WWE Superstar Power Rankings for 2/8/2016

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistFebruary 8, 2016

WWE Superstar Power Rankings for 2/8/2016

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    Dean Ambrose confronts Brock Lesnar on Raw
    Dean Ambrose confronts Brock Lesnar on RawCredit: WWE.com

    With Fastlane 2015 less than two weeks away, the WWE Superstar Power Rankings have seen a few changes, including a new No. 1.  Dean Ambrose tops the rankings this week, with Triple H, Kalisto, Roman Reigns and The New Day rounding out the top five.

    In addition to the match between Reigns, Ambrose and Lesnar to determine a No. 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a second match has been announced for Fastlane.  United States Champion Kalisto will defend his belt against Alberto Del Rio, who will finally get his rematch for the title.  Based on typical match counts, there are still five or six matches left to be scheduled, so expect the next two weeks to be busy.

    In other news, R-Truth continued to reject Goldust's attempts to form a tag team, Chris Jericho asked for (and will receive) a rematch against AJ Styles and The Authority continues to stir the pot with Reigns, Lesnar and Ambrose.

    There's much more to go over and recap from this past week's events and results, all of which will be discussed more thoroughly throughout the following pages.  But beforehand, please read the next slide for more information on how the rankings are determined.

How These Rankings Work

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    The Miz berates AJ Styles on MizTV.
    The Miz berates AJ Styles on MizTV.Credit: WWE.com

    The WWE Superstar Power Rankings are not a popularity contest and are not designed to determine who has the best matches or the most ability. They are strictly in-storyline power rankings.

    All active Superstars and Divas on the main roster are considered, excluding talents who primarily or exclusively perform in NXT. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, but any NXT Superstar deemed eligible for these rankings will remain on the Watch List until officially named as part of the main roster.

    Holding a championship, being a No. 1 contender or holding the Money in the Bank briefcase counts for much of a wrestler's ranking, and these honors are therefore the most heavily weighed components.

    If a Superstar is deemed to be tied with another, holding a title will be the primary tiebreaker. However, holding a championship, being a No. 1 contender or holding the Money in the Bank briefcase in no way guarantees a spot in the top 10.

    Wins and losses account for the bulk of the week-to-week movement and, after championships, are the most important components of the rankings. The quality and rank of a wrestler's opponents are also considered.

    Getting the better of someone—such as beating him down—also counts, though not nearly as much as wins and losses. Being over with the fans (i.e., getting a strong reaction) is not heavily weighed in the ranking decisions; it is effectively the last tiebreaker. Pay-per-view wins and losses take on added importance.

    Only the top 10 wrestlers are ranked. Wrestlers on the Watch List were considered for top-10 status but were ultimately nixed. They are unranked, and their listing is in no particular order.

    Generally speaking, these rankings do not break kayfabe. However, any major non-storyline information—serious injuries, wellness policy violations, suspensions, legitimate hirings, firings, contract information and "sabbaticals"—may be taken into consideration, but only if WWE confirms or addresses it publicly.

    WWE's non-televised domestic and international live events are not included in these rankings unless the company incorporates them into television storylines or acknowledges them on TV or in some other official storyline capacity. Also, nothing that could be explicitly considered a spoiler is included unless WWE acknowledges it as well.

    In short, all main-roster shows—televised or digitally distributed—as well as anything from WWE.com, the WWE mobile app, the WWE Network and any WWE-affiliated or Superstar accounts on social media that don't break kayfabe may be taken into consideration. 

    These may include but are not limited to Raw, SmackDown, Main Event, Superstars, NXT, pay-per-views, WWE Network specials and any other storyline-driven content from the WWE Network.

Watch List

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    AJ Styles

    AJ Styles turned in another good week.  On Raw, he attacked The Miz after the latter berated him on MizTV.  He then defeated Miz on SmackDown before accepting Chris Jericho's rematch request.  

    He'll face Jericho this week.  Can he make it two in a row over Y2J?

