Boltman Testifies at City Council Meeting on San Diego Chargers' Future

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJuly 15, 2015


The San Diego City Council convened on Wednesday for a discussion on a proposed study that would assess the environmental impact of building a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers

The study, which was approved, will run the city about $2.1 million, according to NBC 7 in San Diego

The Chargers' future in the city more or less hung in the balance of the council's decision. A "no" would mean the city isn't interested in even finding out if a new stadium would be feasible. "Yes" would still leave the door open for keeping the team in town.

Obviously, in a matter of such dire stakes, the fanbase's heavy hitters stepped up to be heard. Among them was Dan Jauregui, a 49-year-old Ramona resident better known as "Boltman." 

ABC 10 in San Diego's Vanessa Van Hyfte took a picture of Jauregui addressing city council members in full costume. I presume it was a muffled but passionate plea:

Denis Poroy/Associated Press

Other images of Boltman's My Cousin Vinny routine continue to make their way through the Twittersphere:

Vanessa Van Hyfte @10newsvanhyfte

"Mr Boltman" pleading with council to vote yes on 2.1 million dollar study for #Chargers http://t.co/EIgzcAQAMw

Barbara Richards @sdbrichards

Boltman helps convince SD Council to pay $2.1M for Charger environmental impact study. @cbs8 at 5pm. http://t.co/9qaMhRw1v3

This isn't Jauregui's first public appeal to the city regarding the team's seemingly impending relocation.

The Los Angeles Times' Tony Perry published a story in early July about Jauregui's continued fight against the team's relocation. He began assuming the role of Boltman in 1995, and while his unofficial mascot status at every home game has led to a rocky relationship with the franchise's front office, he's one of the team's most vocal defenders.

Tony Manolatos, a spokesman for San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer's stadium task force, says Boltman's presence lends heft to anti-relocation events.

"You know it's a big deal if Boltman shows up to your news conference or rally," Manolatos told Perry. "He's made this effort his mission."

"I'm pro-Charger, but I'm not pro-owner," Jauregui said. 

Boltman isn't messing around, guys. The San Diego Chargers don't deserve to die, and he won't let them burn in hell if it's the last thing he does in his sponge-y, positively charged life. 

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