WWE 2K16: Tips and Strategies for Building an Effective Superstar for MyCareer

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIOctober 28, 2015

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In WWE 2K16's MyCareer, the objective is to guide your created Superstar to the Hall of Fame. There are several routes to take to reach this goal, but most people will want to be as successful as possible.

Since Monday, I've spent an embarrassing amount of time playing the MyCareer mode, and here are some tips and strategies that will help accelerate your development.

The quickest way to rise to the top is to win matches. Here's the best ways to create a Superstar who is ready to do just that.

The Expensive No-Brainer

The MyPlayer Kickstart is available if you purchase the game's Digital Deluxe Edition. It's a heftier price, but you get the full Season Pass access to all of the downloadable content that will be released through March, and you're able to accelerate your Superstar's attributes.

You can bump him up to a 90 overall rating almost instantly. Talk about a can't-miss prospect. I had to mention that option, but chances are, if you're reading this, you want to know about a less expensive route to join the ranks of the elite in the WWE.

Know Your Role and Pick the Right Size

When you begin to create your Superstar, you should have a good idea of the type of wrestler you want to control. Is he going to be a powerhouse, a high flyer, an in-ring technician, a submission specialist or something else? 

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In any case, you should craft your Superstar in the image of a guy who can excel at the style you choose. For example, if you want to make a high flyer, you shouldn't make him 6'9" and bulky. The bigger he is, the lower his ceiling will be as it pertains to agility and speed.

Likewise if you want a powerhouse, you'll want to give him enough size to throw guys around. It's a fictitious world, but there is still some rhyme and reason to the process.

Support Your Style

If you plan on making your character a submissions guy, make sure you put most of your skill points into submission-related attributes. This will help you to win matches easier—especially early in your career. 

Make your finisher a submission hold. The basic concept is to weaken your opponent to a certain point, and then you'll be able to slap on a submission for an easier win.

To make this process even easier, you should also make your signature move a maneuver that targets the body part that your finisher damages. Furthermore, many of the moves in your repertoire should focus on that part of your opponent's anatomy.

If you're going to use the sleeper hold as your finisher, then your move set should be filled with attacks to the head. Wear down a part of your opponent's body and go in for the finish at the end. 

Power guys will need high-impact moves because they probably won't be fast enough to string together quick combos—especially not against fleet-footed opponents. Big throws and ground chokes are great moves to drain opponents' energy bars. These attacks can set up big guys for their high-impact moves.

The high flyer has a somewhat difficult task. His moves may not be as strong, so he'll likely have to land more strikes in order to damage opponents enough to win matches. Because of this, picking quick-hitting moves that aren't easily reversed is a good strategy. 

The running spinning neckbreaker is one of my favorites for small, quick guys. It seems the CPU opponent hardly ever reverses it. It does decent damage and also builds the hype meter to unlock signatures and finishers quickly.

Speedy guys should have a top-rope move as their finisher. The impact will be great, and the situations are easy to arrange. Against human opponents, this is difficult because they are easy to reverse, but the CPU isn't as efficient in this regard. Thus it best fits in the MyCareer format.

These moves can also be performed in regular matches outside of the ring and on the announce table for bigger impact. High-risk attacks like these will raise the match rating, which renders more skill points.

Heel or Face?

I haven't seen a decided advantage for a heel or face run in MyCareer. You pick your initial side after your first NXT match, but there are opportunities for good and bad guys.

Just make your matches interesting and win. When your 15-year career is over, you'll find yourself in the Hall of Fame.

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