Twitter Reacts to LeBron James' Saying He Has Never Played on a Superteam

Andrew Gould@AndrewGould4Featured ColumnistJune 13, 2017

Reporter asks LeBron if he's still a fan of the concept of a super team https://t.co/dsPR82xIdn

Credited by some for popularizing a modern surge of NBA superteams, LeBron James separated himself from the label after his Cleveland Cavaliers lost the NBA Finals to the monolithic Golden State Warriors on Monday.

Following Game 5's series-deciding loss, a reporter asked James if his feelings have changed on basketball megapowers. James—who famously left Cleveland to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat, and then returned to his hometown once the Cavs drafted Kyrie Irving and won another No. 1 pick to exchange for Kevin Love—denied engaging in any such activity.

"I don't believe I've played for a superteam," James said in the video above, via NBA Retweet. "I don't believe in that."

While Kevin Durant wouldn't label James' maneuvering as his inspiration for joining Golden State, he told Bleacher Report's Howard Beck that the three-time champion "paved the way."

After witnessing James average a triple-double in the Finals for naught, social media showed the superstar sympathy while attempting to decipher the sound bite's larger meaning.

Just kidding. Twitter users relentlessly mocked him:

Hoop District @HoopDistrictDC

"I'm not the GM of the team" - LeBron James. "I don't believe I've played for a super team." Us: https://t.co/3RTUpLKnpY

Aaron J. Fentress @AaronJFentress

LeBron James just said he doesn't believe he has played for a "super team." That's why he predicted not 1-2-5-6-8 titles in Miami.

Hoops N Brews @HoopsNBrews

LeBron: "I never played on a Superteam" Me: https://t.co/RXSDQFQpWi

Ky September. @kyseptember

Lebron really just said on live television that he was never apart of a super team, while throwing shade at KD. https://t.co/BMsDu4KqwA

Nique @DominizZzle

Why would LeBron say he was never on a Superteam? He didn't join one but he created one

Ou Ha Sav @schemeka__

LeBron says he hasn't played for a super team https://t.co/izcToHTC5P

Mike Cole @MikeColeNESN

LeBron James: "I don't believe I've played for a superteam. I don't believe in that." https://t.co/QDoDW7ka17

Yahoo Sports @YahooSports

"LeBron just said he's never played on a superteam." #NBAFinals https://t.co/rBho88eawQ

Maybe James was right. After all, Derrick Rose only identified the Warriors and New York Knicks as the league's true supersquads in July.