    Dolph Ziggler

    Dolph Ziggler scored an upset win over Kevin Owens on Raw this past week.  Then on SmackDown, he distracted Owens and cost him his match against Kalisto.  Owens beat down Ziggler (and Kalisto) afterward.

    With Kalisto busy with Alberto Del Rio, it's unlikely that Owens or Ziggler will get a a title opportunity at Fastlane, but they might find themselves facing each other for the opportunity.

    League of Nations

    The League of Nations really needs to find its footing quickly.  With Alberto Del Rio on commentary, Rusev lost to Kalisto on Raw.  To open SmackDown, Rusev lost to Roman Reigns via disqualification due to Del Rio's interference, then Rusev and Del Rio lost to Reigns and Dean Ambrose in a tag match in the show's main event.  

    It's hard to believe a team with as much pedigree as League of Nations has been doing so poorly.  

10. Titus O'Neil

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    Previous Rank: Watch List

    Movement: Into Top 10

    Titus O'Neil has had a very good 2016 thus far, and this past week, he scored two more victories.  On Raw, he defeated Tyler Breeze.  The following night on Main Event, he teamed with The Usos and Darren Young in a win over The Ascension, Stardust and Tyler Breeze.

    The Prime Time Players may have reunited for one show, but O'Neil is showing he's a formidable singles competitor.  He'll need to make a step up in competition soon, but for now, with the wins piling up, he's climbing in the rankings.

9. Charlotte

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    Previous Rank: 6

    Movement: Down 3

    Divas champion Charlotte had a mixed week.  On Raw, she faced Brie Bella and lost.  Ric Flair tried to cheat on Charlotte's behalf, but it backfired and Brie rolled up Charlotte for the pin.  The match was non-title, but a pinfall win over a champion usually leads to a title match.  Brie pinned Charlotte a few months back and nothing came of it, though, so it remains to be seen if Brie will get an opportunity this time.

    Moving on, Charlotte faced Alicia Fox on SmackDown with Brie at ringside. Charlotte picked up the win by submission, helping blunt the damage from the Raw loss.  But Charlotte has a habit of losing at inopportune times to opponents on whom she's not focused.  That could be inexperience or, worse, lack of discipline.  

    However, she's still Divas champion and likely won't have to defend her title until Fastlane.  Who will her opponent(s) be?

8. Brock Lesnar

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    Previous Rank: 8

    Movement: None

    Brock Lesnar stays put at No. 8 this week.  He didn't compete, but he had a busy Raw.  His and Paul Heyman's promo was interrupted by Dean Ambrose in the opening segment of Raw.  Ambrose got right in Lesnar's face, and surprisingly, Lesnar let Ambrose walk away.  

    Later, Triple H had a chat with Lesnar, trying to instigate him by pressing the issue of Ambrose's disrespect for Lesnar.  It worked.  After Ambrose and Roman Reigns defeated The New Day in the Raw main event, Lesnar appeared and hit Ambrose with an F5.

    In less than two weeks, Lesnar gets a shot at becoming the No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Can he capitalize and main event WrestleMania?

7. The Usos

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    Previous Rank: 9

    Movement: Up 2

    The Usos had a solid week.  On Raw, they defeated The Social Outcasts, and on Main Event they teamed with The Prime Time Players in a win over Stardust, The Ascension and Tyler Breeze.  

    They're still the best bet for challengers to New Day's titles.  There really aren't any other teams doing anything of note at the moment, so The Usos could find themselves in a title match come Fastlane.

6. The Wyatt Family

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    Previous Rank: 5

    Movement: Down 1

    The Wyatt Family didn't have a great week.  On Raw, Erick Rowan faced Big Show.  Luke Harper and Braun Strowman were ringside, but not Bray Wyatt.  Rowan lost, but The Wyatts did beat down Big Show after the match ended.

    On SmackDown, Rowan faced Ryback.  Braun Strowman was ringside, but Ryback got the win and escaped from Rowan and Strowman before they could beat him down.  

