NHL 16: Review of Elite Team and Player Ratings

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In today's sports video games, ratings matter as much as they ever have. We're past the era where players were simply differentiated by categories such as speed, agility and power. Specialized stats lean more toward advanced statistics than they do the standard skill observations that were once commonplace.

NHL 16 adheres to the new way of evaluating players. Thanks to an early edition of the game, we've been able to scope out the player and team ratings. Here's a look at each team's ratings in offense, defense and goaltending.

NHL 16 Team Ratings
Anaheim Ducks909190
Arizona Coyotes868886
Boston Bruins888993
Buffalo Sabres888885
Calgary Flames899387
Carolina Hurricanes878688
Chicago Blackhawks909190
Colorado Avalanche888990
Columbus Blue Jackets889090
Dallas Stars918888
Detroit Red Wings929289
Edmonton Oilers878986
Florida Panthers878989
Los Angeles Kings909194
Minnesota Wild919188
Montreal Canadiens899194
Nashville Predators899394
New Jersey Devils869091
New York Islanders929088
New York Rangers909395
Philadelphia Flyers918988
Pittsburgh Penguins928989
San Jose Sharks909383
St. Louis Blues929187
Tampa Bay Lightning939290
Toronto Maple Leafs899087
Vancouver Canucks888989
Washington Capitals919192
Winnipeg Jets879287
NHL 16 video game

Team Ratings

Chicago Blackhawks

Appropriately, the defending Stanley Cup champions are one of the highest-rated teams in the game. With just about every key player returning—minus Brandon Saad and Patrick Sharp—Chicago is in business again this season. Thankfully, EA Sports has finally secured the license to the champions home building, per Pasta Padre's Bryan Wiedey:

Bryan Wiedey @pastapadre

Patch already out for NHL 16. Among additions are the 3-on-3 OT rules, online and offline Shootout Mode, and the United Center

Captain Jonathan Toews is the second-highest rated player in the game. With him and Duncan Keith on the roster, Chicago is the only team with two players in the top 10.

New York Rangers

When it comes to offense, defense and goaltending, no team looks better than the New York Rangers on paper. Offensively, the team is rated a 90, which is the lowest rating it has in the three major categories. 

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Thanks to goalie Henrik Lundqvist, the Rangers check in with the top goalie rating at 95. If you're looking for the best team in the initial ratings, you'll want to play with the Rangers.

Los Angeles Kings

Jonathan Quick puts the Kings just behind the Rangers when it comes to goaltending. But the Kings' qualities go beyond Quick. Drew Doughty, Anze Kopitar and Jeff Carter all have ratings of 90 or above.

What's even more impressive for the Kings is that none of the three are over the age of 30. That may make them the best team to control in Be a GM mode.

Player Ratings

Sidney Crosby

With a 96 overall, the 28-year-old future Hall of Famer is considered a five-star performer in every category in NHL 16, except for physicality. He rates as a four-star performer in that regard.

If you want to pull off some of the slickest moves NHL 16 has to offer, take Crosby for a spin with the Pittsburgh Penguins or Team Canada.

Duncan Keith

image provided by EA Sports

The Blackhawks' all-world defenseman is obviously great at supporting his goalie, but he's also one of the best two-way players in the game. Keith is a four-star shooter with an 88 rating in slap shot power and wrist shot power.

There are few game-changing defenseman in NHL 16 on both ends of the ice, but Keith is one of them.

Carey Price

25stanley @25stanley

Carey Price sera le meilleur gardien de NHL 16 → http://t.co/jbM1cGZjmY http://t.co/aDoosqg5Xx

The Rangers have the highest goaltending rating with Lundqvist and his backup Antti Raanta, who is rated an 82. However, Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens is the highest-rated netminder in the game at 94, and his backup, Dustin Tokarski, is also rated an 82.

Go figure.

In any case, Price, who is the reigning Vezina Trophy winner, checks out as a five-star player in all three goalie categories. The 28-year-old is a player you might even want to consider building around if you do a fantasy draft in Be a GM mode.

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