The Best Sports Uniforms of 2015

Giancarlo Ferrari-King@@GiancarloKingFeatured ColumnistAugust 22, 2015

The Best Sports Uniforms of 2015

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    We're back on that uniform grind, and man it feels good. Moving on from the land of throwbacks, we find ourselves thrust into the modern day.

    Truth be told, there are plenty of sports teams that could have made this list. So in order to determine the best ones, we have to first figure out our criteria.

    Great uniforms are based on teams, not individuals. And they aren't simply defined by one particular jersey. In order to make this list, each team has to have an arsenal of uniforms. Home, away or even a sweet alternative.

    Based on all of that, here are 20 of the best uniforms in sports.

Cleveland Cavaliers

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    LeBron James' return to the Cleveland Cavaliers wasn't good for only basketball-related matters. It was also good in terms of fashion.

    The Cavs may have unveiled their "new-look" uniforms in 2010, but the jerseys didn't get significant recognition until James started dominating in them a few seasons later.

    Simple lines and distinct colorways blend to create a visually compelling jersey. And with King James forcefully behind Cleveland's latest fashion trend, the Cavaliers have earned their respective place on the best-looking sports uniform list.

    May their uniforms—and James—guide the Cavs to an NBA title this season.

Dallas Cowboys

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    Thanks in part to their five championships and dope uniforms, the Dallas Cowboys are one of the NFL's most storied franchises.

    When it comes to great NFL jerseys, the Cowboys have plenty to offer. Their classic uniforms—pictured above—are always going to make a list like this. Aside from that, fans in Dallas have been treated to a whole host of unique and groundbreaking looks.

    Legendary Thanksgiving uniforms and alternatives really tell the story of the Cowboys. All of those options make choosing a jersey even more difficult of a decision.

Chicago White Sox

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    Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press

    Great uniforms can last a lifetime. Even with modern tailoring and adjustments, the core of the Chicago White Sox jerseys has remained true to form.

    Very few baseball jerseys can stack up to the White Sox's. Traditional ones worn by the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox get close at times, but when push comes to shove, the White Sox have the upper hand.

    The best part about the Sox is their logo. That sweeping, aggressive font laced over pinstripes is a beautiful sight to see. When fused into the jersey, what you get is an all-time classic.

Oakland Raiders

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    The traditional silver and black garments worn by the Oakland Raiders will always make this type of list. There's something simple yet endearing about these uniforms that rises above the rest.

    Besides legendary NFL players rocking these over the years, the fact that the Raiders have played in two towns wearing these—Los Angeles and Oakland—makes the silver and black jerseys that much better.

    Let's be clear about one thing: There will never be an NFL jersey as culturally rich as the one worn out in the Bay Area.

Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Hockey sweaters should be mandatory staples of everyone's closet. Even if you don't totally get down with an NHL club, these types of jerseys are too fashionable to pass up on.

    The Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys in particular are outstanding. The smooth gold, white and black color combination is a dedication to all things Pittsburgh—the Steelers and Pirates share the same hues.

    No matter what coast or city you're representing, the Penguins uniforms will always be able to rise above the clutter.

New York Yankees

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    Pinstripes have been embedded into the New York Yankees culture. Honestly, the club's uniforms aren't modern or eye-catching. They're more of a classic fit.

    Come around New York and you'll see plenty of Yankees hats. The royal blue cap accompanied by the white Yankees logo represents a little chunk of perfection lodged into those busy city streets.

    There's a reason why the Yankees are tied with the Dallas Cowboys for the second-most valuable sports franchise, according to Forbes. People love everything about the Yankees. Their uniforms are a big part of that.

Notre Dame

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    Joe Raymond/Associated Press

    Classic gold trim surrounding a blue or white base has been Notre Dame's calling card for years, and it never will go out of style.

    The men's football program may not have the pizazz and style of a school like Oregon, but the tradition behind the Fighting Irish uniforms lives on. What's extra dope about Notre Dame's recent take on that classic jersey is Under Armour is now the school's sponsor.

    Having one of the top apparel brands firmly behind Notre Dame brings a little more modernization to its jerseys.

Los Angeles Kings

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    Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

    The second hockey jersey to pop up on this list belongs to the Los Angeles Kings. Created as a more modern take to the club's attire from the '80s, the latest Kings look represents another timeless piece.

    Any jersey equipped with non-intrusive colors makes a lasting impression. In the case of the Kings, the way the sharp lines and colors are divvied up works beautifully.

Houston Astros

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    Truth be told, bright colors don't always do it for me. They are tough to wear in public, and that weighs down a jersey's value.

    However, in the case of the Houston Astros, their orange and blue uniforms are an exception.