    Can The Wyatts get back on track this week?

5. The New Day

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    Previous Rank: 7

    Movement: Up 2

    The tag team champions had a mixed week but, based on other Superstars' performances, moved up a couple of spots to make it back into the top five.  On Raw, Kofi Kingston and Big E faced Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose with Xavier Woods ringside (with Francesca II, of course).  They lost.

    On SmackDown, they faced The Social Outcasts and won but had to use the ropes for leverage during the winning pin.  Still, a win's a win, and they needed one.  

    The big question now is: Who will challenge New Day for the titles at Fastlane?

4. Roman Reigns

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    Previous Rank: 3

    Movement: Down 1

    Roman Reigns drops to No. 4 this week after being leapfrogged by Kalisto.  That said, Reigns had a solid week.  He and Dean Ambrose defeated The New Day on Raw, though Ambrose was F5-ed afterwards.

    Then on SmackDown, he defeated Rusev by disqualification to open the show.  Alberto Del Rio and Rusev attacked him, bringing out Ambrose.  That set up the main event, where Reigns and Ambrose defeated Rusev and Alberto Del Rio when Reigns pinned Rusev following a Spear.

    Reigns and Ambrose will be opponents in less than two weeks. Triple H is trying to drive a wedge between the two, but Reigns, so far, seems OK with the arrangement.  

    A lot of friendships have ended inside WWE rings, though.  Will Reigns feel the same way he does now if Ambrose wins the match at Fastlane?

3. Kalisto

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    Previous Rank: 4

    Movement: Up 1

    United States champion Kalisto rises to No. 3 this week after picking up two more wins.  On Raw, Kalisto faced Rusev in a non-title match.  Alberto Del Rio was ringside.  Kalisto won by count-out when he sent Rusev into the barricade and slipped back into the ring just before the 10-count.

    Then on SmackDown, he faced Kevin Owens in another non-title match.  Kalisto won, though he got an assist from Dolph Ziggler, who was on commentary.  Owens tossed Kalisto into Ziggler, then kicked Ziggler also.  He tossed Kalisto into the ring, but Kalisto quickly rolled up Owens as Ziggler lunged at the ring apron.

    Kalisto defeated two tough opponents but now has to look ahead to Fastlane, where he'll face Del Rio in a title match.

2. Triple H

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    Previous Rank: 1

    Movement: Down 1

    World heavyweight champion Triple H didn't compete this week.  In fact, it looks like he may not even compete until WrestleMania.  He won't be defending the title at Fastlane, but his challenger will be decided there.  

    On that front, Triple H and his wife Stephanie have been hard at work trying to play mind games with Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, the three men who will compete to become No. 1 contender at Fastlane.  So far, Reigns and Ambrose have warded off those tactics, but Lesnar took Triple H's bait and destroyed Ambrose on Raw.

    In just a couple of weeks, Triple H will know his opponent.  But does he have a preference?  Lesnar might be the toughest physical challenge but has a long history with Reigns and Ambrose going back to the rivalry between Evolution and The Shield a few years ago.  Will Triple H try to recruit either Ambrose or Reigns to The Authority like he did with Seth Rollins?

1. Dean Ambrose

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    Previous Rank: 2

    Movement: Up 1

    Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose tops the rankings this week after picking up two more victories.  

    On Raw, he and Roman Reigns defeated The New Day, though Ambrose was attacked by Brock Lesnar after the match.  The cause of that attack was Ambrose's getting in Lesnar's face.  Ambrose taunted Lesnar and told him he didn't fear him, and Lesnar made him pay.

    On SmackDown, he saved Reigns from a beating at the hands of Alberto Del Rio and Rusev, then teamed with Reigns in a win over Del Rio and Rusev in a tag match in the show's main event.  Reigns got the pin.

    Ambrose has come close to being the world heavyweight champion on several occasions and will get the chance at another title opportunity at Fastlane.  Can he defeat Lesnar and Reigns to headline WrestleMania, or will he come up just short yet again?