Barcelona's Neymar Vows Not to Change After Flick Enrages Athletic Bilbao

Sean Fay@@Sean_FayUK Staff WriterMay 31, 2015

Emilio Morenatti/Associated Press

Barcelona star Neymar incensed Athletic Bilbao with a piece of showboating during Saturday night's 3-1 win in the Copa del Rey final.

Near the end of the game, Neymar was surrounded by Athletic players after trying a flick. 

Athletic captain Andoni Iraola, as per Sky Sports, said the trick was disrespectful:

For me it didn't seem elegant or sporting at all. He has examples in his own team that he should pay attention to because he has much to learn from them.

However, despite the criticism, Neymar refused to apologise and said it was representative of the way he plays the game. 

Again, as per Sky Sports

They can be angry, but it is my way of playing and I have done so for years. Just because others get angry doesn't mean I am going to change my style of play.

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique admitted the incident would have annoyed him if he was an Athletic player but suggested it all came down to cultural differences.

In Spain this is looked on very badly. If I was an Athletic player I would have reacted the same, or even worse.

In Brazil this is normal, so we have to understand the context. He didn't do it to humiliate his opponent; it is difficult to explain it when someone is losing but we will try to control it with time.

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