolerant in forsaking his right to ownership? If there’s anything Rush has taught us, it’s that we should avoid stooping to his level.

Regardless of your opinion of Rush Limbaugh, the person, there are certain rights that Rush Limbaugh, potential property owner, possesses. It is not up to us to infringe upon those rights, no matter how much we may dislike the person on the other end.

Is Rush Limbaugh good for sports? Nobody really knows for sure. You could ask that question of any prospective owner prior to his or her acquisition of a franchise, but in reality there can be no immediate answer.

All we know is that we don’t like Rush Limbaugh. There are many of us who are offended by him, hurt by him, insulted by him, and put off by his stance on politics. It shouldn’t make a difference.

Rush Limbaugh has a right to buy the St. Louis Rams if he wants to. And who are we to stop him.

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