Randy Orton Beats Bray Wyatt to Win WWE Championship at WrestleMania 33

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistApril 3, 2017

Photo credit: WWE.com.

Randy Orton defeated Bray Wyatt on Sunday at WrestleMania 33 to win the WWE Championship and become a 13-time world champion. 

Wyatt appeared to be in full control before Orton hit his patented RKO out of nowhere to win the title:

WrestleMania showed The Viper standing victorious:

Wyatt attempted to play mind games with Orton by projecting images of maggots, worms and crickets onto the ring apron during the match. The various images appeared to turn the crowd off, something noted by Steve Kazee of The Masked Man Show:

Botchamania's Maffew Gregg thought the stunts only undermined Wyatt:

Sunday's match was months in the making, and it had a student versus teacher element due to The Viper spending time as Wyatt's servant in The Wyatt Family.

Orton decided to join The Wyatt Family after being unable to destroy it from the outside, but it was all part of his master plan to implode it when the time was right.

After winning the Royal Rumble to become No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship, Orton saw the Eater of Worlds win the title at Elimination Chamber.

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That led to Orton abdicating his title shot and proclaiming that he would not fight his master at WrestleMania.

In the following weeks, however, Orton had a change of heart. Once Wyatt had let his guard down, the Apex Predator appeared at the family compound and proceeded to burn it down in addition to the remains of Sister Abigail.

Wyatt was heartbroken, but he found great resolve and expressed his belief that Sister Abigail lived on inside him and made him stronger than ever before.

According to WWE's official Twitter account, the New Face of Fear warned Orton that he had created an even bigger monster:

Wyatt's newfound powers were put to the test five days before WrestleMania when he faced another former family member in Luke Harper on SmackDown Live.

Harper was left mesmerized, which allowed Wyatt to pick up the victory and gain momentum entering The Showcase of Immortals.

Despite that, Orton made it clear that he would conquer the demons and defeat Wyatt in one of the main events of WrestleMania:

Orton and Wyatt faced each other one time previously at No Mercy in October, with Wyatt coming out on the winning end, but the stakes were much higher Sunday and the rivalry between them had grown far more personal.

From a resume perspective, Orton had a significant advantage heading into the match, as Wyatt had never scored a victory at WrestleMania.

At the same time, Wyatt was on the biggest roll of his career in the weeks prior to WrestleMania, which served as an equalizer of sorts.

Orton managed to stop Wyatt in his tracks, however, which sets the stage for an epic power struggle on SmackDown Live in the coming weeks and months.

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