Athletes Who Have Trouble Running

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJune 29, 2015

Athletes Who Have Trouble Running

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    When we think of our favorite athletes, we usually associate them with being near perfect in everything they do. After all, they can hit a 100-mile-per-hour heater, sky high and slam a basketball on a 10-foot hoop with ease and take a monster hit across the middle on a football field from a huge linebacker.

    Sometimes, though, the simplest tasks can be tricky for players. Take, for instance, just putting one foot in front of the other.

    While most of these guys can run faster than any of you or I could ever imagine, staying on their two feet has proved to be difficult for a few of them—and these are the guys who might want to consider a Running 101 class.

14. Tiger Woods

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    Just when things seemed like that they couldn't get any worse for Tiger Woods, something like this happens to him on national TV.

    Falling from the grace of the golf gods in recent years, Woods hasn't only stumbled from the No. 1-ranked player in the world to the, gulp, No. 220th, but he also fell while looking for an errant shot during the second round of this year's U.S. Open.

    Thankfully, Tiger didn't have to worry about humiliating himself much longer after that, though, as he failed to make the cut, sending him home early.

13. Starling Marte

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    Sliding during a baseball game can be a difficult thing for some players.

    Just take a look at the Pittsburgh Pirates' Starling Marte, who proved just that when he attempted one of the worst headfirst slides a ballplayer has ever done during a recent game against the Atlanta Braves.

    Heading to second base when trying to steal, Marte took an ugly tumble that looked pretty darn painful.

    Aside from the embarrassment of the flop, Marte had to dust himself off and head back to first following a foul ball, making this entire debacle something that didn't even count.

12. Kody Koebensky

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    Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press

    One of the most thrilling things for an athlete has to be the pregame theatrics before heading out onto the playing surface.

    With stadiums blaring music, pumping out smoke and the entire team amped up while running out together, it's usually the part of a sporting event that is the loudest.

    I'm guessing former Arizona State Sun Devils football center Kody Koebensky isn't as much of a fan, though.

    That's because, during a Thursday night game against the Sacramento State in 2013, the big man had some trouble running, fell and then got trampled by his teammates because no one could actually see him amidst all of the smoke.

    Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Koebensky proved to be quite the speed bump for his teammates because he couldn't stay on his two feet.

11. Nick Swisher

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    The Cleveland Indians' Nick Swisher might be one of the more enthusiastically bro players in major league baseball, but that doesn't mean that he's always so cool.

    Swish proved that in back-to-back nights during the 2013 season, when, while playing against the Detroit Tigers, he failed to even attempt to run to first base during a squibbler one night, then fell flat on his face the next night while rounding third base.

    The second one proved costly, too, as he would have narrowed the Tribe's gap to one run—had he just been able to keep his feet beneath him.

10. Ashad Ali Adubarey

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    Taking a penalty kick in a soccer match is one of the most nerve-wracking things an athlete can be asked to do.

    Whether it's because of a penalty in the box, or during a shootout after stoppage time, where just one miss could decide the outcome of the match, tension is always high for a player to be as perfect as possible.

    Of course, that's all fine and dandy until something goes wrong.

    Take, for instance, Maldivian soccer player Ashad Ali Adubarey, who fake tripped himself during his attempt during a match against Afghanistan in 2014.

    Running to the ball and flailing himself toward the ground, Adubarey distracted the goalie just enough, quickly recovering from the fall and scoring a goal, helping his team secure the victory.

    It might have been a bit bogus, but, hey, it counted!

9. Derrick Marks

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    Nearly everything that Derrick Marks of Boise State did against 13th-ranked San Diego in a game in 2014 was spot on.

    Dropping 21 points, grabbing four boards, chipping in three assists and even blocking two shots, Marks almost guided his Broncs to at the upset victory.

    It may have seemed like the Aztecs had no answer for the guard, but the team's home-court advantage proved to be the one thing that kept Marks down—literally!

    No, it wasn't because the home fans were raucous and got in his head. It was because a slippery spot on the floor led to Marks going all Wile E. Coyote, having his legs go in circles as he failed to get up because of that damn wet spot—which provided quite the amusing sight.

8. Andre Parker

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    Unlike a few others on this list, former Kent State Golden Flashes football player Andre Parker didn't embarrass himself by biting it after failing to stay on his two feet.

