Artist Renders NBA Players as Their Nicknames

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterNovember 17, 2014

Twitter: @ArtofLAFF

If you're still looking for something to wash Sunday's Lakers game out of your eyes, I suggest you check out the work of Alberto “Laff” Berroa Jr. 

A New Jersey-based artist, Berroa recently released a line of “DunkSlap” illustrations depicting NBA stars as their nicknames. 

Some are official monikers, while others are Berroa’s unique interpretation. Most are great. A couple might cause you to lose sleep. All of them are better than the 76ers.

We'll start with Kevin Durant, the Easy Money Sniper. He will shell your team's village.


Nerlens Noel is the freshest prince on a team of B-roll extras and aspiring dog walkers.


Kawhi Leonard is the cybernetic King Slayer. I'd have gone with Jaime Lannister armor, but this is Berroa's show, and Leonard is most likely a robot with a faulty voice modulator.


Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan comprise the Legion of Dunk. They really out here, doe.


This is Andrew Wiggins in a clown wig. Feel free to burn your pillows. You won't need them anymore.


Dwyane Wade is still the Flash, for like five seconds at a time, anyway.


Cleveland's "Big Three" are skilled and deadly in their own way, but the Spartans didn't drop their home opener at Thermopylae.


And please do not sleep on Damian "Half-Man, Half-Machine" Lillard, because he does not sleep at all.


You can check out the rest of Berroa’s DunkSlaps here.

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