Why Dave Trembley Cannot Return to the Baltimore Orioles In 2010

Tom RichardsCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2009

Last Friday, Andy MacPhail announced to the Orioles faithful that manager Dave Trembley would not be fired mid-season, and that the club would wait until the off season to decide on an option for the 2010 season.

Well Mr. MacPhail, I believe I speak for most Orioles fans when I say, "The Orioles and their fans cannot endure another season of Dave Trembley managed baseball!"

With another loss Wednesday night, the Orioles record is now 8-24 since the All-Star break. Obviously these awful past few weeks have taken any chance of a winning season away, and now puts the Orioles in grave danger of actually losing 100 games in a season for the first time since 1988.

I wasn't even alive in 1988, and one of the few things I can actually say as a life-long Orioles fan is that I have never seen a 100 loss season.

At 48-72, the Orioles are currently on pace for a 65 win season. While nobody expected the Orioles to contend, a 65 win season would mark the fifth year in a row that the O's failed to improve their record.

Call me crazy, but isn't the whole idea of rebuilding an organization to constantly try to improve and put the club in a better position to be competitive?

With a pitching staff that currently has four rookie starters, a major league high ERA, and traded its all-star closer to a contender, it certainly can't be easy to manage the Orioles in the 2009 season.

But when looking at the Colorado Rockies drastically changing their season's fortunes under Jim Tracy in 2009, and even the lowly Washington Nationals mustering together an eight-game winning streak under interim manager Jim Riggleman, O's fans can't help but wonder the benefits this team could experience with a proven winner at the helm.

I respect Dave Trembley and his passion for the game. Any man that is willing to manage minor league baseball for 20 seasons before getting a shot as a big league coach definitely has a visible love and desire to be around baseball.

When looking at those 20 seasons Trembley managed in the minor leagues though, only seven of the 20 seasons were winning.

Andy MacPhail was named President of Baseball Operations for the Orioles on June 20, 2007. Dave Trembley replaced Sam Perlozzo as Orioles manager on June 18, 2007.

Since joining the club, MacPhail has virtually controlled every facet of the organization and club owner Peter Angelos has almost been unheard from.

Two-and-a-half seasons have been plenty of time for Dave Trembley to show what he could offer the Baltimore Orioles as a manger.

Well Mr. Trembley, leading the Orioles to two consecutive last place finishes in the American League East certainly isn't helping your resume.

Pretty ironic that hours after announcing on August 22, 2007 that Trembley was no longer interim manger, the Orioles suffered their worst loss in franchise history. The 30-3 loss to the Texas Rangers will forever live in baseball infamy.

I think it's safe to say that bad omens really do exist.


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