    It's cool that the Astros are a youthful team on the rise. Players like shortstop Carlos Correa—who's having an excellent rookie season—make it fun to root for Houston. It also happens to make the team's jerseys a hot pickup right now.

Boston Celtics

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    Fear not, because the Boston Celtics are here. The green and white uniforms we've come to love over the years have always been one of the best-looking jerseys in sports.

    Boston fans understand how much this uniform means to their city. It's seen the likes of Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen rock it.

    Changes to jerseys come and go with time. Despite a few updates, this legendary silhouette remains a national treasure.

TCU Football

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    Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

    Collegiate programs that get to work with Nike are usually blessed with awesome uniforms. In the case of the men's football program at TCU, that's clear as day.

    The Horned Frogs' color scheme is dynamic. Purple, white and black harmoniously mixed together bounces right off the jersey. When Nike added its touch, the uniform became that much better.

    With militant lettering and effortless color patterns, the TCU uniform has quickly become a contender for the best-looking jersey in sports.

Brooklyn Nets

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    Mary Altaffer/Associated Press

    The Brooklyn Nets have the best basketball jerseys in the state of New York. No disrespect to the Knicks, but the design team behind the Nets ensemble did a stellar job creating these uniforms.

    A simplistic black and white look, topped off with a smooth font is all it took to push these babies to the forefront of the fashion world.

Manchester United

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    Manchester United's kits represented in the Premier League are hard to match. There's something about those red and white uniforms that will always stand the test of time.

    United has always been on the cutting edge. Their most recent kits show that modern progress in design doesn't have to hamper tradition. That's just another reason why United's uniforms belong among the best in sports.

University of Oregon Football

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    Ryan Kang/Associated Press

    As you know, most programs that ride with Nike as a sponsor benefit from the power of the swoosh. In Oregon's case, it absolutely thrives off of it.

    No college sports team comes close to Oregon in terms of variety. Nike has hooked up the program with an extensive—and beautiful—collection of uniforms over the years.

    These days you can't talk about the top uniforms in sports without mentioning the Ducks.

University of Southern California Football

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    Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

    Nike's adaptation of the USC Trojans football uniform is striking. Bright yellows and bold red tones are the only prominent things needed to give this jersey its heavenly look and feel.

    Southern California may not have a professional football team at the moment, but between USC and UCLA, it has two collegiate programs that rock alluring uniforms.

Boston Red Sox

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    If the New York Yankees made the list, you knew the Boston Red Sox wouldn't be too far behind.

    In the mold of all things classic, the Red Sox jersey hasn't changed a great deal over the years. The club may have introduced various alternative looks, but it has never gone too far away from the base.

    The home jersey is the one we all have come to know and love. The chippy, old English-style lettering, saturated in red is significant.

    Even the cleanest jerseys can catch your eye. And that's what makes the Red Sox uniform so special.

Baylor Football

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    Are you sensing a theme here? College teams that are sponsored by Nike usually wind up having a bouquet of first-rate uniforms.

    Baylor is no different. As a program tucked away in the Lone Star state, Baylor has seen a lot of great talent come through the doors. It has also enjoyed the benefit of having sharp-looking uniforms.

    The traditional green and gold colors have been tinkered with, creating a vast selection of uniforms. One in particular that stands out is the "blackout" version, as shown by Twitter user Jacob Lopez

    It's further proof that Baylor is one of the top dogs in all of college sports.

Phoenix Suns

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    The Phoenix Suns are a great example of a team adjusting to the future of sports fashion. 

    Historically considered to be a franchise that has given fans great uniforms to rock, the Suns' current jersey continues down that line of smart design.

    Touches of purple, white and orange remain. But the font has been cleaned up, and the detailing surrounding the jersey is now extraordinary. The Suns attire is also what you'd call a summertime staple. Whether you're rocking a pair of denims, shorts or even a bathing suit, the Suns jersey always fits the occasion.

Michigan State Football

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    Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

    Michigan State never ceases to amaze when it comes to uniform selection. It has really put it all together in terms of basketball and football.

    No disrespect at all to Michigan fans out there, but State has always sported the cleaner uniforms. That heavy green and white pattern is gorgeous, and it's worked for years.

    If selecting a great jersey is about your ability to wear it off the field, then Michigan State wins. There's nothing intrusive or disruptive about these pieces, which is a wonderful thing.

FC Barcelona

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    Manu Fernandez/Associated Press

    FC Barcelona's home and away kits are a tapestry of colors and design. Embossed with the Nike swoosh, Barcelona has always donned some of the coolest jerseys in the world.

    Seeing a star like Lionel Messi take over the world wearing the Barcelona colors is what helps make the jersey so special. Come to think of it, all of the stars who have worn these colors have turned kits into something exceptional.

    Rounding out our list, FC Barcelona and its super uniforms are easily one of the best looking in the world.

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