    Unfortunately, Parker made an even bigger mistake, running the wrong way during a game against Towson in 2012, scooping up a loose ball and running it 58 yards toward the wrong goal line, which instantly made him an Internet sensation.

    I mean, this was the first game of the season for both teams, so maybe we should give Parker some leeway for still being in summer mode—or not, whatever.

7. Prince Fielder

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    Weighing in at 275 pounds, Texas Rangers slugger Prince Fielder is like a run-away beer truck anytime that he gets the engines churning on the basepaths.

    In a recent game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, though, the axles that kept his wheels together sort of let him down, as he wound up going head first into the ground as he rounded third base, no doubt causing a mini earthquake in the process.

    This wasn't the first time we've seen Fielder go down, either, as he pulled one of the most amazing belly-flops ever seen against the Boston Red Sox during a playoff game a few years ago.

    Ah, Prince, you're good at a lot of things on the baseball field, but running just isn't one of them.

6. Shaquille O'Neal

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    More than likely, we remember how former baller Shaquille O'Neal completely obliterated the TNT set a few months ago by getting his shoe caught underneath his seat.

    That wasn't the first time the Big Cactus hit the deck, though.

    While having some fun about doing suicide sprints during a 2013 broadcast, Shaq wasn't so nimble beneath him, taking his massive body to the ground pretty damn hard and causing everyone around to crack up at O'Neal's misfortunes.

    He may be a surefire Hall of Famer and one of the most dominating big men in NBA history, but Shaq's starting to develop a reputation as a flopper—in the worst of ways too.

5. This Baseball Player

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    I have absolutely no idea who this guy is, but him falling to the dirt during a game a couple of years ago is one of the funniest flops I've ever seen in sports.

    Appearing to hit into a routine grounder that ended the inning, the poor guy's cleat seems to get stuck in his pedestrian attempt of running towards first base, causing him to go down.

    With his helmets falling off and covering his face, no joke, it looks as though someone threw something at him that knocked him down, because the force in which he hit the deck is pretty ferocious for such a light jog.

    Either way, just hilarious—unless you're him.

4. Vick Ballard

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    Selected as the 170th pick in the 2012 NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts, I wonder if running back Vick Ballard was hurt by his performance during the 40-yard dash at that year's NFL combine?

    In the biggest job interview of his life, Ballard flat-out bit it, stumbling within the first 10 yards and going head first into the automatic timer, even making the commentators laugh at him.

    Thankfully, the little hiccup didn't hurt him too much, as he actually put in a solid rookie year—even if he has become somewhat of a forgotten man on the Colts since.

    Still, he provided advice on what not to do for any future draft prospects.

3. Ryan Braun

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    One of the rarest and most exciting plays in all of baseball, anytime a player has a shot for an inside-the-park-home run, they're usually going for it no matter what the third base coach is telling him to do.

    In former NL MVP Ryan Braun's case, though, he would have been wise to have just stuck with a triple.

    After blasting a ball during a game against the St. Louis Cardinals in 2011, Braun lost his stride after touching third base, tried keeping his balance the best he could and just flat-out went down, being tagged out in the process.

    While he did receive a standing ovation from the Milwaukee fans, Braun had to feel just a little bit like a dummy—especially considering his teammates wouldn't let him forget about the blunder the next day.

2. This Hurdler

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    There is just no other way to say it—this hurdler is legendary.

    Ignoring the most important rule with the sport of hurdling—actually jumping the hurdle—this guy wasn't about that life, deciding that it would be much easier to just run through the obstacles on the track than to actually leap over them.

    Failing to have much of any hops, I applaud this athlete's ingenious decision-making to try to win the race—even if he did look completely foolish while running through or falling over the hurdles he didn't attempt to leap over.

1. Eric Decker

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    Don't you just hate it when those pesty yard-line monsters grab your ankle and cause you to bite it?

    That's a question that former Denver Broncos wideout Eric Decker was left to answer back during a Monday Night Football game against the San Diego Chargers, as he let a wide-open field go to waste by tripping over the damn turf!

    With a gimme 85-yard touchdown in his sights, Decker did the one thing that every NFL player hopes to never do, as he went down without any contact—which, apparently, is something Decker knows quite well, as it has happened a few times to him.

    I'll give him credit, though, the dude can laugh it off if and when it does occur.


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